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By Mark Shreffler
The notion of dissemination is overwhelming to many simply because they don’t know where to start. Let me tell how easy it is — use your favorite piece of tech!
ONE item that you LOVE and want to share with the world. Everybody needs it, whether they know it or not.
Then, all you do is define a particular receipt point for your communication.
Pick a specific public that would benefit from this piece of tech.
Then, write a short story about something that happened to you that would find common interest to that public, and illustrate a problem that public would commonly have that is solved by this particular Fundamental.
Then, offer that public a free workshop where you will show them how it’s done. Deliver the workshop with lots of MASS and very high-toned, and thank them for coming.
They will follow you home.
Sounds simple because it is.
For example, salespeople are ruined in the area of “closing the deal.” Deliver a workshop on mastering the close. The workshop is all about ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and how to be perfect in that area.
Get them DOING it and they will realize that acknowledgement is the backbone of selling.
Send me a mail if you need a hand.
Love,  Mark

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