By Lana M

I sometimes wonder about the conflict and upset that seems to perpetually exist within the Independent field.  I think it is a natural progression that as people move away from the Church of Corporate Scientology, for whatever reason, they sit back and reassess what their values and codes are. They look at what they believe and what they feel they have been misled on. And they establish new stable datums for how they wish to proceed into the future.

I know for myself that conflict was created between me and my ex, as I wanted to blow the whistle publicly on corruption and violation of rights within the Church, and he felt strongly that I should remain quiet and let the “church handle it internally”. He strongly disagreed that I declared independence from the Church – and felt I was losing my “eternity” (ie. my access to the OT levels) in doing so. Yet my own integrity was that if I do not take responsibility to do something about the situation, then I am sitting on my hands while the church burns — which to me was a far greater overt. Heck, I had not moved on the Bridge in 17 years, and since I made this decision the door opened up. So there must be something to be learned in that lesson.

There are independents who work dedicatedly to blow the whistle on the Church – and others who work to deliver the tech and make it available to those outside of the Church walls. There are some who have decided that they are no longer a Scientologist, or that they are above that, and so they have a new code that they follow.

I still hold the code of a Scientologist as my stable datum – and what I determine is right or good or survival activity for me and my dynamics. And that means not just taking one point and working on that – but trying to get each of those points in. It is an ongoing effort – and I aint there yet – but steadily making improvement, and life seems to improve to the degree that I do.

Interestingly the Corporate Church of Scientology no longer follows this code. And that was my ARCX that led me to leave the Sea Org, and ultimately to announce publicly that I won’t support that organization. To me, this code, details the principles, purposes and reason why I became and still remain a Scientologist.


As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.

1. To keep Scientologists, the Public and the Press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of Mental Health and Society.

2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.

3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.

4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

5. To expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of Mental Health.

6. To help clean up and keep clean the field of Mental Health.

7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of Mental Health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.

8. To support true Humanitarian endeavors in the fields of Human Rights.

9. To embrace the policy of equal justice for all.

10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.

11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

12. To support the freedom of religion.

13. To help Scientology orgs and groups ally themselves with public groups.

14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.

15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities.

16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

18. To increase the numbers and strength of Scientology over the world.

19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.

20. To make this world a saner, better place.


28 thoughts on “Why I remain a Scientologist

  1. Lana, thank you. Sorry for the long post, I couldn’t help it, lol. I have so much charge on people around who try to sabotage things before they even start. So here is my post:

    As life moves on and becomes more and more complex, thetans, even those who are trained, tend to forget the simplicities they have been taught and tend to just follow others ignoring the lessons they were taught.

    We are facing a very weird situation as Scientologists. There is no church anymore where pure Scientology can be delivered. That is a fact, acknowledged now by many, for many years now. So, there is no auditing or training possibilities in every part of the world unless you are still in the church. This is a situation, if some can perceive that as a situation. Because many fellow Scientologists are left without the benefits of the technology.

    But the most weird thing is that despite that Situation of no auditing or training for many, there are ridges around us and from amongst us (!!!) trying to suppress the expansion of Scientology outside of the church.

    This is the weirdest thing to me as it violates several points of the code of a Scientologist.

    Not to say anything about point 4
    4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

    where I don’t see Scientologists actively participating in groups to protect Mankind from abuses. And there are many more such abuses now than they used to be. Daily I get on facebook posts about Monsanto and the GMOs and how dangerous they are. And how people especially in the U.S. revolt against them. But we don’t do anything about it. Just few of us comment on it and the rest don’t bother. I don’t see how we are doing point number 4 like that.

    But if we, amongst us, do not allow or even try to suppress and sabotage the free exercise and application of Scientology by specialising in harassing each other and cutting each other’s throats, point number 4 is then beyond us by far.

    Marty Rathbun and his newly founded Company violate the following point of the code of a Scientologist:

    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

    This is now obvious as Marty has been acting as the new Ridge on the Bridge, like Miscavige does. This is not unsubstantiated information and black PR against Marty. He publicly announced that he is no longer a Scientologist due to the behaviour of Scientologists towards him and their actions and words against him, lately.

