crying girlBy Lana Mitchell

As most know, I have a young family, and I have found that young kids teach you a lot .

One lesson I have learned the hard way, is that if a baby, infant or child is tired or hungry, then things are going to go wrong.  It does not matter really what you do – if the kid’s body rudiments go out then there will be trouble. Forgetting to bring a snack on a long car drive; not 8Cing kids to bed when they first show signs of tiredness; getting distracted on something and starting dinner too late, etc. the end result is almost always tears and me kicking myself that I let it get to that stage, again.

As my kids have gotten older, I saw a similar datum applies on school and learning – if there is an out-rudiment, then things go pear shaped.  A tantrum or explosion of mis-emotion has generally traced back directly to a misunderstood word, or to an upset with a kid at school, or a withhold of something taken that they shouldn’t have. And when that was handled, the situation was completely diffused.

Then I came across this superb datum by LRH, from an SHSBC lecture entitled INSTANT READS, Part One:

“I also got some rudiments checked by your auditing Supervisor and I was coordinating tone arm against out-rudiments. And one of the earlier discoveries on this: When the rudiment is out, the tone arm, she don’t move. Important fact. That’s a new fact. If the rudiments are out, no tone arm action. That applies to anything.”  SHSBC Tape: 6205C24

It almost seems too obvious. I had seen this in session:  ARCX, Problem, Missed Withhold, Overt or Protest not handled = no Tone Arm and bog.  Without rudiments dealt with, no session is actually possible.

LRH does say this applies to anything. So as I looked across my dynamics I started to see how this really was the case. I started to see examples of this everywhere.

I looked at some of the work and home projects that have not been completed or backlogged/not done – and with each one I found an out-rudiment of my own, connected to it, that was holding it up.

I spotted an earlier problematic relationship with a sibling, sorted out totally when we resolved that my failure to answer his messages or return his calls promptly had brought our relationship to a standstill. And when resolved, not only increased ARC but also got Tone Arm action on that whole dynamic.

Heck, even in my recent divorce case there was a “no-change” situation until a basic out-rudiment was handled, and then it smoothed over and things started to improve.

Though this datum is incredibly simple – it is also very powerful. It shows how to get things debugged and done – and it also shows the value of an auditor, as they can find an out-rudiment and get it cleaned up (either in or outside of session) so that things can move forward.

Give it a go in your life – spot and handle out-rudiments, and then watch the tone arm move!

6 thoughts on “Tone Arm action

  1. I love blog posts like this. You actually learn something. As Lana says, it seems blindingly obvious. But when you apply it more broadly than just to a session, it’s a wonderful tool. This is why training is half the gain.

  2. Wonderful “FIRST” Aid in resolving any “it was just an accident–I didn’t mean it!”, (start of
    ruds. going in (justifications)). I say “first”, Lana, because it ranks as number One. Whether this applies to self, or anyone else under the sun,. moon, or stars. Brilliant essay.Thanks.


    • Lana,
      I’m going to further validate you here. I don’t know if you have in fact read Ruth Minshall’s book on raising children — “Miracles For Breakfast”. (now out of print, but down loadable for free – off the ‘net.) If not, then it is just another testament to your sharpness and observations of “situations” with kids, and just how easy it is to take basic tech from LRH, and apply it on a simpler gradient for a speedy and effective win / win remedy for both kids and parents alike.
      But what IS quite remarkable to me,( assuming you’ve not read MFB ), is just how close you mirror the same kind of observations & tech applications as Ruth, who published her book over 40 years ago. I guess it may have something to do with your career’s and family set up, being almost identical, in so many, many respects!

      Check it out, for confirmation.

      Interestingly, She was FULLY supported by LRH, for her prolific writing, and astute application of the tech, admin, ethics, in an extremely clear and expert applicationof its workability. In short, she had a runaway success as a writer, in a diverse number of fields, and became a respected O/L. (Opinion Leader)

      As you are undoubtedly aware, The New Unauthorized Order, put paid to “THAT!”, courtesy of the Miscavige Blitzkrieg, which annihilated anything and everything, which did not fall under his direct control. Interestingly, we’re still seeing knee-jerk remnants of that type of suppressive behavior knocking around today, but thankfully, it’s moving in a somewhat different direction.

      I have been unsuccessful in trying to reach her two sons, Paul and Lee, who went on to become extremely successful in their own right, but today, evidently, and for good reason, no longer wish to associate with the now — “Church uf Der Fuehrer!”

      Apparently, Ruth is still active and in good health, and it would be wonderful to connect up with her again, though she may now be well into her 90’s.

      Just wanted to let you know, ( if you didn’t already,) that you are are certainly following on, from a similar pioneer who had paved a way from a “child’s” viewpoint, all those years ago.

      We’re with you, Sunshine….. Know that…. Always!

      ML, Calvin.

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