By Lana Mitchell

The future of Scientology is not going to look like what we have experienced or seen in the last 40+ years.

There are many reasons for this and they all come under the big shift that is occurring in marketing and organization and technology on this planet.

Fall of the monopoly: For so long there has been a monopoly on the technology of Dianetics and Scientology – but this is no longer the case. All materials from the bottom of the Bridge to the advanced levels are in the field. Even the original LRH OT levels are available and being delivered. This means that the tech is there for use and does not require that a person mortgage their 2nd house and sell their children to reach OT.

Exponential rate of changeThe declining cost of factors of production continue to allow innovation at levels not experienced in the last thousand years. If you think the world is moving fast, buckle your seatbelt, as it is only going to get faster as more and more of the world get connected.

Technology advances:  Technology is moving ahead so quickly. The e-meter is now available digitally, in many different forms. At an Open House here 2 weeks ago we were testing two different models and there are several others available.  In a blink of an eye it will be the norm to have a tablet meter with the capacity to replay the session and see the reads, hear the audio and even see the TRs of the auditor.

There is also the technology of the internet, with wiki’s, with social media, with smart phones and more. All of this will have a vast impact on the application of Scientology tech into the future, as well as communication and dissemination of results. In fact, much of LRH’s policy (such as the 3 basket system, magazine policy, CF/Addresso and many others) is superseded by advancing technologies.

Abandonment of a bureaucratic management: There will be no need for a highly structured, and heavily controlled (and costly) management structure (ie Sea Org). In fact, the whole concept that a vast group need be created to “run” Scientology has already been thrown out. Instead, a network of delivery and dissemination groups will coordinate and collaborate as they need to, and decentralization will lead to a bottom-up economy where those at grass root level are best poised to benefit (rather than a ‘status-driven” IAS membership where progress up The Bridge and your own personal worth is judged on how much money you can hand over).

End of Orgs as we knew them:  The idea that you have to have a central location where that is the only place you can receive auditing or training is already changing. Instead, we are looking at many different delivery and dissemination units and groups that work together as needed, to best service and move people up The Bridge.

Individual initiative:  Our future will work around and be based on individual initiative, rather than on the group bank. The past is littered with failed efforts of many, who have tried to get a project launched, or approval on a newly authored book, newly structured checksheet or to get agreement to do a far-reaching dissemination project.  We don’t need approval from anyone anymore. You want to run workshops on Communication? Well go for it! You want to write a book? Now you can.

The future:  Milestone Two was formed with all the above in mind. The future is not about creating some new “all-controlling” or even a “dictating” body or group – but about supporting and helping all of the above to occur – as it already is beginning to do.

We have a series of Open Houses being planned for mid-November in many different places on the planet, simultaneously, in accord with this, and you will be hearing more on this in short order.

“The Goal of Scientology: The end object of Scientology is not the making into nothing of all of existence or the freeing of the individual of any and all traps everywhere. The goal of Scientology is making the individual more capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game.” LRH PAB 86, 29 May 1956

21 thoughts on “Future ahead

  1. All those things are true. And a lot more besides. But the ultimate future is still the same for me. The future is a place where our friends and family are not tortured by sickness, misery and serious criminal acts caused by their own banks or the banks of others. A place where people communicate more freely and with greater affinity.

    The obvious difference is how we get there. It won’t be by contribution to some great freedom-juggernaut which would do the job for us as long as we obey their arbitrary rules. It’s going to be us taking individual responsibility. Each of us helping our friends and family to the best of our ability. It’s a lot more effort. But it’s worth it.

  2. Dear Lana, thank you for the refreshing article. It is true that the technology is advancing rapidly and things are changing. And it is true that older models are not needed or even wanted now.

    However, permit me to say that some models are part of Standard Tech and Standard Admin. It may sound a cliche in our era to be talking about those but I am sure you can understand what I mean.

    It looks like LRH was an alien, indeed, (lol) for being so Standard. I see us humans and we have problems on that.

    What I want to say then is that the “old” org board and a supportive Org like MS 2 go hand in hand.

    You cannot get much accomplished unless there is a slight pressure on the being. Of course, that slight pressure became a rip off in the CofS.

    MS 2 or any such supportive org of the groups around the planet, should have Staff to promote groups, communicate with people and send good news, inform local Scientologists of things happening in their area etc. etc.