    Then through his blog for a long, long time he stirred the soup and took a U turn from the Standard practice of Scientology, philosophising and heavily critiquing the subject, its founder and the practicioners who would want to stick to the scriptures of Hubbard in a more disciplined way. He attempts in this way to take out all the discipline of Scientology for reasons he knows better. But Scientology apart from being a 3rd D activity, is also a discipline and without that it does fail.

    Point 16 of the code of a Scientologist:

    16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

    Hubbard created a system, a workable system not a perfect one, he said that. To the degree that one knows all the parts of the system he or she can operate it. It’s called the 7 Division Org Board. The Org Board contains all 3 parts of the Tech, Ethics, Tech and Admin.

    This is the system that taught even Marty Rathbun how to exteriorise and that exteriorisation IS possible in a very short time through TRs when he was in the Mission of Portland.

    This is the system that taught all those folks who now natter about MS 2 and its founders almost all they know about life now.

    Still those folks wouldn’t want that system to move on outside of the church because someone said so. They were in the dark before, the system helped them but still they don’t want to see it expanding. They are the sheep in my opinion because after all those years they still can’t see the system and they see and hear what others say about it.

    From the PDC tapes:

    A player knows the rules and follows them, pawns ignore the rules and follow orders from above.

    We don’t need pawns in MS 2, we need players who know the rules and follow them.

    Still Marty delivers processes of Scientology and still writes books on Scientology and profits out of those activities. However, if somebody else wants to profit from Scientology and mainly by Standard application of it, Marty is there to propagandise against them and try to black PR them. That is what he did and does with MS 2. Called the 11 founders even Light Squirrel Busters.

    The high philosophy and high discussions at Marty’s blog do not have anything to do with the application of the System.

    The System has done away with complexities. It’s simple if you follow it down the path. Gives you the simplicities of life and the basic truths. And because of that people will start to realise that the more they get alienated from it the more complexities they are going to get. Which is our situation now. If we stay unorganised and not move on, we are going to face more and more complexities in life.

    The System is here to help more and more people move up and then decide what they want to do. And this is what we decided, I guess: that we do know things about the System and how it works and that we should follow it not blindly but Standardly (big difference) and get results.

    There are people around the globe who are just on succumb because they don’t know what is going on. The correct application on a broader scale of that very System can yield results.

    I am in as a Scientologist to do my best even though sometimes I say to myself “why still bother?”. But I bother because inside of me I know I would have long been dead had I abandoned what I knew and what helped me so much. So I better help someone else now. But alone one cannot do it. And that is what Martys cannot get for some reason. It can’t be done alone. Maybe you are the super hero and can do as much. Still it won’t be enough. A group of people, a group of Players must be formed and start playing ball.

    Let’s kick some ass!

    • Theo — I don’t know that I agree with all of your post — but I do know this:

      1. Marty and anyone else for that matter — whether they call themselves “no longer a Scientologist”, a “former” Scientologist, an “ex”Scientologist, or a even a “quasi” Scientologist, has the right to make up their own mind about Scientology and about anything else for that matter. And they also have a right to communicate those views. This is actually in the Creed of Scientology — and I think that using and applying that creed at this time is key. That does not mean that I agree with the views of many — but I do not judge them for their stance or their opinions. What is real to them, is real to them. Just as what is real for you is real for you. This is the stance that Milestone Two has, regardless of what any individual members of MS2 may or may not have done in the past on their own determinism. The road to happiness is best traveled with tolerance.

      2. Milestone Two made it clear from the onset that we have the purpose to achieve the original aims for Scientology by LRH. Right there we essentially communicated that if a person did not agree with those purposes, then Milestone Two is not the group for them. And I do believe that as there are a number of people who have experienced betrayal, out-tech and all manner or other crap from Corp Scn, there will be people who simply never would consider being part of a group with such purposes. And that is OK. But in saying that, it is also OK that we are allowed to pursue our own purposes, as that is our right to practice our own religion. We have no hidden agenda — just wanting to apply the tech to our own lives and to help others, and if there are people who do not wish to be involved in that, no worries (an Australian saying meaning no problem).

