doubtBy someone of the same

This is dedicated to all those who live under the radar! Hello!

You’re in very good company (I think) and there’s many more of us than you’d first guess.

By the way, I completely understand your position. Just because you can spot any number of outpoints and departures from LRH intention in the present Church of Scientology doesn’t mean the people you’re living with, your family, work comm lines and friends (probably all or mostly Scientologists) can see the same things. Most of them can’t or won’t see what you can. And it may stay that way until we’ve made a safer environment outside the Church of Scientology than it appears to be inside. A few of your connections will even turn on you if you voice your concerns with the church too loudly.

In my view it is not cowardice to avoid confronting your local org (and therefore HCO, DSA, OSA, CMO, RTC.) Until you’re ready; it can be the best course of action.

So feel free to ignore any bull-bait designed to get you to make a big splash by ‘outing’ yourself too early. Others may feel made ‘right’ by your action, but you’re likely to end up splashed across the pavement. Of course if you want to be dramatic, go right ahead and I’ll salute you too. But most of us need to re-organize our lives first, and I want to help you with that.

I recommend reading and applying HCO PL 12 Jan 73, PR Series 19, The Safe Point (Management Series Vol 3, p89.) If you don’t have the book you can find the reference online by searching on Google. (Any reference you need is virtually there!)

LRH says in this reference:

“It is necessary of course to have a safe place to get into, from which one can in safety speak up. One cannot defend himself in a point that has no defenses.

“Without some consideration of security in the first place any attempt at PR Area Control is folly.  Thus the Safe Point takes consideration over Active Defense.” …


 “You cannot operate without a base to operate from. You cannot deliver without somewhere to deliver it. You cannot sell what you cannot deliver.

“The optimum action is to send a PR Area control team to the area you want to operate in, and have it establish PR Area Control first. A new group or Company should be established first as a Safe Point and then as an Operating Point.

“There is a formula here just a hair lower than Non-Existence: “Find a Point from which to put out a Comm Line.” LRH

Probably you’re already applying this to some degree.

Maybe you’re reading this blog under the covers on your IPad and you wipe the history after every session. In which case I suggest a plan to get you from there and into the warm sunshine where you can safely be, think, say and do what you want to, with and in Scientology.

You have to write the plan and follow it. And I am suggesting targets here that have worked for me.

Firstly, I believe your Safe Point begins in home universe, your own mind, your own personal integrity:

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that you have lost everything.

“What is personal integrity?

Personal integrity is knowing what you know—

What you know is what you know—

And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.

And that is integrity

And there is no other integrity.”   LRH   (Vol VI, p23 “Personal Integrity” Feb 61)

So if you’ve never done it, you should evaluate for yourself what you have observed of the Church of Scientology, in present time.

How’s your life, bridge progress, finances and comm-lines doing in PT? How about friends and family? I know it can get difficult when you try to evaluate farther than your own town and org. Our data about the rest of the Scientology world mostly comes from Int events, and in that area Int is definitely upstat. Every event is bigger, brighter, louder, more graphical and wondrously promising than the last. GAT promised perfect auditing and fast, easy training. Many years ago we were promised Super Power, a standard dictionary, the biography, staff pay you could live off, 10,000 on Solo NOTS or above (and so a handled planet), ads on TV, expansion, a ‘golden age,’ etc, etc. I’ve lost count of the broken promises.

Evaluate those promises against such articles as Debbie Cooks email at: www.scientology-cult.com/debbie-cooks-email.html

Also: Luis Garcia’s “A Letter from Garcia” at: www.scientology-cult.com/declarations-of-independence/430-letter-from-garcia.html

Also: Steve Spargo’s story at: http://spargostory.workpress.com/author/hopefulsteve/

Out of this inspection make your own list of oupoints that you would need corrected before you’d support the Church again. Then whenever staff, public and events try to ‘handle’ you, decide whether anything on your list of outpoints was actually handled (and don’t accept promises – remember the cliché “stats talk, bs walks.”) Such an inspection and list can give you the stable datum you’ll need to finally make your way out of a growing darkness.

