By Lana Mitchell

The majority of us, in fact, virtually every one of us, have been either a victim of, or party to, the abuse of LRH Ethics tech.

How many times have people been pulled into Ethics within Corporate Scientology for some deemed wrongness or bad conduct, and been ordered to write their O/Ws?

How many times have those of us who worked on Ethics lines, or investigations lines, been working to find the ‘crimes’ of others through interviews, interrogation (on the meter or otherwise), or through sec checking?

In the mid 90’s there were ethics assessments created by the order of David Miscavige, each one tailored for specific posts, areas or circumstances, and they were (and I am sure still are) used by an MAA to put someone on the meter and assess questions such as “’Do you have a hidden evil purpose?”, “Regarding COB, do you have a destructive intention?”, etc. If there was a read, then the person was off post, doing MEST work, and in the dog house in more ways then one.

Now as someone who worked on RTC investigation lines for a number of years, I was no angel and I dished out more RPF assignments that I would like to mention, and I did my best to comply with orders to find the criminal activity without really sitting back and assessing my own actions against basic Scientology.

At the time, I became so enturbulated with what was happening around me, and what I was involved in, but I could not put a finger on what was out or how to fix it. I just felt like there was more enturbulated theta being created than was being eased, and I could not figure out how to resolve that situation. I was not trained.  In retrospect, it is obvious. But at the time, it was not.

I eventually got myself out of that place and space (RTC), and was busted from the Int base another 4 years later (much to my relief).

But over recent years, as I have spoken to more and more individuals in the field, I have come to see that my experiences on the Int base are not very different from those experienced in Class V orgs, AOs and at Flag. Ethics has been off the rails for a long time. And I am talking decades.

I would like to point out that LRH says Ethics is a personal thing. It is an individual’s choices and decisions – not those enforced by a group or organization.

Have a look at AXOIM 28 in a new unit of time, as it relates to personal ethics:


1.       Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.

2.       MECHANICAL DEFINITION: Stupidity is the unknownness of time, place, form and event.

1.       Truth is the exact consideration.

2.       Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Thus we see that failure to discover the Truth brings about stupidity.

Thus we see that the discovery of Truth would bring about an As-isness by actual experiment.

Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth.

Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.

Lying becomes Alter-isness, becomes stupidity.

(The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or another’s lies).

Anything with persists must avoid As-isness. Thus, anything to persist must contain a lie.” LRH

Ethics, as most of us have experienced, or pushed on others, has been demanding that errors, or misdemeanors or crimes or high crimes are confessed to.

This is somehow an explanation or justification for why that person is not doing as instructed, or ordered, or demanded.

It is used as a punishment. It is used as a method to introvert and to control.

Yet personal ethics, in the application of Axiom 38, would be the personal decision to handle stupidity on a given subject or area, by looking to find the Alter-is that exists – whether that is one’s own, or another’s lies)

It is a self determined action to look over a situation, or area of one’s life, where things are not going well, and find out what  truths have not been discovered . Anything that is persisting must have an alter-is, and that alter-is (whether one’s own or someone else’s) when discovered results in the as-isness of the situation, and an improvement in that area.

And it is interesting to reflect that by perverting this basic Ethics technology, and making it a punishment and opportunity to denigrate and introvert others, the Ethics Officer is actually adding to the blackness of cases, adding to the alter-Is, and creating more stupidity for all concerned.

Using and applying basic personal Ethics is the lifting of a black curtain, and returning the ability to resolve lies for oneself, and to bring one back to cause on areas that were previously creating trouble.

Very simple really.

10 thoughts on “Dreaded O/Ws

  1. Excellent Lana. The tragedy is that even the “brightest” of beings, simply refuse to admit to this basic truth, and therefore effectively “cement” themselves in to a karma that they then have to not is, but it’s inescapable at that stage. Auditing can alleviate unnecessary suffering even in this case!

  2. Good article, Lana. One of the things that Karry has done to remedy this subject in others over the years is Repair of Past Ethics Conditions (RPEC) and Conditions and exchange by Dynamics.

    When you help someone clean up these areas, they become rehabbed on ethics being a personal thing and can once again move out of fixed conditions.

    I’m also excited about the “Ethics Repair List”. A couple of our friends are co-auditing it and are really having some literally life changing wins with it. And I mean that I have personally noticed a significant change in both of them.

    • Thanks Scott. It is interesting — when I reflect back on earlier times when I personally did Repair of Past Ethics Conditions, while a Sea Org member at the Int base, the action was almost considered to be superficial and not something that could actually handle a situation for a person. Instead the focus went to all sorts of squirrelly group confessions, where a person was “confronted” by anything up to 300 people at a time, and forced to confess to their ‘crimes” in an effort to somehow “help” them come honest and straight.
      The perversion of the whole subject of ethics is really something we need to address in moving forward — as it has so many people wrapped around poles.

  3. Excellent article Lana. the church has gradually evolvded into taking the easy way out when it comes to handling staff and parishioners. Rather than seeking to use the technology which is more likely to handle a situation it has devolved into, “write up your o/ws.” A lazy way to address issues when in many cases it coud simply be a crashing MU or some issue the individual is going through. This is compounded by the church attitude of replacing ethics and compassion with justice and as, ethics is a person matter, this effectively takes control of an individuals ethics out of their own hands and places it in the hands of the church making it another controling mechanism. This is a devolution the church is unlikely to recover from, particularly with the current management in place.

  4. Dishonest people have withholds, and withholds stack up mass and bring about stupidity. They cut the person’s reach and his ability to perceive. They hold in place the masses that imprison and pin the being at the level of Homo sapiens— and a miserable Homo sapiens, at that! Who is such a person really fooling?

    Thus, one can bar his own way up the Bridge by dishonesty.

    I always feel a bit sad when I see somebody doing himself in this way. It is so pointless.

    One sees this in those who, for whatever irrational reason, cling knowingly to withholds and wind up critical, nattery and generating hostility. If one finds himself feeling hounded or persecuted, he should ask himself what his condition is on the first dynamic instead of going around persuading others to do him in.

    How precious, after all, are one’s dishonesties, withholds and falsities in the face of the real freedom there is to be gained?

    One CAN be honest. He will find it a happier, more comfortable existence when he is.

    And more important—he’ll find the route to stable case gain is now open to him.


    That is the route to sanity. It is the route up the Bridge to OT and real freedom. With honesty, one can make it and make it all the way! “

    L. Ron Hubbard
    (HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”)




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