This article and the information it contains is significant to the future of Scientology, and we feel it is important that people in the field know the details — so whilst it is different from the articles we normally post, we are including it here to assist in the dissemination and spread of the information to others.


5 thoughts on “A fine mess

  1. Whether one wants to return on lines or not, is not the question here. A REFORMED C of S can contribute in a positive fashion. (It does have some value left, although that value is being reduced exponentially.)
    We will survive and thrive without it.
    However, the sooner it reforms, the less damage it will create, and the less mess for everybody else to clean up. More than stopping to create more damage, it could eventually contribute to the forward motion.
    It would be a lot of work to make it’s way up the conditions, but help is available. The C of S needs to reform itself. Putting DM’s head on a pike would only be a start. There is a deep hole for it to climb out of (of course, the first thing it has to do is stop digging).
    (And I know that there are other valid suggestions for DM’s head, and I am sure that most are quite humorous.)


  2. All Scientologists of any persuasion should pay attention to this excellent article.
    Anyone who has been around the Church of Scientology for any length of time is aware that the organization has gone further and further off purpose. And the longer that someone has been connected to the COS, the more obvious this is. When we confront the way orgs are run today and how people are being treated by the organization with how it was when we first became interested in the subject there is a sharp difference. Orgs were never perfect, but really what is happening right now is like night and day. Ron’s great work has been under attack from within by a person who has pretended to be his friend, and for me there is no avoiding responsibility for trying to fix this mess.

    This article describes the situation very well and gives a possible remedy for putting things right and doing what LRH intended.


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