By Lana M.

 (originally published January 28, 2013, and reposted now as it is a basic that I think we just can’t forget)

I am convinced that hundreds of Scientologists, if not more, who have trained as auditors (whether as a co-auditor on TRs and Objectives, as an Assist auditor, as a Grad V, Class VI, Class VIII, Class IX or IX) are no longer auditing for the simple reason of invalidation.

The technology of auditing is a simple one. The use of a meter is not complex. The tool of Two Way Communication is a powerful one. And the rewards in assisting another, through the application of tech can never be understated.

Here is what LRH has to say about it:


“It was discovered in the Sea Organisation that proven high calibre good standard Class VIII auditors suddenly without any apparent reason ceased to be able to audit well, made gross goofs and backed off from auditing completely.

“It’s source was traced back to INVALIDATION.

“The cases on whom it occurred were handled very speedily, very simply with ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

“The remedy was simply asking them in 2 way comm who had told them they couldn’t audit. No meter, no complications, just very simple 2 way comm.

“One of the cases was in fact handled in a room full of people. This case was black in the face and most adamantly refused to audit and ARC broken to the extent that she PHYSICALLY WALKED AWAY from the idea.

“The question was simply asked: “WHO told you you couldn’t audit?” or WHO told you that your auditing wasn’t any good?”

“Answer: “Nobody did”

“OK. WHO told you your auditing wasn’t any good?”

“Answer with sudden misemotion: “You all did”


“(BRIGHTENS) ..says a name.

“OK … did somebody at some earlier stage tell you you couldn’t audit?

“No…but so and so told me that I wasn’t doing any good in such and such…ooooooh..line charge…my mother always told me that I couldn’t do…bla bla bla…

“Very bright now, still slightly hesitant..OK..

“When is ALWAYS? ;When I was 6 …BINGO.

“Back to auditing, and … getting ;WELL DONES , and pc’s WINNING, auditor getting STANDARD sessions and STANDARD results.

“And that is ALL there is to it. We are talking here about the Class VIII auditor giving this assist and the Class VIII auditor receiving it. Scientologists of this calibre and standard of training can be expected to have the awareness and ability to bring these results about.

“The length it took for these actions was from about 3 to 5 minutes.

“The Class VIII auditor is an outstanding target for invalidation. BEWARE!! The actions described above were done virtually off the cuff by a Class VIII auditor on other Class VIII’s, and were done when the INVALIDATION factor was isolated as the common denominator.” LRH

PS. Thank you to Chris Black for supplying me with this reference, which I had never read before, and really assisted me to get into the chair and auditing regularly. With a great C/S and a strong Qual line, I am enjoying becoming a better auditor by the day, and loving the wins of those I audit.

27 thoughts on “Inval of auditors

  1. Great article and one that is very real to me as I am an auditor. I have often said I feel like I have a big fat red targe on my back as an auditor.And just as I think I have gotten away from major suppression in the Co$, I get hit with it out here as now I am some lunatic “fundy” It just never stops, but as Ron said we are a major target for SPs.

    I have been auditing almost non stop for about 40 years and I am glad i have as I have found it to be an activity that has more wins per unit of time than any other activity on this planet-I never tire of indicating F/ns.

    The big difference now is I am gertting auditing, as an auditor should be-It is miraculous how I can keep inval at bey and just audit it out!!! I have made it alot tougher for SPs.

    • Ingrid, I am only a novice in comparison to you, Chris Black, Tom Martiniano and many other veteran auditors. I consider myself very much a “newby” — but I have learnt so much about about people, about myself and about life since I got into the chair and rolled up my sleeves. I am lucky as I have a great team who keep me on the straight and narrow (an awesome C/S and a rock-steady Qual) and I work to study and train as much as possible. I can honestly say that for me, it is a thoroughly rewarding activity — the best fun “work” I have ever done.

      • HEY!! My Class VIII once told me when I was running off at the mouth about how little I knew and how senior he was to me, “You know more about auditing than you think.” That stopped me for a minute, Once long ago, long ago, when I was new to Scn, I asked a very senior auditor why he was talking to me? “I don’t know how to handle, I don’t have training,” I said.

        He said, “You have the space I can flow into, and I feel like talking to you.”

        A professor in college once said to me after a conference I had with him, “My door is always open.” The only difference, really, between listening to someone and auditing, is that the auditor has commands and a program, and knows how to handle basics. Everything else is a cup of tea in the kitchen. If that cup of tea isn’t there, THEN you don’t know how to audit.

        I could write for pages.

    • Ingrid – Very happy to hear you are getting some auditing yourself. There are a few auditors I know of know of who seem to neglect their own cases. If auditors are the most valuable people on the planet, then auditors should get first priority for auditing, and frequently. Auditing an auditor would be a bit like auditing all the auditor’s PC’s, wouldn’t it?

  2. Ingrid & Lana,
    This is indeed a very valuable and poignant factor for wide consumption by one and all.

    Reversing the effects of invalidation, or its “in vogue” equivalent:” reverse Scientology”,
    can be done in as little as 3 -5, minutes as stated in your opening post, with just two –
    way comm only.

