laughing baby

By Natalie C.

Mortgage, bills, credit card debt, work pressures, problems.  All of it adds up much solemnity.

But truly — people are altogether too serious. Heck even this whole subject of Scientology and Corporate Scientology has become WAY too serious.

Nothing like a really infectious giggle to make you realise how pent up we become with the seemingly solemn issues in the world.

Try a crazy water pistol fight with young children.

Or burying your spouse in the sand.

Or having a cocktail party where everyone is dressed as a character from Harry Potter.

Or a great local example here – a dinner prepared for guests that has chocolate (or asparagus, or bacon) in both the entrée, main as well as the desert.

I recently saw a lovely Facebook video of Natalie Hagemo rolling down a grassy hill on her birthday and overtaken with giggles, with her girl friends. That’s the way!

One of my youngest came up to me this morning with her arms moving in and out. “What am I?”, she asked?

She excitedly jumped up and down and moved her arms in and out with big clapping noises.

“An out-of-control electric door!” she laughed, and ran off to smack closed on her sister!

To hell with all this solemnity!

“If you wanted everyone to be serious about existence, you would tell them that being a spirit was a very sober experience, and that we must treat the spirit with great reverence. You’d have everyone real solemn and nobody would ever laugh!

“Here we have this idea of the spirit being a very solemn thing. You’re not supposed to laugh in the vestibule. I suppose many a young man’s religious career has been utterly ruined by an inability to repress his giggles during the more sonorous moments of the sermon.

“The religious solemnity to which man is prone, here and there, a great deal of beauty. But if we thought of the spirit as belonging in this category, we would be making one of the wildest errors we could make, and which man has made.

“The freest spirit is likely to be a child. They are not yet sharing a sufficient amount of experience in common with the body to be totally nailed down to it, so they exteriorize easily.

“And we don’t find children very solemn, do we? Of course, a child can be solemn, and they can cry and scream and so forth, but the freest spirit with which we have intimate contact is the spirit of a child, and it is very happy and there’s a great deal of laughter and motion.

“Yet we have the spirit categorized in a field which is noted, in the West, for its solemnity, stillness and motionlessness.

“So we look this over, and we find many things which don’t quite jibe with the traditional Western viewpoint on the subject of the spirit. We find that an individual is not as free as he is solemn, but as free as he is happy.”

LRH Article: Postulates and Self Determinism, Advance Magazine 55, Nov 78.

4 thoughts on “Solemnity – not!

  1. LOL, Natalie, exactly the right indicator for ‘solemnity’ aka the ‘spoil-sport’ — in my vocab! It took me all of 64 years (now 66) to learn the
    single most valuable lesson of my life — STOP taking life so darn seriously!! — So that makes me more of a nut than ever before, but much happier, and easier to be around, or so people keep telling me. As a matter of fact, I routinely spread this message far and wide whenever I see ‘solemnity’ having taking a firm grip in any situation!

    Laughter really IS the BEST medicine, after all 🙂

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