By Lana Mitchell

In the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to be able to help many people get back onto and moving on The Bridge, either personally, or simply by networking people with others in their local region.

What has never ceased to amaze me is how simple it is to get someone back onto auditing lines or training lines and really winning again.

It is not complex, difficult or even hard. It just comes down to doing the usual.

I am lucky as I have a strong tech team, including qualified C/S and Qual people, who keep everything on the rails, and Milestone Two has many trusted tech terminals now around the planet that do the same.  But the ongoing cognition I am having is that the technical messes that people are ending up in within Corp Scn are so easy to fix, if you just go back to the basics. No unusual solutions or crack pot ideas. Just do the usual and it all works out OK.

So far the list of what I have run into and handled includes:  PC over run with missed FNs; PC’s condition of Exterior never sorted out; PC’s attention forced onto the meter or TA by a poor auditor; PC not willing to talk to the auditor due to past punishment and dangerousness of sessions;  PC confused with invalidation and evaluation;  PC thrown out of session due to robotic TRs and mechanical auditing; PC’s originations ignored; and more.

LRH talks about this in HCOB 19 April 1975 OUT BASICS AND HOW TO GET THEM IN:

“In C/Sing lately I have spectacular case wins just using basics. Like getting the pc in session, F/Ning what was asked not something else, false TA correction, false reads on W/Hs, catching a forcing of the pc’s attention onto the meter and his TA, etc, etc.

Just fundamental auditing. And it has sent bogged  cases soaring.

Here is a list of the out basics caught which can and did cause “bogs”.”

LRH then goes on to list the out basics and to give the exact references which if known and understand and applied correct the outness.

These are:

  1. Auditing preclears in a bad and noisy environment.
  2. Not assessing and handling an ARC break that came up on the session.
  3. False reads on W/Hs and asking for some W/Hs more than once will ARCX the pc.
  4. Auditing the PC over a) false TA, b) pc out of session, c) Int Ext misunderstood, d) misunderstood on basic words.
  5. Calling the PCs attention to the meter or TA or his hands in session.
  6. F/Ning a question on something else, not the question asked.
  7. Auditor catting on past Exterior and good win and asking “Say or Ask”
  8. Lack of knowledge of Flows, doing Flow 0’s on a Triple PC.
  9. Auditor C/Sing in the chair (running an L1C “on post” that wasn’t C/Sed for to handle an ARCX that just occurred in session).
  10. Auditor 2WC without a C/S.
  11. False TA.
  12. Not getting False TA handled before session and TA down with proper hand cream before trying to audit.
  13. Applying hand cream during a session.
  14. Auditor overrunning due to False TA.
  15. Not writing down on worksheet what was done.
  16. Not writing down vital information on the worksheets
  17. Poor handwriting, illegible worksheets.
  18. C/S not using the D of P interview to get data on what’s up with the case when you have a failed session.
  19. Repairing the PC instead of the Auditor – going into a sudden repair in the middle of an Advance Program.
  20. PC doesn’t want auditing.
  21. Agreeing with PCs demands for the next Grade despite all contrary indicators.
  22. Trying to fix “no EP” on one Rundown by trying to run another Rundown.
  23. Failing to call for an FES when you don’t know after a failed Rundown.
  24. C/S not reading the worksheets or missing corny errors and not correcting the Auditor.

Auditing is not a complex thing. I wish that Miscavige had not tarnished the word “basics” as he has done – making people cringe and associate the word with crush book sales and endless training programs that go nowhere. He has actually demanded that people “do the basics” while at the same time forcing them out on auditing and training lines.

The word “basics” should be a soothing one, that shows there is a way out – and it is by doing the usual in auditing.  As that is where the gains are to be had.

Luckily these DO exist in the field, even if they are no longer practiced in Corp Scientology.

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