little black dressBy Tom Martiniano

A few months ago I wrote my “Open Letter to Clears and OTs” and received a lot of mail and calls from Clears and OTs who needed help moving the Bridge. A lot of them were sent to different delivery teams across the United States and some I took on some myself.  The result was a lot of delivery and people being helped.  There are so many Dianetic Clears and botched OTs out there that it is almost impossible to not deliver to them.  As for myself, I was happily retired for a short spell but now delivering like never before.  And I need to tell you that retirement is actually for the birds, so no more of that.

I was super-busy delivering, but I had time to do a little bit of a round-up this week to see where we are at as far as delivering Scientology and found that we have quite some delivery going across the United States – and – in higher volume than ever before in the history of Independent Scientology.   I found out that people are moving on the Bridge from one side of the USA to the other.  So it looks like my open letter to Clears and OTs had good effect and folks are now confronting that case and getting it sorted out.  For example:  We have OTs being made in north-eastern United States right now, and this is separate from all of the delivery that is being done by the Warrens in Idaho. I sent two PCs to Idaho and they should be getting through their services now.  Wounded Warriors who have lost limbs in combat are being skillfully treated and audited by a wonderful, caring lady in Michigan. She is auditing them to make them more at ease with their situations and getting them back living and operating in society. This is a much needed thing and my hat is off to her.  Another soldier who was PTSD was audited in Phoenix.  Dallas is getting ready to deliver again and should be by now.  Delivery is happening in Los Angeles by our wonderful and able auditor Ingrid.  Others are delivering in Southern California.  OTs are being made  in Northern Nevada and in Florida.   Of course, the courseroom in Florida is still rocking and making good students with John Aaron at the helm, steering that ship just perfectly. We activated two Class VIIIs who  are getting delivery going in central Florida. Phoenix delivery, as I said before, is at an all-time high with two NOTs pcs, one lower level pc and an HQS are being delivered to.  Sydney Aus is doing mammoth delivery and making comps (“if you want something done give it to a busy man”) is the watchword here.  Go Oz!

Please contact Ron Matlock in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area for auditing. He is delivering there and can be reached at professionalscientologists@yahoogroups.com.  He needs more pc’s and can deliver.

If any one reading this wants to be audited or fixed or their botched clear cycle fixed, feel free to contact me and I will hook you up with someone who can get the job done. We have a lot of good auditors out there who want to help and have spent a good portion of their lives in service of this endeavor. Contact me at ot7tom@gmail.com or contact Lana.

That’s it for now. I’ll get back to you next week with success stories from all of the above.

ML Tom Martiniano

6 thoughts on “Auditing is the new black

  1. The Advanced Organization of the Midwest is delivering OTIII, OT I, audited NOTS, Solo One and Two, grades, and the Briefing Course currently to public in tandem!

  2. These days, every day is a good day, Tom! And thanks to all who are restoring the hope for so many who thought it was dashed.

  3. I was studying today and came across a comment by a being known as Archimedes: give me a place to stand and I will move the world.

    He was a fella that studied levers, way back when. It occurred to me that those beings who are mentioned above, the auditors, the CSes that watch over, the Cramming guys that are there to get one sorted out on boo-boos, the Course rooms where one can gain skills, all of these, and their preclears and pre OTs, are those who can hold a position in space much better, and from that place to stand, are indeed, using the leverage of an amazing body of philosophy and technology of application of those materials, to move the spiritual world.

    Scientology is a game where everybody wins. I’m happy to be among such wonderful players of this amazing game.

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