glass half full

By Sue K.

Most people tell me I am generally a “glass half full” person, and that I tend to look at the positive side of any situation.

Last night I was down at the local pub, chatting to the locals, and an old feller in his 80’s told me about the recent loss of his wife. He had been with her for over 60 years, and he was still getting a grip on the change in his life since she departed.

He was not in a crumpled mess, and he spoke fondly of the many activities and things they had done together over the years – but he confided in me that there are certain things, small and seemingly insignificant things, that set off tears that he cannot stop.

“There are so many things that remind me of her”, he said, and I acknowledged and got him to look at what is not reminding him of her (Assist on Loss of a Person, reference Lecture 10, Dec 63 Scientology Zero “Find something that isn’t reminding you of ______ (that person)” repeatedly to EP).

We spoke at some length and then I asked him if he felt there was a spiritual side of life, after passing. He nodded and said they have been dedicated church goers for years, and he is confident that she has gone to a good place.  His held a stiff upper lip, even though the loss was clearly a big one.

I told him that I certainly believed that there was life after death, and that people move on to a new life in a different place, but they always leave a small part of themselves in the hearts of those they were with, and that is never lost.  It is a comfort when things seem empty or cold – as the warmth and love can be felt for years afterwards.

He agreed and told me of his plans for that night, which included cooking a nice dinner and then watching the football on television, accompanied with a nice wine.

I told him that was a brilliant plan, and to keep the glass at half full.

He left smiling.

3 thoughts on “Glass half full

  1. I really like that recounting, especially having experienced some losses myself. You show what KRC is, what can be accomplished with knowledge in responsible hands.

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