    That’s my idea. It would be like they are in the know and they also arrange things to happen in various places. There could be a place on the net with great concentration of info from around the world, news from auditors, twinning them up with PCs, organizing of mini festivals of whatever kind, seminars, lectures etc.

    That’s my idea of it as I said and as you write, but many people do not get it like that. They think they will have another Sea Org on top of their heads. Far from it. It may be that this Org eventually will get some authority, yes, so some kind of discipline might be needed. But that can only be earned after results are gotten. Meanwhile I would say we could work out an Org Board and divide activities according to Divisions, Departments etc.

    Nothing better than a good old org board for this job. Not everyone would be doing the same thing, some would be happy to Twit for MS 2, some to Facebook for MS 2, some to email as MS 2 correspondents.

    We can (and should) even collect money. Some people have gone after the church to collect their money it looks like, lol. Big names did it. Some of us though just won’t take that route. So, why not collect money for our own activity from our own people?

    All is needed is good, good organization and some people to man up some communications mainly posts.

    This is our non Existence and it needs to be done on a large scale. Like send a Non E letter to hundreds of Scientologists and ask them what they would want from MS 2? That’s a start.

    • Thanks Theo.

      Yes, there is BPC on a group gone wrong, understandably. When people have seen the tech used to harm, used to control, then they are not real enthusiastic about, or even of the view that there is much good to be had from the “policy” that group ran on. I can see their view on that.

      But the point is in differentiation. The body of work is not the same as the corporation or organization that we have known and experienced as ‘Scientology’. There is no Sea Org out here in the field. There is no management. There are no orders. There is only initiative — and the field will grow to the degree that individuals decide they want to create good effects, use the tech to help, and build constructive things. Certainly basic administrative technology assists any group to grow, if it is based on function monitors structure – not the other way around.

      We have some programs within MS2 already that based on this — and of course simple tech of hats and flows and products are all part of that. Our product is simply helping people that want to use and apply Scn in life, to be able to do that. Real simple actually.

  3. Lana, good points all! Now time for a modern solution to all you have outlined and the reasons thereto.

    Firstly, one is dealing in human “beans”, and the funny thing is, they seem to need a space where they can get “planted” in order to “grow.” You know, a stable patch where the sun shines, the needs of water (communication flow) and nutrients (ARC/KRC) are availed
    for that all important “growth” cycle in life. AXIOMatic observation, wouldn’t you agree?

    In an otherwise “unsupportive” (inadequate comm.) environment, barren and devoid of the necessary life (growth) sustaining elements– stimulation and supply of adequate “randomity”, by way of healthy competition– stagnation, takes place, since even bean plants thrive best among “optimum” randomity. Playing classical music to them, as you know, can work wonders in development!

    Hey, and speaking of development, we’re not looking at GM forced growth here, if you please! Too “DM-ish” — too toxic.

    So then, Human “beans” are a little more complex beings? (duh!)

    For one thing, they can get themselves into a lot more trouble than their vegetable counterparts (duh?) Shucks, their self correcting (qual) mechanisms just suck, for the most part.

    They definitely need firm and unyielding “training” to get them growing in the right (optimum) direction, for another.

    Oh jeez, you got me going here, Lana, so any way, lets just finish this off abruptly then, by summing up into this MS2 suggestion:


    ML, (along with Axiom 28, just for good measure,) – Calvin

  4. Love your comm Calvin. Yep — we all require a safe space to live and be and grow. We need to have ARC and a flow of communication. As you may or may not know, in my otherwise idle hour I work as a Communications Manager is several different agricultural industries, so the parallel with growing things is very real to me.
    Bottom line is, we can plant seeds where ever we want to. There is no restriction, no herbicides and reason why our plans wont grow, except our own ideas that maybe we should not, could not, or can not.
    It is becoming clear to me that by networking like-minded people, we provide the support network to foster that growth — where ever seeds are planted.
    We have a whole series of Open Houses planned for November along this line, and maybe I should get you and your clan to hold one in South Africa too!

  5. Yippee! Will squizz at your plan & see what/how/where/when can slot in such action. Please keep me updated, Sunshine! ML.

  6. When one starts talking about organization and how much is appropriate, there may not be any great need for duress.

    Some champions were given a tennis racquet and time on a court. That’s all the help they needed. Others required a coach and gentle encouragement. Not many made champion by being forced to practice and to do off-purpose amends if they didn’t perform.

