By Chris Mason

Having consulted businesses for years, and run several successful businesses of my own, I have, over time, been asked by a number of people how to create and build a business.

There is a sea of information that floats around on the subject, but there are some definite key stable datums that a person can rely on:

  1. Your business has to create and deliver something of value.
  2. It has to be a service or product that other people actually need or want.
  3. It has to be at a price that people are willing to pay (who ever those people may be).
  4. And the service or product has to be delivered in a way that satisfies the paying customer’s need and expectation.
  5. And the end result is the business bringing in enough profit to make it worthwhile for the business operation to be continued into the future.

LRH’s management technology, as covered in the Management Series volumes 1, 2 and 3 gives you the tools to achieve the above.

In the Org Series and Admin Know-How Series, LRH details how to create a product of value, and also gives you tech on how to review and improve upon quality, quantity and viability of that product or service.

In the Marketing Series, LRH gives the tech on how to survey and find out what people are needing and wanting. He also gives details on sales programs, which is how you turn a prospective customer into a paying customer.

And in the Finance Series, he details how to bring in enough money to keep going and build that business even further.

If you have and run a business, or if you are wanting to create one, you need to regularly review each of the above 5 points  — as they are independent, but flow one onto the next.  They are the map to any business success.

If you cannot trace out and exactly describe how your business achieves each of the five points, then one of more of these areas will need sorting out, and you can do this simply by starting with more hatting on that specific function. Of course, if that does not resolve the situation, then word clearing or false data stripping are handy tools, and there are also simple auditing techniques that can be used.

But generally, with simple hatting most business owners find things just “click” and they are expanding and growing like they had never anticipated. And using LRH admin tech to assist others to build their businesses is incredible rewarding.

Over to you.

2 thoughts on “Business growth

  1. I realized the other day that a business is really just a communication system between thetans. They have a good mock up to exchange things in a business. Send some particle across a distance, get havingness, know there is a terminal to get a comm to. The whole works.

    The simplicity of an organization came home; it’s terminals with lines between them, strung to have particles exchanged. It’s communication. That’s the simplest thing that could be. Even I get it 🙂

    If you can communicate freely, you can exchange things, and you can have a business run.

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