By Natalie C.

There so are many very basic principles in Scientology, that have vast broad application in life. Reach & Withdraw is just one.

I remember as a staff member, I had an Esto run me through Reach & Withdraw on my post area. I was not very trained as a Scientologist, and had so much I was getting my head around, but the action of Reach & Withdraw just seemed to make things on the job easier.

Since being outside of Corporate Scientology I have done a lot more training and been working to apply basic tech in my live, and as a result I have really been noticing the power of simple Reach and Withdraw.

My nephew, only young, is one of these dive-in, full-on kids. He is 6 years old and will try anything once.  When he was learning to ride a bike last year, he had real trouble with getting on and getting off the bike.  His body was not quite long enough, and the bike was just a little too high, and consequently he had a number of scrapes that were both nasty and painful. His enthusiasm to learn how to ride waned (not surprisingly), until he was run through some basic reach and withdraw on the bike itself, on his helmet and also on the area he had had some falls. Now he rides like a dare-devil and has not had an accident in months. In fact, he boldly states he wants to become a professional cycling racer.

My own toddler when held tightly, will struggle to get away  — protesting loudly.  But I have noted that if I step away from her, she will move straight to me and ask for a cuddle. Interesting! The same works for meal times. A meal that sits there, uneaten, routinely does get eaten if I go to take it away. There is an instant reach to get it back.

At work, I have found that any areas I have trouble with are always ones where I have some non-confront on. Though as part of my job I have to submit specific applications, there are some that I put off until they are so late that it is a complete scramble to get them completed in time.  I have found that when I look into why the hell I create such a problem for myself, I spot that I have been withdrawing from the submission due to some imagined situation, consideration, misunderstood, or confusion I have on the submission itself or the area it relates to. And when I actually reach for the submission and confront the situation, the problem tends to dissolve in simplicity and the job is finished in record time.

Another example is a close relative who had her attention fixed on a money problem. She was so fixated on the problem, that she was unable to get separate from it, and unable to solve the problem. It was ruining her life. We did some basic Life Repair consisting of prep checking the subject of money against each of the rudiment buttons. Her ability to reach and withdraw on the subject was enhanced with communication. We took up each of the reading rudiments and got the communication flowing, and as a result she became unstuck from the problem of it all, and money is now flowing in with little effort or issues.

And then to top it off, there was an innocent example today when walking my dog.  My dog, on the eager scent of a rabbit, went under a fence and disappeared into some trees. When this has occurred in the past it has been a 15 – 20 minute chase of climbing fences, calling and trying to recover the dog (I admit, she is not very well trained!). So today, instead, when she disappeared under the fence, I tried a different tactic. I sat down quickly, facing away from the fence, put my head down, and was silent. The dog, I presumed, had disappeared after the rabbit and was expecting me to be in fast pursuit like I normally do. But I was not. I was silent, and sitting with my head down. After 2 minutes, I very quietly and slowly turned my head to see if I could see the dog, and there she was, bounding towards me, already back through the fence, and the rabbit long forgotten. Reach and withdraw won again.

So, seeing more and more examples of Reach and Withdraw in life, I went to my trusty tech volumes to see what else LRH has to say about it. What I read made me realize how my cognition about reach and withdraw was only the tip of the iceberg. The significance of reach and withdraw as a fundamental of Dianetics and Scientology is now starting to come home to me. Quite amazing actually.

“When the communication cycle does not exist in an auditing session we get this horrible compounding of a felony of trying to get a technique to work but the technique cannot be administered because there is no communication cycle to administer it.

“Basic auditing is called basic auditing because it goes PRIOR to the technique.

“A communication cycle must exist before the technique can exist.

“The fundamental entrance to the case is not on a level of the technique but is on a level of the communication cycle.

“Communication is simply a familiarization process based on reach and withdraw.

“When you speak to a pc you are reaching. When you cease to speak you are withdrawing. When he hears you, he’s at that moment a bit withdrawn but then he reaches toward you with the answer.

“You’ll see him go into a withdraw while he thinks it all over. Then he reaches the reason. Now he will reach the auditor with the reason and he will say that was it.

“You have made an exchange from the pc to the auditor and will see it reflect on the meter because that exchange now is giving an as-ising of energy.


“So THE FUNDAMENTAL OF AUDITING IS THE COMMUNICATION CYCLE. That’s the fundamental of auditing and that is really the great discovery of Dianetics and Scientology.

“It’s such a simple discovery but you realize that nobody knew anything about it.” LRH 23 May 1971R Basic Auditing Series 1, THE MAGIC OF THE COMMUNICATION CYCLE

4 thoughts on “Reach and withdraw

  1. Loved your article. i too use R & W with animals. Especially timid ones. I use it on kids too, even in the line at checkouts. I also do it with every car I have owned. Not only does it make it feel like the car is mine but for some reason they seem to last a lot longer than the average one on the road. MMMMMM could there be some sort of magic to this… i think not. Its plain and basic Communication. Thanks again for reminding me of the wonders of the Tech.

  2. In the mid 80’s a very successful business man named, Matt insisted I build a play house in the back yard of his home. I was there cutting wood with an electric circular saw when he approached me and originated as he pointed to the saw; “I won’t touch those things. I’m scared to death of hurting myself”. I acknowledged him, unplugged the saw’s power cord and placed the saw on a table in front of him then ran R & W with high ARC for four commands when he picked up the saw and looked at it as though for the first time in his life and said to me; “You know, I could probably handle one of these things.”

    I arrived for work the following morning only to discover that, Matt had taken over my construction project and was cutting lumber with my circular saw.

    As LRH once said; “I like to help others and count it as my greatest pleasure in life to see a person free himself of the shadows which darken his day. These shadows look so thick to him and weigh him down so that when he finds they are shadows and that he can see through them, walk through them and be again in the sun, he is enormously delighted. And I am afraid I am just as delighted as he is.”


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