There is some good work being done by a number of Scientologists on Scientolipedia.org, in the form of an Admin Scale for Scientologists no longer within the Corporate Church.

You can see the Admin Scale being created here: http://scientolipedia.org/info/Admin_Scale

Still in formative stages the Admin Scale parallels the purposes and programs of Milestone Two and certainly has our support and shoulder to the wheel. It is a community project and anyone can contribute to or edit the admin scale through the wiki. There is also an ongoing discussion of key points on a Facebook group, which people are welcome to become part of too, called “Scientology – An Admin Scale Outside the Church”. with 134 members to date.

The Admin Scale is a great tool to get cooperation and agreement among people.

“The trouble with OTs in the past has only been lack of co-operation and agreed upon objectives. Without these, OTs eventually fall prey to smaller beings with bigger organization skill. OT is an unstable state only when OTs are not co-operating with OTs, but each one going his own way in the strong but fatuous belief he can single-handedly survive. The proof is, OTs have not survived as OTs whenever this super-individuation collided with the super organization of weaker beings. The answer is to remain organized, mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch without responsibility for all levels of life forms and society.

“This means that programs for such agreement must be offered.”  LRH,  25 JUN AD13

One thought on “Admin scale

  1. Cool link. I didn’t know that was there, or that project was going on.

    The subject or practice or tech of admin scales is really amazing. The individual is where it all begins, with the initial decision TO BE, as in the second one of The Factors. And it remains that way, that the genesis of all admin scales is the individual. They all integrate to an individual, when unabberated (with nice randomity included!), and the admin scales of a group all reflect those of the individuals in that group.

    Admin scales are a way to define the ethics of the individual, and from there, the ethics of the group are formed. It’s all about optimum survival.

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