once upon a time

Before the days of registers demanding details on your net worth and credit card limits,

And before your status in Scientology was based on how much money you have forked over, rather than on your training and application of the tech to assist others …

Before orgs became so desperate for donations to build an “ideal org” that they started inventing events for people to attend that will be turned into a crush reg cycles …

Scientology events used to be a fun.  Yes….. FUN!

Once upon a time people would look forward to meeting up with other local Scientologists, and mark it down on their calendar well in advance. They would even invite friends and family to come along (without a thought or concern —  imagine that??).

Scientology organizations and events were a place someone could feel safe – an island of sanity in a sea of craziness called Planet Earth (yes – I know I am rocking the reality of many in saying this, as the current scenario in Corporate Scientology is so vastly different to this).

Events using to be exciting, and high ARC – not some weird false gleeful tone that gets all the hair on the back of your neck standing up.   And not some dress up party or strange song and dance to get people to come up with another reason to give the local org or the IAS money.

Events used to be about helping people to get onto and progressing on the Bridge. They used to be about real good news. Not PR hype that has worn so thin that only the real sheeple pretend they can’t see the outpoints and false reports.

The new beginning

This time last year there was no delivery of Scientology occurring in the Australian field. Unlike Los Angeles and several other locations where there has been field activities, groups and local events held for some years, in Australia we were starting from scratch.

We have gone from total Non-Existence to having more than 20 people on service lines. A number of Clears were made, several NOTs reviews and completions, and a number of people gotten onto solo levels, all in less than a year. We now have several who had been off auditing lines for more than 30 years, receiving services again (one just completed NOTs), and there are now trained individuals taking action to start delivering in their own regions/areas.

The successful action that launched and continued to build this action, has been Open Houses – and as there are so many other areas on the planet where there is little to no delivery of Scientology occurring in the field, we are now encouraging others to use this model as a way they can create a similar network and result in their own local areas.

The purpose is to simply get people reconnected as Scientologists and to do something for them with the tech based on what they want help with.

The product is Scientology tech used to help people handle what they want handled, whether that is money, work, relationships, getting onto their next Bridge action, or starting their own group or dissemination activity.

There is in fact a new story and it has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do with your status, personal ethics, or past history.

It is simply about using and applying LRH tech in your life and in the lives of others, to help people.

The Open House

We are calling them Open Houses, as they truly are just that. Anyone is welcome – and no, you don’t need a special event card (screening all “unqualifieds” and potential “trouble sources”) to attend.

Our Open Houses have no set agenda, other than working to do someone for each person that comes. For someone who has been off auditing and wants to get back onto the Bridge, we do a preliminary D of P on the meter, to get all information gathered and a program to the C/S for OK. For those that are having trouble with money, we have done money processing. We have done assists for those that have body situations and got them hatted and drilled on how to do these for when they leave.  We don’t charge people for any of this. We simply help people to access and apply the tech.

We have done comparisons of e-meters – including new digital meters, letting people look at them, touch them, play with them, drill with them. We have had people ask for specific LRH references, and we have located them and provided them.

We have answered questions, and encouraged communication between all that attend. Routinely we end up with small groups of people engaging in long and detailed conversations, and many strong friendships have been founded as a result.

We have sorted out people who were bugged on the Bridge – stalled Dianetic Clears, and also a number of people who were bogged on SOLO NOTs or had been told they had not Clear and sent back down the Grade Chart. Each person we did a thorough D of P on, and then got a C/S approved program based on charged areas. We used the event as an opportunity to gather the information for the initial program, and then a schedule is established to get the person through the needed auditing program at a later point (routinely we have used C/S 53’s and Green Forms to handle bypassed charge and get people relief).

The focus of the event is on present time and the future – not long conversations about the past, and certainly not engaging in plotting and planning to cause problems or issues for the C of S.  We have found it is just not what people are interested in.  They want to handle their own lives and have had enough of Corporate Scientology to last a lifetime. Now they just want to get on with life, and that is where our interest lies as well.

There have been a number of people who have been “under the radar” that have attended our events.  We made the space safe for them. We don’t publish photos or names of those that attend and we make sure that all who attend understand that not everyone can immediately publically walk away from the C of S, due to family, friends or work.  They depart in their own time, and we assist them in that process, as needed.


We have found that certain subjects are hot and charged – so in accord with basic Scientology, we encourage discussion on those subjects, and make sure that the truth is known and understood.  This results in blowing charge for people, a revitalization on the subject of Scientology, as well as a freeing up to do as one wishes on the subject:

The basic truths we have covered to date include:

  • There is a difference between Scientology as a body of work, and Corporate Scientology. Scientology is NOT any “corporation”, it isn’t any church of Scientology. It is a body of work for use in life.
  • That there was no way that long time, dedicated and hard-working staff were suppressive and that this label was a wrong item.
  • The field is not full of squirrels. A lot of field auditors, supervisors, etc. are highly trained technical people who do use standard tech and in fact insist on it.
  • In truth DM has introduced out tech in revisions of tech and executive C/Sing, which has caused much hardship for specific individual cases.
  •  All of LRH’s materials are available and there are trained tech people who will deliver them for a fraction of the cost.
  • Disconnection and fair game should never be applied as punishment as it results only in further injustices.
  • The abuses of Corporate Scientology are not what we understand Scientology to be, nor are they reflected in the works or basic tenets of the philosophy of Scientology.
  • Auditing is easy and does not require lots of controls and supervision to make it work. The simplicities of auditing can be learned with the training routines. With the discipline of the auditing comm cycle, you can use it in session, life, and in any interchange to factually make that interchange an auditing “session”, whether formal or informal.
  • The tech is available freely and should be used to help people help themselves.