      3. Individuals and groups can get into warfare. Fighting each other either overtly or covertly — and once a game begins, the only way to really end it is to simply stop playing the game. I can say for myself, personally, that I have no war, game, or opp-term with people who do not want to be part of Milestone Two. I know that other members of Milestone Two also feel the same. We are just getting on with our own projects and programs — and they do not include continued warfare of any sort. I feel that warfare is not conducive to any real products. It creates upset and noise within the field, and anyone that is trying to get things done just finds it disruptive. From a pan-determined view, I think it is best that people just continue on the paths they are on, and let others who have made different choices to do the same. Again, the Creed of Scientology is for me, a stable datum.

      4. I am lucky as I have had the opportunity to get auditing to handle my beefs and issues with my past in Scientology. There are so many others who have not had that, and do not see that it is even real to find an auditor, to resolve past messes/betrayal. My own personal gains, wins and changes as a result of my auditing in the last few years have reinforced my desire to see that others have similar gains. And that is one of the reasons why I wanted to form Milestone Two. It is a long haul to create tech resources and to build something from nothing — but if we don’t at least give it a go, then any torch to apply standard LRH tech has truly been extinguished. The idea that we could create a group that is NOT Corporate Scn may be unreal to many — but we cannot achieve it unless we try.

      Hope that clarifies for you.

      • Hi Lana,

        I think your post above is beautiful. If all Scientologists approached the application of the subject and the treatment of others with this in mind, all would be well.

        The only thing that I don’t fully understand is what is considered standard LRH tech.

        Does that include the application and 100% adherence to all he has written? If so, I believe that you will always have some sort of war going amongst Scientologists as it is built into the philosophy itself most notably in the PTS/SP and Ethics tech. The tech itself can be very judgmental.

        Where do you draw the line? I don’t see where standard LRH is necessarily tolerant.

        I am not trolling here, I am speaking with genuine sincerity.

        • Sindy,

          Thanks for your comment. No — I don’t think you are trolling.

          The simplicity of it is that there is a body of work that was created by LRH to make people more able.
          To make that available to people on a broad scale, LRH created organizations. It became apparent early on that it could not be done by one person, or even by large numbers of individual practioners.

          The structure of Scn organizations changed many times, over time, and under Miscavige, continues to change. External and internal situations change continually. The policy that was created to run those organizations, and to resolve problems that were encountered along the way, was — per LRH’s own policy – to be reviewed and adjusted over time. Instead, policy and orders that were issued at one time to solve a situation as it was seen at that point in history, have been reinforced in stone and held as ongoing arbitraries that are actually contrary to the original purpose (to get the technology applied to help people).

          Let me give you an example. At one point LRH issued the justice codes — and within these he listed specific high crimes. Well all of those high crimes, as listed, make sense for that specific scenario and time — but come forward to present time, and they don’t. When that reference was written LRH could not have foreseen that after his passing, those who took control of the Church would squirrel, alter and change things to pervert the purpose of the organization to a money-hungry and all-controlling organization. That the existing Corp Scn does not practice standard Scientology or even the original OT levels any more, means that anyone speaking out against that internally or externally on public lines would be guilty of a “High Crime” — yet in doing so, they are actually doing the exact opposite — working to get in ethics on a corrupt system. That is what LRH would expect a Scientologist to do — based on the Code of Scientologist alone. So — the policy that is currently used and enforced by the Church is contrary to actually achieving the aims of Scientology. At the moment, if you are under the radar and you are found to be following on FB or talking to someone who has spoken publicly about Corp Scn corruption, you are declared with no issue, no justice, no rights. That aint in the justice codes — and there are many, many basic references of LRH that this violates.

          In any organization — whether it is a regular business, a non-profit, or any real group — you need to regularly review policy to amend and adjust to current times. You can take the absurd examples — like the 3 basket system, which was designed around the existing communication lines of the world (snail mail and telex) but is still upheld in every “idle org” — when the rest of the world is using email, social networks and all manner of other software to handle communications.

          You can take others that have a lot more charge connected to them — like disconnection. Which has caused massive injustices and hardship on people.