    Ron says learning to audit is like learning to play the guitar. Similar order of magnitude. It’s probably about right – although I think the guitar is harder myself. Yet tens of thousands of people have learned to play with no more than a bit of coaching from a teacher. Entirely self-motivated training.

    I see uni students getting through all the time even though their institution is doing its best to stop them. The Uni I went to told me straight out that only 12% of the engineers in my year were going to graduate. The rest would be flunked by raising the pass mark if necessary. They only had facilities for that 12% in later grades.

    LRH talked about a school that produced geniuses routinely simply by providing a learning environment and letting them learn what interested them.

    My point is that it is probably going to be easier to train auditors than we think. The Church did it the hard way.

    • Good points too Steve. I would though, like to include that sobering
      20 / 80 rule – from the Pareto Principle, ie. on average 20% of persons, would make up the “ideal” students, while 80% would likely have the most difficulties. Put in context, that would amount to 8/10
      requiring assistance with study. Clearing M/U’s and cramming are not only vital for competence, but having tough supervision is non-negotiable, if one doesn’t want to end up with flubbed products, and therefore weak or sub-standard results. Apprenticeships, internships, serving articles, etc. are the traditional/ time honored
      honing ground for achieving the top levels of proficiency & excellence. Would one wish to entrust the auditing of one’s case to anyone less qualified?

  7. Digesting…. This was an epic post, to say the least. I will post a salient comment when I have one. But for now, let’s hope this is Version 1.0, and as we learn, we will be willing to amend.

  8. Excellent post, Lana. The topic is one that I’ve been coming back to again and again all throughout this year.

    Scientology as a group is undergoing an historic and fundamental change at this time. I and others have likened it to the Reformation period of the Catholic church. As with the Catholic church of olden times, our Reformation finds its seeds in a wanton and destructive evil that perches at the very pinnacle of the organization. That evil has brought degradation, ruin, and death to everything it’s touched. It has caused the vast bulk of those who call themselves Scientologists, to flee into freedom.

    Interestingly enough, that same evil has actually freed us, and Ron’s precious tech. It seems you really do get what you resist. Ironic, eh?

    Taken to the end of its natural progression, I think we can see that things will come to a point where the people and the tech are on the outside, while Evil remains inside a collection of useless, empty buildings – alone and completely dis-empowered. Perhaps we should thank him for showing us the way to the new paradigm.

    I think we’ll see free and independent Scientology orgs and centers in time. Scientology is a group activity, and it’s only natural that people will pool their resources to create such organizations for their mutual benefit. I know I still need that, I know that others do too.

    Of course, this time, we’ll have the benefit of experience with forming and maintaining such groups. I don’t see Scientologists ever going down the path that leads to the sort of multinational, super hierarchical structure that destroyed us before. I think few would be willing to give up the freedom and autonomy that has been so hard won.

    It’s an interesting period of time we’re in, and there is a bit of urgency to getting the show on the road. This generation of long tenured Scientologists needs to train up the next generation and turn over their hats for the future. We want this to be here when we get back.

    • Interesting commentary Ronnie, as are all the other postings, without exception. The one hardcore issue for me, is that from Theo, who ( presumpious of me to say,) is more than qualified to speak of Org board formation, and it’s function/s.

      I’m cutting to the chase here, (bear with me, please) while we may
      just may help to clear up some of the HE & R (and other recent near WW 111 outbreaks to do with certain “milestone” formations, which we won’t go into here…!)

      Let’s quickly haul out our ol’ World Book Dictionary, for a tad aid then, in providing some much needed clarity, shall we?

      org., — 1, organ. 2. organic. 3. organist 4. organized
      organ, n. 3. any part or member of an animal or plant that is composed of various tissues organized to perform some particular function: An eye, lung, stomach, root, stamen, or pistil is an organ. In most complex organisms, some organs become specialized to perform only a portion of a process. 4. a means of action……….
      [ < Latin organum < Greek organon- instrument, body organ, related to ergon- work. Compare ERG.]

      The words; – organize; and organization;, should be looked up and fully cleared for a sparkling view of this fascinating subject, (if not already done!)

      So at this juncture then, just to say that in "looking to the future," we need to just shift our gaze a fraction, to look into that "rear view mirror" just to make sure we may not actually be on a 'roundabout,' (going in circles) before we wake up to the fact!

      On the road ahead, just out of view (of said roundabout) are some pre-t-t-y well evolved 'models' that were demolished by Mein Kampff leadah, Herr Adolf Miscavicccccccch! – before they could become toooooooo successful!– (The midget's holocaust of the early 80's)

      "Squirrel Supremo," David Mayo, set up his Advanced Ability Center, just entering 1980, (see his videos of same name) as a very successful model, which had to be obliterated, of course, and was!

