new look

Hope you like our new look.

As our volume of articles continues to increase, we were not happy with the original theme and layout we had initially chosen, and wanted to adjust to something that is easier to browse and use.

It is different — but hopefully easier to use and read.

Let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Change can be a good thing

  1. New look is more aesthetic and useful. However, you will want to add links on the left for a calendar, monthly listing of posts, categories, “Meta” links, blogroll etc. WordPress generally provides a lot of widgets for this stuff for any given theme.

  2. A teensy bit bigger text would be nice, the white background is easier than the blue, but the content is what matters. If there were a way to include the number of posts beneath each topic, new comments would be easier to spot.

    It looks very nice. The list of topics makes it easier than scrolling down.

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