          The bottom line is that the ONLY need for policy is to make service possible — to deal with problems, situations, issues that make delivery hard. If a policy is not only NOT improving delivery, but actually WORSENING the situation and preventing case gain and people moving up the Bridge, then it is WRONG. that times change and that circumstances change does not mean that the original writing of that policy was wrong — as it was written for a specific time and circumstance which no longer exists — but as LRH details in the Data Series: The heart of review is humility — and one needs to be willing to go back and say “That did not work — that was wrong” and change it. LRH did this CONTINUALLY and you can see it in references, you can hear it in his lectures and you can see it in policy. This is something that David Miscavige and some others are incapable of.

          If there WAS an actual Board in the Church of Scn that was regularly reviewing policy and cancelling/updating as needed to see that technical delivery is enhanced — not stopped and checked — then things would be very different. But instead we have a bunch of robots or a small dictator trying to control all.

          When we talk about ‘standard’ LRH tech — we are talking about the body of work — the auditing, the training. We are talking about moving a person through Life Repair and onto Grades and on up through Clear and beyond. We are talking about helping a person if they are rollercoastering and having accidents. We are talking about assisting someone to achieve what they want to achieve in life. We aretalking about helping those that wish to walk the path. Not anything else.

          • Hi Lana,

            Thank you for this thoughful response. I agree with nearly all you said, although I’m curious if those crimes were specifically at the time or indefinite?

            You mentioned high crimes in your example which is a good one to use – let’s say being connected to a suppressive group or person (as deemed by Church management anyway). True, that person may be PTS, nattery and such. And true they can disconnect if they choose to of their own consequence and self-determinism, but when it is done by management it is not self determined.

            The ethics (justice) codes are pretty clear that these are crimes to be connected to an SP person/group and that they are not to get service, etc. and yet these codes would be in violation of one of the church creeds on freedom to communicate. Same with one being critical of the technology… legit or not, informed or not, biased and ignorant or not, they still have a right to their views (as you expressed, thanks).

            So while I’m not arguing that one should be connected to an SP nor that one should be nattery nor fault finding, however, is it not true that any of the crimes (whether high or not) would be to be used indefinitely in order to keep the group together and for protection from outside influence (and internal strife), but consequently violate the creeds on communication as laid out much earlier?

            Obviously it’s been abused but I think thats what was being questioned here by Sindy – and now myself. Thanks!

    • However, if somebody else wants to profit from Scientology and mainly by Standard application of it, Marty is there to propagandise against them and try to black PR them. That is what he did and does with MS 2.

      Good book sales, possibly assisted along his way with some CO$ fat to inval LRH tech to disperse Indies from using Scientology to better conditions, and merely psycho-babbling himself out of the picture if ethics, justice and the dynamics are not also at play.

      Either way, life goes on being audited and trained.

  2. GT, thank you. It does clarify for me. I am not in any war. I just wanted to see that something can be started without HE & R and all the “embellishments”…. And because that didn’t happen I went a bit reactive… Then I and Marty had a confrontation on his site and I got blocked… another engramic experience of “being kicked out of blogs” (lol).

    But I am not in for war. I wish we can create that flow so that theta can flow over it and since I like communication and I care and I devoted 4 years in support of Marty and his blog, I got frustrated when HE wouldn’t be tolerant with my views. Let’s pour more and more communication and theta here so I can calm down…. hahaha.

    Thanks for replying to me and I do get what you are talking about.

  3. One of the best bits in the vast body of material of Scientology, is the stuff on withholds, missed (not as-ised, not looked at directly and so sitting there, can be restimulated but not disclosed).

    You’ve mentioned the Code of a Scientologist here, and the other day posted on the material, FUNDAMENTALS, and codes of conduct beings subscribe to, violate, and the whole train of reactivity that follows as a consequence.

    It is plain as the sky, to an auditor, to one trained and experienced with the Tech of Grade II, when another being suffers and is hostile. It is their own decency in turmoil with the awareness of transgressions against a Code THEY subscribed to and lived by.

    A good, thorough going, standard confessing and forgiveness would do wonders for those who rail and rant against well intentioned people.

    I am a Scientologist too. It is my chosen applied, religious philosophy, and though it may dismay that others who call themselves the same, or used to (and did subscribe to various Codes) would attempt to deny that application and carry on what can only be described as hate-mongering directed to people based on their religious views.