The story unfolds

In November there are Open Houses being held on the weekend of 16/17 November, being held in many different locations, simultaneously.

If you wish to attend one of these events, contact details are included:

Los Angeles – contact Tom Martiniano on ot7tom@gmail.com, or Ingrid Smith on ingridsmith123@yahoo.com.

Georgia, USA – contact John Aaron Williams on johnaaronmail@gmail.com

Toronto, Canada – contact Chris Black on standardtechauditor@yahoo.ca

Canberra, Australia – contact Lana Mitchell on lana@hushmail.com.

We would love to have events held in Texas, in the US Bay Area, in the UK, in Germany and elsewhere – so if you wish to collaborate with a few others and hold an Open House, let us know and we will include your location and contact details for people. We have several months till the event, so there is plenty of time to round up a room full of people to get up to mischief. You can email lana@hushmail.com, and we can promote your Open House, along with the others.

Our Open Houses are not serious – they are very uptone, and all about the game of Scientology.  There is a lot of relaxed talk, good company and great conversation.

They are really OTs working together, to network, unite and collaborate to get Scientology technology applied in their lives and in that of others. And they seem to work just great.

It is a new story in the Scientology field.



16 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Brilliant! It is so great to see scientology as LRH envisioned it being applied in the field. It is auditing and training people that will salvage scientology and the planet. Hundreds of small groups quietly going about the business of freeing people and raising the tone level at a grass roots level. Well done and kudos to all that are participating around the planet!

  2. Love every detail you have put forth in this posting here, Lana! Predominantly because you have said it with so much theta and honest to goodness sincerity. It is also true, that unfortunately some pretty formidable misunderstandings DO occur, even between people of goodwill — when the factors of misduplication, and long distance location predispose this. Great TR’s are, as always, the time tested “rudder” to keep relationships going in the right direction

    As I’m already committed to a really long stretch of intense, creative
    artwork — coming up with an extended range of new sculptures, which form the basis of a substantial part of my income, (some 400 + hours required per unit, all done in “spare time”), — this has been designated as priority work, with no time left over for some 6 months
    except that for the minimum sleep necessary, in order to “function!”

    It’s what we accept as an “intensive,” for want of a better word, and as you know only too well, some hats just cannot be “delegated!”

    This period has been part of long term planning for us, for quite a while now, and I’m very optimistic of the payoff at the end of the day,
    which will provide a better set of financial and future options for my entire family set-up, and what that means for us going forward.

    Having now explained my circumstances to you, hopefully in a bit more detail, doesn’t mean that I won’t do my bit to stay in touch and pass on the great news of what you have proposed and have already made a reality.

    I’m absolutely thrilled for the success so far, and look forward to the not too distant future, when I am in a position to join in, and participate in a game of REAL gain for the greater good.

    Thank YOU, Lana! Here’s to keeping it light and fun (and always!)

    ML, Calvin.

  3. This is good news. I’ve been promoting the FZ for at least 13 years
    and apart from Chris Black who I’ve known for most of that time, the others are relative newcomers. Its very heartening to see this expansion.

    • Thanks Terril, yes expansion in the field is good news — but to clarify for others reading, Milestone Two is not, and never will be part of the Freezone. We consider that the route to Freedom is by following LRH’s map, and staying true to his brand.

        • I edited your reply Terril.

          I suspected from the onset that you were not actually giving a complement but had another agenda — and your comment about us being ostriches confirms my view. Tell you what…. read this… https://milestonetwo.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/solemnity-not/

          You can also stick your fingers in your ears and sing la la la la la loudly, as that may help.

          Yes — we promote, delivery and stick to Ron’s brand. Love it or leave it. This is our ball park and if you don’t want to play you are welcome to play your own game elsewhere. 🙂

          • I use the term FZ and I get 2 hostile responses assigning
            me some imagined agenda. The term is well known to
            those doing scn outside COS. I havn’t had such
            weird conversations since those with Virginia McClaughrey
            who’d get her knickers in a twist in a very serious way when
            one used the term Freezone instead of Free Zone. Or
            vice versa. She too suspected all others had an agenda
            and ended up declaring that her and her husband were the
            only standard tech auditors on the planet.

        • Terril, umm, pssshhaawww is hardly “hostile”. It’s sort of like “poo-poo” or “that’s kinda doofy”. I mean at its strongest it’s “tsk tsk”.

          If there is that much charge for you on the term FZ, then maybe you should just say it like 1 million times, and flatten it off.

  4. You can call it an open house but I”m not sure that fully encompasses what you have been doing Lana. It’s simply establishing communication between people. It is a very simple action with far-reaching impact.

  5. Thanks for this posting.This was the sort of scientology that I signed up to in 1962. Yes,it was fun!! Always felt that emphasis on money was a mistake.

  6. Jim , Terri and Lana, Scientology is a body of knowledge about knowing. Those of us who dare to call ourselves Scientologists. and some who don’t but are anyway are on a journey total freedom, whatever that turns out to be. Some are in the Church and some are not and some have a foot in both camps, but we are Scientologist all on this journey. and who knows what we will discover on this journey. If Jim doesn’t like Bill’s work he has the right to that opinion. Remember rightness and wrongness are alike considerations and have no other basis than opinion. So why the infighting? Don’t we have a big enough game?

  7. I had no definition of freezone. Just thought it meant scientology outside the church.I know Terril to be a well intentioned guy always ready to help. I hate all the infighting in the independent field. It is unnecessary.

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