elephantBy Michael Moore

In the field one is free to start up a group either in ones local area or aspire even to international. Anyone can do it!  One does not need anyone’s permission to do so.

First and foremost, one needs to have one’s goals and purposes very clearly outlined and one’s products and what one wishes to achieve, also very clearly stated.  As no individual can or should hold sway over another individual, such a group should be formed by a full agreement with the goals and purposes of that group. This does not mean that group does not have a leader.  A leader is vital to coordinate and give direction to the group and be one whom others are willing to follow. Ideally it should be the vision maker, the goal setter.

And that is exactly what any group, small or large will need to look at from inception.  What are its purposes?  Are they very clearly defined?  Are prospective members of the group asked to agree to those purposes in order to BE a member of that group?

Forming up scientology groups can be fraught with pitfalls. I can speak with some experience having successfully founded and administered a scientology group for ten years and gone through the cycle one does during that process.

One of the mainstays of APIS since its formation has been the purposes of the group very clearly defined and constantly iterated.  This means that anyone who looks at the group can see if the purposes fit them or not. It means that potential members enter the group with their eyes open and know to what they are agreeing. If, after having looked over the purposes and goals of a group an individual feels he or she is not in agreement with such goals they are best advised not to join a group, not even in a cursory nature.

To iterate the three prime purposes of APIS:

Preserve the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard for future use so it is available for all mankind.

Protect the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard so it is not altered, diluted or changed in anyway but remains exactly as Lafayette Ron Hubbard issued it.

Promote the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard so it may be known by all mankind

These purposes have been extant for ten years.  So they are not unknown.  Vocal dissenters have come and gone during that time but the purposes and group have remained unwavering. I have observed, however, over the past ten years or so, while those who have expressed disagreements with APIS are fully entailed to their opinions, it is an interesting indicator of how off source they can be.  Particularly in view of the fact that the purpose of APIS are purely to forward the technology of LRH.

“Every group or activity that has given out “We don’t quite agree with Hubbard but” is short lived. A few months, a year, two years and they’re gone like last year’s leaves. There have been dozens, slightly off or wholly defiant, and they have all gone whether we acted or not.”


Any group is an organisation.  It needs to be organised.  Each person has a position or job within that group.

“An organization is a group of associated communication lines and terminals, united with a common purpose. It exists so as to assist the doingness of people in accomplishing that purpose”  HCO PL 14/11/1956  Organization

Each person in a group has a job.  There needs to be a leader to provide vision and lead the group.  There needs to be various posts or jobs within a group

Each member of a group has a job and it is by doing their jobs and no one else’s that the group can work as a team. A team is a group of individuals all contributing to the motion or purpose by doing their part to forward the purpose.

In a restaurant if everyone was the Chef or everyone was the waiter there would be no restaurant. Either too much food would be left steaming on the hot plates or the waiters would be running around with empty plates. In either case there would be no flow and no products. But having a chef, a waiter, a greeter and seater, a dish washer and all the other ‘hats’ in a restaurant, that restaurant runs smoothly and produces its products.  How many restaurants do you go in to that have dirty forks and do not wash their plates well?

Every job in a group or organization is vital and important and forms an integral part of that group.

One can start up a group with as little as two or three people. One builds on that.  One keeps one’s focus on the reason, purposes and goals of the group.

There are programs, Org program No 1 for example, written by Ron specifically to assist organisations to start up with a minimum.  All group start with a dream or vision. They have a goal or a purpose. Some continue that focus.  Those that don’t of course fall by the wayside and either disappear or become something else.  The Church of Scientology is a case in point.  Being no longer quite with LRH but now with a focus on the COB as the supreme commander, they have lost the original focus and, as a result, become something else.  They are scientology in name only.

So it is important to retain one’s focus and not be dissuaded from the vision  Regardless of any naysayers or critics.  Naysayers and critics do not forward ones purpose.  They can be regarded as a stop, or an attempted stop, and there is a very effective way to handle stops.

“As Man all too easily specializes in stops he tends to stress what SHOULDN’T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it’s a STOP.



“A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.


The above piece of technology works.  Anytime one accumulates stops of any kind, large or small, on a group rekindling the purpose of the group will revive it and blow the stops out of the water.

It is through the establishment of independent groups, all forwarding the same agreed purpose and applying the same philosophy and technology that this planet will be salvaged.   Each group applying the philosophy and technical application of this philosophy is what will do it. And each group is vitally important and not an insignificant part of the whole.

Each group is saving lives. Each group is contributing to the overall purpose of raising the tone level of this planet out of the lower levels towards a saner planet.

Starting up such a group will have its challenges. If it were easy we would likely not have to be doing it. It is in the face of adversity that we grow and learn and exercise our abilities.  But it CAN be done, as we have proved.

A purpose to salvage this planet from the general bank agreement it finds itself in is a very worthwhile purpose to have.

Are you with us? Start a group!

2 thoughts on “Starting up a group

  1. Every group or activity that has given out “We don’t quite agree with Hubbard but” is short lived. A few months, a year, two years and they’re gone like last year’s leaves. There have been dozens, slightly off or wholly defiant, and they have all gone whether we acted or not.

    Can you pinpoint the origin of that quote? I’ve read it before, but don’t recall the exact HCOPL/HCOB.

  2. Michael, great article. We can definitely start local groups and many such groups exist. There is APIS which you run and it has a more worldwide sphere and then now we have MS 2.

    What is needed and wanted I think is to distribute HATS to people around the world and have them on a voluntary basis perform the jobs of each hat.

    Org boarding such organisations is of the essence. There are scores of people on the Net who would like to participate. All we need to do is to work on such an Org Board and then distribute those hats.

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