By Nicholas Davis

Life is an ongoing confront process — across the dynamics.

I have found that since leaving Corporate Scientology there are so many different factions, groups, networks and views in the field.  There are people who have decided that Scientology is no longer for them, and they have disavowed the subject and/or its Founder.

There are those who use what they wish of the tech, and simply get on with living their lives, separate from and in no way constrained by Corp Scn.

There are those who are active Scientologists, outside the church perimeters, using and applying LRH tech, and there are those who live in a zone where they look to improve, change or alter the tech to find a better way or route.

There are also those who are still within the walls of the Corp Scn compound, either willingly, or not so willingly. 

Regardless of where you sit or stand, what is true for you is true for you. No one has any right to force anyone to believe or do what they do not wish to do. But at the same time, no one should be shunned for believing what they do. Heck even the creed of a Scientology says that men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

There have been instances in recent times of people being shunned because they consider LRH tech valuable and want to use and apply it in their lives. If they wish to do that then that is their right, just as it is the right of others to say that they no longer wish to use or apply any part of Scientology.

The amount of hostilities, noise and conflict that seems to exist within certain parts of the field is kept alive by people shunning or disagreeing with others, because of the beliefs or views they hold.

Event if you are no longer a Scientologist, there is a quote from the Dianetics Jingles which is so appropriate — and has been used or repeated by many others who have never had anything to do with the Scientology faith. I think it would behoove all of us to use and apply this. It can only improve things.

“Anything you shun will have won.” LRH 

5 thoughts on “Anything you shun

  1. When there are more scientologists outside the church than inside, we need to ask just who has really been disconnected. Those doing the shunning might be said to be disconnecting themselves. And their leader is almost a recluse now, making only stage-managed and scripted public appearances.

  2. Exactly so, David. One might also ask, “Is DM and the Co$ now an impediment on a workable route to Freedom?” Embroiled in legal flaps unprecedented in history on Earth, “what has his and the Church’s actual pupose become?” Who is now honestly and genuinely carrying the torch of Freedom? The answer will be found in the field and more specifically, an article by LRH entitled; “What I think of auditors.”

  3. Words of wisdom. If Ron ever taught me anything, he taught me to grant beingness to others. When Ron still had a body, he was the obvious source of the subject and therefore the obvious senior qual terminal. He could settle any disagreements about what is Scientology with a few simple words.
    We are now in a different situation and must rely on our own abilities to communicate (which includes listening to others). With enough communication, agreements (reality), affinity and mutual understandings will occur. There really is no other way to preserve the tech. It will be a never-ending process because people will forever be finding new applications for this wonderful subject and each person will receive Ron’s communications individually.
    So, we can’t afford to shun each other. We must build our agreement with communication. Our friendship and dedication is all we’ve got. I think that is the kind of community of Scientologists that Ron intended to build.
    We must include each other in this great adventure.

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