Secondly, I strongly suggest you take time out regularly to keep your havingness up. Read theta blogs such as this one, see Mark Shreffler’s blog (the best disseminator the church ever had after LRH), read stories of application of the tech outside the Church, read LRH, etc.

Thirdly, keep in comm with people you can trust.  Outflow in safe directions even if it’s just to ‘like’ someone’s blog post. You can’t just inflow if you want to become cause.

Then lastly, and probably most importantly, use HCO PL SAFE POINT to start creating a safe space that you can operate from. This means covering finances, comm-lines and family, as well as anything else needful.

This is a simple plan – one that has worked for me. I hope this is helpful. As I said, you are in good company.  You are not alone.

11 thoughts on “To those under the radar

  1. Excellent guidance and references! Every little bit helps, in moving toward toward
    finally stepping “into the sunshine”. Since having done so, personally , on the site
    “Moving On Up A Little Higher” 12 May 2012, (Mothers Day), I can assure YOU, & anyone else, still feeling they “need to hide”, that you will experience an enormous
    sense of relief, when you finally do decide to discard “the mask,” one considers so “necessary” , for one reason or another. One can liken it, to the fear one has, before finally diving in to a pool of ice cold water! The longer one procrastinates, of course, one merely remains suspended in time, (the fear simply persists!) So the solution is quite simple to effect.– Just ask oneself; ” Is this (action) likely
    to kill me or my loved ones, or more likely to make me/us ultimately stronger?”

    For sure, one is bound to experience some degree of “shock”, initially, but hey, what is TR-O, if not the “,,,,being there comfortably, with ———- ?”
    The pay-off – in “going for it” is life changing, since one IS CONQUERING FEAR!

    Having said this, to my surprise, I have seen so-called “trained” Scientologists, break down and recoil in paranoia, when confronted with unhandled items
    in restim from their own reactive banks. It didn’t make sense to me at the time,
    but since becoming curious & interested enough, to “put myself in their shoes”,
    I have finally managed to “AXIOM 28” (duplicate & understand) their V/Point,
    resulting in a better, more effective handling of the “case.”

    The solution, in this case, is to simply follow the gentle gradient/s, as outlined
    and advocated by you, in your above posting..

    Nice job, keep up the visits, since you’re very welcome here.


  2. Off topic, but here’s another — ” illuminating LRH gem” — for the day.

    from the Original Tech Dictionary p. 282:
    — ORIGINAL FORMULA,– the “original formula” which led us into Scientology was:
    having found the conditions, I found it was necessary to communicate with them, in
    order to perceive, orient myself in them and with the resulting understandings, find
    out what my purpose really was. And so that was a “formula”, and it was the
    original “formula” by which we moved in. ( SH Spec 57, 65O4CO6 )

  3. I posted for quite some time on Martys blog as DFB (and dfb99 after I registered on WordPress). It actually took me a while to even post anything anonymously. I was still onlines and you know that once you post something you are screwed. You are essentially deciding that you are done with it. “Coming out” and posting under you real name is another level because, depending on your situation, you may experience some significant “blowback”. You may lose a job or friends or even relatives. You could lose a big customer or a business partner or even your children. It can suck, there is no denying it.

    One day I just did it, like ripping off a bandage- yank! It really didnt hurt much. I actually felt very good and I experienced a rise in tone and general outlook on life. It was like having a huge win in auditing or something. I was free and I could be myself, express my own opinions- (That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others).