      Not on the 'roundabout' but very much in present time, we have a thoroughly workable, standard LRH 'model' in Dani & Tami's org, The Dror Academy, doing wonderful, 'standard' production, using 'standard' methods.

      Having a 'panoramic' view, as many who have mastered the creation of successful organization / s, including the ol' man himself, (warts 'n all) circumvents the necessity of 're-creating the wheel/s.'

      But hey, you only have to look at the development of motor- racing – to see see that if you DON'T come up with more efficient ways of getting from A-B, in the minimum of time, then you get left on the starting line! (Worse though, and not exactly one's proudest moment in history, would be to find the close up TV cameras of the world focused on one's wheel spinning, rubber burning bravado antics at the start, result in a massive explosion, and a huge cloud of smoke – finally dissipating- to see a rather sheepish 'little' driver (DM?) sitting in the cockpit, rear tyres ripped to shreds, with a pall of flames and blue smoke still smoldering from a blown engine! )
      And yes, that means, today's models of the "wheel" are stronger, lighter, and capable of greater speed & performance than yesterday's. So where would we be today then, without building on, and being mindful of the success of our predecessor/s?

      Finally, this isn't to categorically say, not even for a moment, that pilot projects should be held back, since they should be FULLY and enthusiastically supported, but to fizzle out because of no place to go on and perform in "the Grand Prix" of top grade achievement, is to deny progress for the bigger game at hand.

      Lesson? – mind you don't throw out the baby with the bathwater 🙂

      ML, Calvin.

    • Ronnie,
      You could not have said it better. A historic change? Absolutely! And the confusion that blows of as this is occurring is something all of us have experienced to some degree or another. There is certainly no lack of noise from time to time.
      Since last year when I saw as you do, I decided that of any action at this time, what is needed is stable data. In a sea of confusion, noise, upset and betrayal, we need to have some truth to steady the waves and allows you to get your bearings.
      For me, that stable datum is the workability of the tech. The application of the tech to help others. Regardless of what is going on in the field — what form or organization it takes (if any), what networks, factions and campaigns exist, the stable datum of the workability of the tech, is vital — and that is why I started the iScientology blog initially — and that continues now in MS2’s blog.
      I think over the next few years, the phoenix will rise (in fact it already is) from the field. And I truly believe that as long as we think big, use and apply the technology for the purpose of assisting others (not amassing money, power or controlling others), and if we spend time cleaning up the BPC that has been generated by Corp Scn, then the way forward will become clearer.
      I certainly don’t have some “master plan” and don’t ever intend to reinvent a Sea Org or C of S number 2 (as some people have accused me of) — however I pledge that I will hold that stable datum high, that the tech DOES work, if correctly applied, and DOES help people, if used, and that there IS a Bridge that can bring about incredible gains, if it is walked. People can choose to, or not, as they wish. But in this current scene, I think that stable data is vital.
      I will get off my soap box now.
      It is all about the future. I think we are in for an incredible ride — and you are right — we need to train the next generation so that in 20 – 30 years, the tech will be there for others.

  9. Nice stability in your clear assessment / take, Lana. Indeed, there is much importance in the topics which have been given some air on your blog. Putting order into confusion, is probably, and will remain a real priority, for quite some time to come, and you definitely have the capability and backing here, to do just that! I think you are assured of that. Now have a break for another cuppa theta, okay?

  10. I decided that of any action at this time, what is needed is stable data. In a sea of confusion, noise, upset and betrayal, we need to have some truth to steady the waves and allows you to get your bearings. For me, that stable datum is the workability of the tech.

    Lana, I believe that to be the overriding thing that will bring us all through this rough moment in time.

    As an example of that, my wife recently had a fall and wound up developing a blood clot in her upper thigh. It got so bad that her left leg swelled up like a balloon, and she could hardly walk. After a day of doctors, clinics, tests, and a night’s stay in the hospital, we got her home and ran a touch assist on her. She immediately felt a great sensation of relief. She reported a strong tingling sensation in the area of the injury while getting the assist. The following day, her leg not only looked better, but she was finally able to get up and do a few things as well.

    Now, that’s the sort of thing that puts certainty and stability back into a person’s universe. I think such experiences with the tech tend to help a person put all of the noise and confusion in the field into proper perspective.

