Goodwill is the reputation an organization has with its publics for integrity, good service, prompt bills paying, high quality delivery, friendliness, etc.

“Excellent technical delivery is what generates a blaze of goodwill and PR that spreads by word of mouth like wildfire  LRH HCO PL 7 April 1983 GOODWILL

This last weekend there was an Open House in Australia for persons who wanted to link up with other Scientologists outside the C of S, get information on services, plan, plot and generally get up to mischief. The good food and wine was really only surpassed by the great conversation and the terribly high level of ARC. Not only were people’s questions answered, but some people also went in session for the first time in years.

We had old friends eager to meet up again, as well as new people who came due to word of mouth, wanting to hook up and get involved.

More Open Houses are planned in coming months in Australia, the US and elsewhere. We will keep you tuned.

Heck –  you are also welcome to do the same in your own local area and have your own Open House. Let us know if you want help organizing such.

Let’s just pour on the oil and get this bonfire really going!

8 thoughts on “Goodwill

  1. Media have a depressing effect on the perception of goodwill in the society. People may be “interested” in fires, murders, plots, and so on for the same reasons horror movies and mysteries are popular – but that doesn’t mean the world is made up of fires, murders, and monsters. (Gossip, now that does happen, especially to movie stars who have no other influence on the course of our lives than acting out some unheralded script-writer’s thoughts.)

    Most of us lead our lives in peace, trying to win some game of “Beat the Bank” (reactive mind). One way to do that is keep up goodwill.

    • I totally agree Nickname. Honest people working to assist others to handle what THEY want to handle is a very different to the C of S model, which at this time seems to feed the reactive mind and restimulate it, rather than ease it.

  2. I was there for the weekend. This was Scientology like the good old days. It was a long trip for me fly across Australia, and then drive down from Sydney, but very much worth it. I’d love to be there for the next one and I am working on it. Hope to see you there!

    • It was wonderful having you Bernie.

      Your wisdom and constant willingness to help others with the tech is inspirational. I had a call from the person you took in session and he said on returning home his wife said he looks 10 years younger.

      Thank you for all you did — and I too am looking forward to the next one!

  3. I’ll be there for the next one! And, secretly, I’m plotting to support these sorts of get-together-to-win-with-KRC/ARC meetings over the entire globe. Well, North America and the Austral Kingdom anyway 🙂

    Yo, Ingrid.

  4. “I’m plotting to support these sorts of get-together-to-win-with-KRC/ARC meetings over the entire globe.”

    This sounds very interesting! Please keep us posted on this secret plot, Jim.

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