coyoteBy Lana Mitchell

One of the things I love about Scientology auditing and training is that it rehabilitates a person’s own judgement, his own ability to decide and work out what he/she should do, or not do. Not that you can see that in the current Corporate Church of Scientology, as these days they specialize in control and enforcing people to believe and listen to what is preached – taking justice and using expulsion and disconnection with those who refuse to comply.

But in my own life, watching the development of my own children – -gaining their certainty and their own judgement – as well as working as an auditor, I am seeing how the basic of a communication cycle, the application of simple processes, and using basic standard auditing tools, allows a person to be able to decide for himself/herself, and to gain a certainty on their own judgement .

Here is what LRH says on this subject – and it rings true for me.

“Naturally, all codes have something to do with the regulation and handling of force and it’s direction and that sort of thing. Well, that depends on judgement. And the exact amount of force to use is the exact amount of force that will accomplish the exact effect that you consider should be accomplished. And the only places where you’ve considered your judgement very bad is when you’ve applied too much or too little, and you didn’t do the job. And you might say, judgement then is valid as far as you have been able to follow axiom ten. See, that’s what judgement is, basically, to you. See, it’s production of an effect. Well, the production of the correct effect desired.

“In other words the expression of an intention. The expression of an intention is what that is. You wanted to make a certain effect. Well, believe it or not, not all effects are bad. And that simply consisted of expressing an intention. Well, that intention required that you make a certain postulate, and not too much and not too little, you see. Probably futile [utilize?] force, not too much, not too little force, you see. Probably what you utilized altered or changed some mass, but not too much and not too little. And if you came right there in the group and produced that exact effect then you had confidence in being able to follow out axiom ten. See, axiom ten, the production of an effect. You had confidence that you could produce an effect. And I’ll show you the exact way to reach judgement.

“The exact way to reach judgement is to just rehabilitate confidence of the production of a proper effect, that’s all. Because one of the fundamental laws that is above all other laws is axiom ten. It’s just a law like everything else, you know. You say, “What’s this game all about in this universe?” Well, the game in this universe is the production of an effect. Well, the production of the intended effect would be an obedience to that law. See? You intend an effect and you produce it, and that obeys it. Got the idea? So if you’re going to have that law at all, why, the production of an effect would be the production of the intended effect, not some other effect. And you will become free to the degree that you have confidence in producing the effect you intended to produce. Right? So therefore in Dianetics when you intended, and Scientology, when you intended to produce a certain effect on the pc and you didn’t produce it, your judgement worsened. Right? But when you intended to produce a certain effect and produced it, you figured you were a pretty good auditor. Right?

“Alright. Therefore I invite you to follow through any such line as this with caution and simply walk yourself up scale to a number of wins.”

LRH Lecture  12 November 1959, Rehabilitation of Judgement (First Melbourne ACC)

7 thoughts on “Rehabilitation of judgement

  1. I love this quote and it is so true. One of the biggest challenges I ever had was public speaking-I joined Toastmasters and it took a year to be able to get up and not have the feeling my knees were going to buckle any moment and being an auditor I am used to 3 feet in front of me, so my TR1 sucked with an audience. The worst part was having people look at you with blank and very unforgiving stares. One thing I found out is an audience expects to be entertained and if you aren’t creating that effect, you are out of luck.
    But my judgment of others and the amount of force I needed finally happened and it was a huge win. when I could create effects as a speaker. I was in it for 3 years.I don’t talk much of that experience, but this article reminded me of it and I wanted to relive it here as it was an incredible learning time.

    • Ingrid — I have had the same experience with public speaking and have had my ups and downs on it over the years. I did a talk at a large national conference a few years ago, after having done about 30 public talks in the course of that year — and I was confident and well rehearsed and ready to go — but it turned out to be a total flop. I had been scheduled to be the last speaker on a 3 day program, and by that time everyone had been sitting in a room in-flowing for 3 days — they were absolutely done. They had checked out. Blank stares, tired faces and an almost empty room was what I got. I tried to get the flow reversed and get them communicating, but it was a hard ask, and I took a big lose on that talk. Afterwards I was embarrassed and swore to myself I would never get myself put in that position again — but truly, it was a point of me learning a bit more on the effect I could create (or in this case not create, due to the circumstances) and gain more judgement on the whole topic. I have made sure since that time that I have a say in scheduling of any talk I do. And I will not be used as the carrot to try and keep people there till the very end of a long conference. Nah — no way!

      • Whew, you sure said it Ingrid & Lana. Nerve racking stuff, alright. And also very
        properly evaluated, for experience value, wot? I recall the total F— up I made
        on my first attempt. (red faced for days, when trying to give a talk on ART, as
        an invited guest speaker– At a Scn Sunday Church Service, would u believe?) Went totally and utterly blank, muttered something completely unintelligible, and probably disappeared through the floorboards! To this day, I honestly have absolutely no recall whatsoever, of what happened after that.. LOL!

        As you both went on to say, it gets progressively easier, after that. And now it’s
        just about impossible to shut me up on the nearest available soap-box.
        (you just may have noticed– LOL!) Ah.. the insouciance of confidence, yeah?

  2. Marvelous opening post, Lana and boy, is it relevant to Kids, Kats ‘n Koal heavers
    alike. Speaking of the “rehabilitation of judgement”, brings to mind the time when
    Ron had his motorcycle accident. (yep, he was a bike lover too, among dozens of
    other things.) I’m sure he would have loved the following two extreme examples of
    judgement,control, & AXIOM 1O!
    …disclaimer..WARNING! The second clip not for the faint of heart.(contains insanity!)

    Google ….1) Unreal Control On Honda CBR6OORR …(weight 187kg. rider 70kg.)
    …………….2) Honda CBR 6OO RR by Sumy ..(No idea if rider still extant!)

    ML, Calvin…

    • BTW, here’s a clue, if you’re struggling to make sense of clip 2) above,
      -LRH:-“..going back on the t/track…it used to take around three narrow
      escapes from death, per day, to keep a being fully in present time!”
      (and get this…( ironically )…feeling fully “ALIVE” too!)
      ……Apparently, some, (me included),still feel that way, even to this day!
      though with a little more added caution, by keeping the need for speed,
      to the race track, and not exposing one’s self to the lunatics at large,
      on our roads, highways and neighborhood streets, amen!
      …. wise old stable datum : “….there’s a time & place for everything….”

  3. The more Solo NOTs I do, the better MY judgement gets-This is the most amazing level I have ever done. I am also putting on thetan muscles I didn’t know I had-I feel very strong and very de-ptsed.
    I really would love others to have these gains.

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