    Keeping ones eyes open, as with our comm lines, is effective in filtering out the “noise”,
    and thus also enables us to not lose focus on that “ideal scene”, whatever that may be.

    I have to say this too, since it carries a definite liability, if not addressed adequately;-

    The Ol’ Man cautioned never to put en-theta on long distance comm lines, as it can
    be very enturbulative / invalidative, and cause unnecessary ARC-x’s and BPC..

    The liability is compounded / and or aggrieved through the simple lack of good manners. (refusing to grant importance to the “other” person.) IMHO, just missing acknowledgements, which then obviously leave a person with their attention hung up on an incomplete comm cycle. This outness has been mentioned before, as a cause of accumulated BPC, and sadly, remains prevalent. .

    In short, Scientology, without GOOD communication, would be counter-productive!
    Refusing ack’s (TR-2) could just be another unintended form of invalidation, too!

    Keeping alert and apprised of this fact, helps keep relationships high toned and free
    from ARC-x’s.

    I learned this on my original comm course, in 1971, and have tried to practice it
    faithfully ever since. (Except when I am engaged in REAL battle, of course, when that “syrupy”, “Mr.Nice Guy”—-no longer IS!!!!….LOL!)

    Thank you for reading this.

    ML, Calvin.

    • On second thoughts, the above posting does warrant THIS clarification. I feel that,
      as certainly a rather large number of persons, whether in, or out, do not have the
      viewpoint of having been subject to the mind – numbing “conditioning” of life in
      the Sea Org, especially since the take over of der Donder und Blitzen Fuehrer,
      (bless his Golden threaded little thong!.Not!!) ….with all its attendant problems of trying to adjust to life back in the real world. Any protracted period in a militaristic life, tends to have similar readjustment problems, which mostly vary only in degree.

      So what I’m actually saying here, is, that it is quite saddening to see , that many
      ex S/O members, seemingly struggle to shake off the facsimiles, pain & sense of
      betrayal , that has left them still numb and disbelieving – no, make that
      un-accepting, of the genuine sincerity and warmth still widely found throughout
      the world, if they only care enough to reach out and see it is real!.

      For instance, here in South Africa, we still have,– amid much of the savagery and
      criminality plaguing all sectors of our population — the most humbling display of
      real compassion and caring, especially among the indigenous folk, going about their daily lives, often in the face of unimagined hardships and daily struggles..

      The communication is often strikingly civilized, with the emphasis on courtesy
      and impeccable manners, which is a conspicuous contrast to the lack thereof, in so called “civilized” countries, who boast having “everything.” Spare a
      thought please, for one of the greatest icons, and humanitarians ever, our
      own Nelson Mandela, who is lying gravely ill in hospital, and may not see his
      95 th birthday, due on the 18 July. The nation is united in prayer for him at this time. It must be said of him, that he epitomized the spirit of humility and
      genuine forgiveness, and made him respected for this, by friend and foe
      alike. We do wish him well, whatever the outcome.

      Having said all this, at length, makes it seem so unreal, that in spite of having a wealth of freedom to practice almost any religion / philosophy we choose, some now appear to have strayed so far from the above mentioned civility,
      to be actually attacking, villifying and invalidating, those who merely with to
      follow their free choice, which is their right!

      If that’s where “enlightenment” is leading to — I think I’d rather hang with the
      so called “believers”, where civility and good comm are par for the course.

      Amid this, I will continue in my quest to help my local fellows, with basic auditing
      and do my best to advance the concepts outlined in MS2 . in tandem with
      following on to achieve “the ideal scene.”

      Thanks, fellow “Milestoners”

      ML, Calvin.

      • hahaha, Calvin…. “If that’s where “enlightenment” is leading to — I think I’d rather hang with the so called “believers”, where civility and good comm are par for the course.”

        + 1

  3. Ingrid, any invalidation of what you do is just incorrect. You’re auditing and making life better for people with the tech, so any demeaning labels, invalidation or criticism is just incorrect. It’s meaningless and completely off target and the only effect it should have on people is to honestly question the motive of the originator. Probably the best response is a yawn.

  4. And before you let anyone invalidate you, consider these precepts from the Code Of Honor:

    4. Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power.
    6. Never compromise with your own reality.
    14. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

  5. Great comments and thanks to those whose acked my getting audited. I have studied the subject of suppression alot. I have audited brand new people for over 20 years and 100% who come to me are PTS-do you know how many PTS C/S1s(education of PTSness done in session) I have done?? More than I can count. I do consider myself, both academically and experience wise an expert in the area of PTSness and suppression-I have alot of results. there are few to almost none that have managed to suppress my PCs put of Scientology. They go on to better health, more money and most importantly alot more happiness. One thing I do know is there are few who can confront evil, unfortunately.

    Just because DM is an SP, doesn’t mean there aren’t others. Right now in the field we have some major suppression going on against LRH and the Tech. LRH, the original auditor and best freind to mankind is being invalidated in the most disgusting way, with the justification that he needs to be “critiqued”. However, those guilty of that do not allow the flow to go the other way.