    One thing in hindsight that I would advise others is to see if you have made some tacit agreement to “not talk about it”. I had the idea from being in the church that as Scientologists we shouldnt talk to regular people about our experience in Scientology except in very filtered PR terms. It always has to be positive and with the slant to dissemination. Just for now throw that out. You can pick it up later if you want, but right now you cant do that. You need to talk to your mom and your neighbor and your friends about what is happening. Bite the bullet and get in comm with people who you want on your side when the shit hits the fan. I did this after it started to hit and it was helpful. When you come out your friends will be converted to enemies. Your family might too. Business contacts- customers, suppliers etc might just disconnect or take actions that are intended to harm you. If any of this stuff happens you will have some backup if people around you know whats going on. Believe me, when you explain the whole scene to people they think it’s crazy, and it is. Your brother shouldnt try to destroy you because you want to leave the Church. And he will look like a real grade A fool when your mom, other brothers, granny and his non-scientologist boss, who happens to be your friend all have been fully briefed. I made a folder with my IAS statements, invoices from the Org, emails showing how much people attacking me had donated to Ideal Org (they previously denied such donations), letters, material from the internet, etc to back up my story.

    I went to some people, talked to others on the phone and email. It was how I defended myself from the incoming wave of insanity and I think it fought it off. It bought me some time so I could get things back together (with some help) and now it’s going very well. I think communicating and continuing to communicate is vital. It’s a PTS thing I think. I called the MAA who wrote my SP Declare, probably 20 times before he talked to me and when he did I talked to him and asked him questions until he didnt know what to say so he “disconnected” from me. But you know what? If I ever see him, HE will be the one that diverts his eyes and tries to walk the away. I wont be the effect of him. Also, there is a repair list going around for people who left the Church. It covers bad auditing and ethics and other things. I think it helped me a lot. I actually wasnt aware I had stuck attention on the last auditing I did in the Church and other stuff. If you can get to an auditor I recommend that.

    • There are instances of churches-gone-crazy, many more of money schemes gone crazy, and many more of entire countries gone crazy, so craziness is nothing new. Neither are mistakes – even gross ones. But what differentiates Scientology is that it is real answers, and it has been maliciously attacked with intent to kill it as a subject. The biggest payoff I see is to repair errors and misguidances in one’s auditing – get those repair lists done, and get the session time track straight. Lana’s earlier article on safe points could be interpreted to reestablishing the safe point of one’s own mind, auditing time track, and gains. Get the craziness run off, and have done with it. Rehabbing gains isn’t hard.

      • I didn’t mean to override establishing a safe environment. That is definitely first. I meant to suggest that after getting located in a stable environment, some case-handling can do wonders. Then one can be not only much more effective, but much happier in reestablishing Scientology. The combination can’t be beat..

      • Nickname, hi there! You said it….. CRAZY!…. This is the one element that seems to
        follow Scientology around ad nauseum. Fourth dynamic engram/s, implants, “Xenu- comedians” LRH -bashers and detractors, scientific invalidations, etc, etc, etc.

        Isn’t it just amazing when a newby shows up on the block, some one who shakes up
        thoroughly entrenched beliefs, dogma and opinions and attitudes of “on-high?”
        Harvey versus Galen , Ron’s breakthrough DMSMH versus Establishment psychology
        & psychiatry? They had the gall to challenge (and upset ) authority!
        “Oh they’re nothing more than mavericks, charlatans and con-men after a quick buck”
        were the least of brick-bats that were flung at them, way back in the day.

        In today’s fast paced global hamster wheel, we find the chaos merchants as busy as
        ever! —“Let’s see now….hmm… think I just may have another juicy bit of “crazee” bait,
        to boost the ratings / rantings / rabble rousing / coffers! Just gotta get those all
        important stats up. ( Total volume of s–t stirred for the week!!!!)

        This brings me to ask the question: ” Who are the REALLY crazy one’s then?”

    • Very nice comments, Chris. I a recently “turned” indie. I haven’t come out yet and am working to safeguard my family (it’s going well). I too experienced a resurgence when I spotted the SP and decided to disconnect. It felt like years of past auditing wins came rushing back.

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