hatredBy Klaus Buchele

What of hatred?
That flame that burns
and destroys all that for what we yearn.

What of hatred?
That kills the love we earnestly pursued
and then destroys the years of labor
in one fell swoop.

What of hatred?
That strikes the blow
it pulls the gun and lets the bullets flow.

What is it that makes a man hate a man he loved for eons
and deep down can’t help but love?

The fire burns, makes life pure hell,
when all we want is for us to love each other and so be well.

The heat absorbs, laying waste
to all those  years of earnest struggle for a good cause,
for truth and freedom and a divine force.

The free will, we so cherish, protect and honor
is put in in chains,
when hatred sweeps across the soul’s unwritten banner.

We fight for our believes and hate those that don’t share.
We kill for our gods and hate those that don’t seem to care.

We love our brothers, our sisters just as long as they agree.
We yearn for understanding and for agreement,
of our hatreds decree.

Through eons past, through lifetimes of desire,
we carry hope for freedom,
a longing that there simply must be something higher.

We lurch, we stumble, make  sincere attempts
to claw our way out of all our hatreds unfathomable mire.

But each time,
when we sink back and fail,
we convince ourselves once more
that the love we feel so deep cannot be real
in our core.

Each time we fail, we give up a bit more
of that longing we have for something up there,
for something so much higher.

Each time we fail we then decide
that faith and trust,
that all the yearning we carry so deep in our heart
are just a curse to mislead man
a witches con-game that belongs onto a stake.

Just a dream of the weak to mislead the strong.
Because life is hard and brutal and so they must be wrong.

All these failed attempts, through lifetimes past,
all these unfulfilled promises of monks and nuns
that heaven will last.

All of that we carry, and accumulate like cinder
for them to burst into the flames of hate,
the moment someone kinder
tells us that love is the answer
that mankind has a goal,
a destiny for something higher.

The cinders catch, the flames burn high
the logs of hatred soon give way to heat
and it all absorbs the soul.

And then the love is gone.

But deep down we know,
that hating others,
destroying what they stand for,
because we failed,
when we climbed the same hill,
can never be the answer.

Deep down we know, that our soul’s call for something higher
is not  in vain.

Deep down we know, that hatred stored,
because of  lifetimes of our own failures,
is no flame of freedom but hell’s solid lock.

And with all our might
all our heart’s desire
this stored hate it must be fought.

Because man’s destiny calls.
It can’t be denied,
its timeless goal,
to lead us up
to something higher.

NOTE FROM ADMINISTRATOR:  Thank you to Klaus for permitting republishing of this poem (it is published on Elephant Journal).

5 thoughts on “What of hatred?

  1. Great emphasis on the Achilles “thorn” that pierces our very being, Klaus, and
    so beautifully expressed as well. The marvel of the Tech — when applied with REAL diligence by both Auditor and PC alike — is that this impediment to one’s
    beingness — CAN be as-ised in totality! Quite wonderful in it’s simplicity, yes?

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