cloudsBy Lana Mitchell

It is a major turning point when a person realizes the Church they have been part of is not actually working towards the original aims of Scientology.  Most of us supported the church as a parishioner, or a staff member or a Sea Org member, for years – and believed what we were told.

When the PR-hype is seen through and the stable datum of the Church of Scientology comes crashing down, it is hard to work out what is the ideal scene, and where to from here?

I don’t know that anyone has the exact answer – and in fact, there probably isn’t just one.

There have been Scientologists operating independently from the Church of Scientology since the early 80’s, but it is not an ideal or an expanding scene. There are people who throw in the towel on the whole subject. There are those who try to find fault with the body of work and the founder.

But I think each of us has to work out what the ideal scene is moving forward.

For ourselves individually.

For our families.

For our work and communities.

And for Scientology as a subject.

“One’s direction is lost to the degree one fails to work out the Ideal Scene.

“It is so easy to toss off an “ideal scene” that is not the Ideal Scene that one can begin with a false premise.

“As he tries to work with an incorrect “ideal scene” for an activity he may fail and grow discouraged without recognizing that he is already working with an omitted datum-the real Ideal Scene for that activity.

“This is a major reason one can lose one’s way in handling a situation.

“Also in trying to find a WHY of departure one may refuse to admit that something he himself did was the reason for the departure — or why the Ideal Scene never took place. It requires quite a bit of character to recognize one’s own errors, it is much easier to find them in a neighbour. Thus one may choose the wrong WHY, for this and other reasons.

“Failures to examine the scene, reasonableness which causes blindness to the obvious, errors of penetration and defensive reasons not to admit it all impede a proper analysis.

“The existing scene may be missing in one’s view because one doesn’t really look at it or because one has no correct ideal scene for it.

“Many would rather blame or justify than be honest. Others would rather criticize than work.

“But this all adds up to out-points in the examination itself.

“If one keeps at it one will however arrive at the right answers with regard to any scene.” 

LRH 6 July 1970, Data Series 13, IRRATIONALITY

11 thoughts on “Losing one’s way

  1. Good and timely reminder, Lana.
    And when one DOES lose one’s way, it also helps to climb the nearest vista, to get a
    “bird’s – eye view” of the terrain, to clarify where one was, (situation) in relation to where one wishes to go! (ideal scene.) Thoroughly knowing “The Factors”, as a tool
    for orientating in space and time, is almost like having guide map of life itself., and
    thus one can shift one’s viewpoint, with relative ease. Thus the consideration of being
    ” lost ” can be as-is’ed via this approach. One is then left with — ” I am.”( and just about
    anywhere ” I ” want to be, ” I ” can be.) Oopsy, sorry, I hope I didn’t go and unmock the
    “seriousness ” of the topic here. Dang! Racing off on tangents again, as usual! My
    sincere apologies! LOL! “Seriously” now, all points duplicated, understood & appreciated.

  2. Yes, this is a fine post, Lana. I read and ‘Liked’ your post and Marty Rathbun’s within a few minutes of each other. I think you’re both trying to confront the same thing, if from different viewpoints. (And now I’ll make the same comment on his blog.)

  3. Hi, you are right about no Ideal Scene yet out of the church, but not quite correct on the expansion of the Indie or Freezone Field. In the 14 years I have been working I have seen a lot of growth. When I first started in the US end of the 90’s there were only three or four active auditors outside of the church in the US. There we many in Europe.

    Now there are many small groups delivering services. There are five in the US that I know of who do training as well as auditing, but may be more since new Indies have moved in (like yourself) I can’t keep up with it all now, so that really is expansion.

    Have you seen http://www.freezoneauditors.org?


    • Hi Pat,
      I understand what you are saying. In the early 80’s there was quite some delivery that was occurring, and it was shut down and suppressed by Corp Scn. Then in the early 90’s there were, as you say, only 3 or 4 active field auditors. In the last 15 years this has certainly grown — and there are now more auditors and also small groups that are existing and running — but it is still only a handful. It is not enough to be able to service the people who need and want service in various parts of the planet (let alone the US). Is that the IDEAL SCENE? And there is still no major location/s where someone can train up to Class V, VI or Class VIII — and let’s face the fact Pat, some of you old timers are not young anymore. We have to make auditors — standard auditors — which means training. And we need a Qual line, and a Div 6 line, etc. This LRH reference points out the importance of working out that ideal scene — and that is what I am referring to. Hope that clarifies.

      I in no way wish to invalidate what HAS been done and achieved — but I think we have to keep looking upwards on what would be the ideal.

      • Hi Lana – I see the ideal scene as bringing about the understanding of the individual. That’s the basic, I don’t see how it can be otherwise, and everything else will follow according to the quality of that understanding. What you posted, I thought, is the interface of “management tech” to “auditing tech”. Both apply to the individual. The ideal scene is an individual with an understanding of life, their KRC developed from that, and while that will vary by personality to some extent, and will contain randomity and flexibility, the basics will remain as basic. It’s not one ideal scene, but many, the more, the merrier. Within the context of Scn that includes an ability to audit, a place to train, and a site like this to discuss and air thoughts and exchange ideas and work on projects. It fits into the picture perfectly, given the world as it is.

        • Nickname — you are a wise soul.
          Yes — there are many ideal scenes, and they cover many dynamics. An individual has to work out what his/her ideal scene is — and frankly, I think that changes over time too. My current ideal scene is related closely to the fact that I have young children with my engagement and responsibilities for those young beings. But as time continues, and those children go to high school and then become independent and living their own lives, the ideal scene changes again for me. Similarly, the ideal scene when I was in the SO is certainly not what I thought it was. Now I am out of the Sea Org and no longer part of Corp Scn, I see the 3rd and 4th dynamic of Scientology very differently. I am now auditing others on a daily basis, and that too has changed my view drastically on the wonders and workability of the tech. I now see that there has to be a way to train great auditors in the field and that has to be part of any ideal — even if it is just to clean up the out-tech of Corp Scn and to help new people that have never stepped a foot in C of S.
          There are many views on what could be, or what should be — and frankly each person is entitled to work out what their own ideal scene is and work towards that. And I think to the degree that people are working out their own goals for Scn and establishing an ideal scene that can be worked towards, things can only but improve for everyone.

    • Hi Pat – I hadn’t visited that site in a while.My eyes went wide when I saw all the new dots. It has always puzzled me why orgs didn’t all train to Class VIII. I understand the Dror Center (in Israel) went from a Class V org (I think) to an AO within a few months of spinning off from the clearly suppressive Co$. With all your wealth of experience and wisdom, it would be super to hear more from you. I haven’t looked into the projects section here yet, but if you had a project to suggest, I for one would like to know what it might be.

  4. My ideal scene would be a network of groups that are united by a common interest in preserving Scientology for the future.

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