    I would suggest to everyone that they find something in the tech to help them better their personal situation, be it professional auditing, training with a twin, solo auditing, using conditions formulas, or even self analysis. It’s our armor and salve against the storm we’re enduring.

    • Said from the viewpoint of one on the path to great wisdom, Ronnie!
      Hope Lady Bell is now well on her way to a full recovery, and feeling her regular self again. Best regards, Calvin

  11. As we contemplate the shape of things to come, I think it is wise to keep in mind what LRH had to say about organizations. While the Church has been perverted and virtually imploded, it’s still worthwhile considering what has been workable in the past, and would be again in the future, if properly carried out:

    “The international org structure of Scientology is the only structure which has persevered without faltering for three decades. All others have ebbed and vanished in time and cannot be depended upon in the future to get the job done. Field auditors, centers and even missions are totally dependent upon the orgs keeping going, remaining strong, expanding, being prosperous and flourishing. It is the orgs who straighten out the admin, the tech, who handle broad promotion, who majorly service the field. And anyone who infers otherwise has other fish to fry.”
    — LRH ED 339R-1 INT The Make-Break Point Of An Org

    We may not need uber-organizations like int management turned into, the humble Org was the cornerstone of the success of Scientology, when it was successful.

    • Paul, you succinctly summed up the essence of what I had attempted to illustrate here. The point that, there needs to be re-established a center (base) for the myriad of handlings that a small unit or groups would run into. As most of us already know, the prime purpose of the Org Board, is simply to – put in ORDER, so that the tech & training can be delivered. I think that Theo, is therefore spot on, in his suggestions.

      Neglecting what works efficiently and effectively, is basically just a non confront, really, and can be cleared up with sticking to the proven stable data, in running any sized activity, just as Lana said
      so unequivocally. Much work to be confronted on the road ahead. Key to achieving the “re-building,” hinges upon the most OPEN communication, and theta intent, possible, IMHO.Thanks, Calvin 🙂

    • That’s EXACTLY the point needed to be brought here in this post, Paul.
      Your LRH ref says it all. It IS NOT Organization as a subject that is at fault here, cause THAT is something you can’t do w/out. It is the WRONG application of the OEC policies as a whole and the introduction of ARBITRARIES to IT that is to blame. There is NOTHING wrong with the SO or with and International Management Structure. Nothing AT ALL, IF USED as originally INTENDED and designed by LRH. There is just TOO MUCH BPC on the subject that NEEDS to get handled to properly OBSERVE the REAL OUTPOINTS and to PROPERLY asign CAUSE.

      The BPC just NEEDS to get handled with STANDARD case programing, including Standard Ethics ( like RPEC) applied to the sit. One thing VERY applicable here is the ETHICS REPAIR LIST. CORRECTLY set up and run, it should handle A LOT BPC on the subject of Ethics and Justice in ALL FLOWS. Close att should be paid, though, to Mutual Out-Ruds phenomena
      regarding the Field group as related to the Cof S terminals.

      The rapid decay of the educational learning abilities of our current culture caused by arbitraries and suppression injected in our system by Psychs and suppressive governments (done COMPLETELY ON PURPOSE), together with a drug culture ; have created GREAT duplication failures and lack of Power of Choice over Data on Many of the Staff responsible to Understand and apply LRH Tech,Ethics and Policy as EXACTLY laid out and INTENDED by him.The SCN long history of failure from others to exactly duplicate LRH is very well documented in SO MANY LRH refs that it is a Big Suppressive act to not have released widely the PRIMARY RUNDOWN DECADES ago.

      There are TWO basic OMITTED ITEMS, supposed to have been released DECADES ago, that have HEAVILY BOGGED SCN progress and have resulted in the CATASTROPHE many of us see now. This omission was INTENDED by all evidence available. Two items that would have turned ALL SCIENTOLOGIST into a NEW BREED of scientologist IMPOSIBLE to fool and capable to precisely duplicate LRH ALWAYS. Those two omitted actions are : SUPER POWER RD AND PRIMARY RUNDOWN.

      A very impartial investigation and a clever mind will easily reveal this to anyone. Scn was slowed and halted INTENTIONALLY DECADES ago. This is not a dissertation on “conspiracy theories” ; this IS a easily PROVEN FACT.
      WHO did it? That’s another story and s/g I can’t say with certainty right now. But it WAS DONE, make no mistake about it.

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