    Tolerance of another’s faith, beliefs, religious affiliations, or lack thereof, is a key point on the way to happiness.

    • I am a Scientologist too. It is my chosen applied, religious philosophy, and though it may dismay that others who call themselves the same, or used to (and did subscribe to various Codes) would attempt to deny that application and carry on what can only be described as hate-mongering directed to people based on their religious views, I have decided, along with other well intentioned beings, that I will not be deterred by religious bigotry, from any quarter, but will continue to practice Scientology and support Milestone Two, as a practicing Scientologist.

      • “Hate crime laws in the United States protect against hate crimes (also known as bias crimes) motivated by enmity or animus against a protected class. Although state laws vary, current statutes permit federal prosecution of hate crimes committed on the basis of a person’s protected characteristics of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.” Wikipedia.

        Witnessing the rabble-rousing and demagoguery emanating from several blogs, websites, recently, directed towards well-intentioned beings who simply wish to practice their religion peacefully, via Milestone Two I am reminded of the above.

  4. I have said so much already, on the source of these attacks, that repetition is pointless.
    I agree with Lana, it’s all just pathetic noise, and I now believe it best handled in four
    effective steps:

    1) Ignore!
    2) Establish a worthwhile purpose/s (if not already done!)
    3) Network, work hard & smart, flourish & prosper, using ARC/ KRC.
    4) Build relationships with like-minded, supportive people.

    ML, Calvin.

      • Hey Theo, thanks man. Truth be told, I learn something from everyone I meet! One of the most valuable “something’s” though, is the ability to see & correct what isn’t working (Qual).
        I see that capacity exemplified in Lana, and her refusal to get thrown off her purposes, too.
        Keeping it simple, as you say, like i, 2, 3, 4.


  5. Lana,
    Now over the frustrations in trying to hitch up my registration, thanks. Just need to say what a wonderful new spacious layout this place has. So, one feels they’re no longer cooped up in a “box”. “Space”, is conducive (and synonymous) to “beingness”…. So kudos on that.

    Also great to see a bunch of familiar rebels ‘n ol’ crocks here too. (wink!)

    Well, MS2 has come back from a heavy engram, inflicted before birth, and survived against all predictions that it wouldn’t. KNOWING, what tried to kill it, can certainly help to make it stronger.

    “When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.” LRH.

    Looks to me like we’re all invited to be step-fathers & step mothers, to your newborn, Lana?

  6. One of the best codes ever written by the old man. Hell, all his codes are just so bloody spot on, they really show the true compassion of Scientology and of LRH. But this one is just marvelous.

    #16 really applies to all of us who have been part of the Church of Scientology, whether on staff or not. As LRH said in KSW, it has something to do with us whether we are on staff or not. The (mis) application of Scientology tech in the Church (and in the field) occurs because we didn’t insist hard enough that it be kept standard, REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCES. This goes for everyone, Scientologist and ex-Scientologist and imposter alike.

    #17 has to do with what’s occurring in the public eye currently, good or bad. It has always been something to do with us. Any of us has had the opportunity and voice to change public opinion. Some have deemed it worthwhile to contribute to the conflagration; others continue to mend and bring hope to lives new to Scientology or already broken dreams.

    And #2 applies to each of us in the independent field, in the non-CoS arena out here. Every knock, every attack, every derogatory comment, every accolade, every success, is a demonstration of our ability to apply – or not – this point of the Code.

    Interesting, isn’t it, how this Code, if one ever called themselves a Scientologist, how we either contributed to this code or we violated it?

    At least, those are some of my thoughts and perspectives. I’m glad to be reminded of such an ideal Code. Thanks, Lana.

    Chris Black

    • Chris, really great to see you aboard, and punting your contributions to this Theta Place. We will grow & expand too, by seeing that we collectively help Lana build it from grass roots up. If we dump the seriousness, keep it light & fun, we’ll have a real ball!

      ML, Calvin

  7. Just seeing this article now, Lana. I hadn’t read this code in over a decade. Incredible to see how far corp COS has drifted from these ideals. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. 🙂

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