    From the ethics book “Factually , to succeed in this ‘civilization” or any society, crude or sophisticated, one has to act continully to keep one’s own environment under control. to do otherwise results in a lingering or sudden and always painful death. It DOES matter what goes on around one. The only thing which does not care is a corpse…….
    Extend this to one’sfellows slightly and it is plain to see that total permissiveness ( as boldly advocated by the psychs) is suicide.Standing with a bland look while Joe sticks pins in someone or something is not good manners,it’s idiocy!….
    The single most notable difference between an upstat, easy-to-live-with group and a downstat, hard-to-live-with group is that the individual group members themselves enforce the action and mores of the group….
    In an upstat group, at the first pin prick, Joe would probably have a black eye”

    • Ingrid –

      Thank you for an additional piece of tech, and many congratulations to you for all your successes with it – someday maybe we’ll run out of PTS PC’s. As regards those who speak disparagingly of LRH, SP’s and PTS’s, most are incredibly stupid, underhanded attacks of straight invalidation. I can shout all I want that those who believe they see a sun in the sky, and plants on the earth, are a deluded, brainwashed, bunch of sad idiots.

      Here’s what one of them posted to Mike Rinder’s blog (What Scientology Could Be): “Find the courage to face the truth Mike, as many other ex-Scientologists have done: Scientology was a bad (stolen) idea from the start, and will never give anything good to the world. It is much better for the world that David Miscaviage is running Scientology into the ground than the anyone is making the snake oil look semi-palatable.”

      Here’s how Mike Rinder replied: “This is the sort of arrogant “I know better than you about what you should think and feel” that is so abhorrent in fundamentalist Scientologists, just as it is in fundamentalist Christians/Muslims/Mormons or any other group or religion. It is equally abhorrent in fundamentalist “critics” as you appear to be.”

      Some Anons have said about the same thing, in so many words, such as – “That makes you like what you’re pretending to complain about, doesn’t it?”

    • Ingrid, it’s always a pleasure for me, never an effort, to acknowledge those whose comm is filled with their obvious goodwill and enthusiasm. In my own business, I have the privilege of working with the most incredibly high toned persons you could find anywhere. And our TR’s O – IV are absolutely IN, IN,IN & simply impeccable, both in terms of mutual respect, & naturalness of application. 24 years straight, with never a single argument! Impossible you may think? So do others, until they see flawless TR-‘s in action. Naturally, I withhold our trade secret, (of course!) unless asked the frequent question :-

      “How come you guys get along so well & always manage to stay so cheerful?”

      I then always answer:with a leading question of my own;- “Do you know HOW one really communicates?” ….and we take it from there, (or not) depending
      on a reach or withdraw……. fun stuff, as always! ….just ask Shreff!!

      ML, Calvin

  6. Hey all,
    just great to see the resilience and blunt refusals to be suppressed by “know bests”!

    So here we are, at MS2, still just in the nursing stages, after just having been “born”, under the most tumultuous ( engramic ) & spiteful circumstances imaginable..

    To those who wish to critique us, with such hateful fervor, from behind their masks of feigned innocence,…. I merely wish to say:..”.In all honesty mista, it jus’ seems to me,
    — YO’ mamma ‘n pappa nevva luvved ya — baby , ’cause I sho’ don’ see any!”

    The “evil” though cloaked in arrogant, self rightious proclamations, is visible in action.

    Look what happened to Jesus Christ?

    Oh well, (sigh) just another day at the office, I suppose. So –“Pick up the cans, please.”

  7. It isn’t in either the earlier or later technical volumes. Not included. Very strange that it wasn’t included. Someone kept it off the line, afraid of asking a “who” question? I wish the routing had been included.

      • Pat — I sent it to Ray this morning, as I seem to have misplaced your email address. The distribution on the HCOB is Class VIII.
        Cheers- Lana

    • Great thank you Calvin.
      School holidays are on here, and my house is chocolate cake, games, great friends and good fun. Until today, was auditing 3 – 4 sessions daily and my preclears are now on a holiday too and I am going sailing with the kids for the first time.
      I enjoyed sharing 40gms of home grown local Black Perigord truffle with some close friends last night — in a rich spaghetti carbonara dish. Simply scrumptious, accompanied with local wines. Yum.
      Life is good.

      • AHHHHH! that sounds all too scrumptious for words!
        ( I’ll now try to propitiate you in my verrry best OZ accent !)… say Sheilah! don’t ‘spose
        yoo can spere a quik raaaound of thett a-maze-ing Bleckk Perry-wot ? mate? ..Yeea..!
        ..that one…mate! end wot eva else yoogot, too,..mate

        ……………………………………..(pause while helpings in transit…..)
        (resume)…Tell yoo wot, mate….this stuff’s fair dinkum bloody a-maze-ing, Sheilah!
        ..compliments to the sheff too!

        Oh well, at least i can visit you through the above mock-ups, Sunshine, and hope you
        continue to have a ball.

        Love to all, from another with OZ blood in the veins, (mate!!)

  8. Pat, let me or Lana know when you’ve received the HCOB reference. It’s a good one.

    Nickname – great posts, and yes, you do know much more than you think. I feel we all do. There’s so much to learn, so much to explore, I hope it never ends! Good posts.

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