woman running

By Lana Mitchell

There is an inertia regarding the human body that each of us has to work through on a daily basis.

If you don’t move the body – then it does not move.

It just sits, or lies, or sleeps.

When I was at the Int base I was lucky enough to be able to do the “’Cause Resurgence Rundown”. This is the infamous rundown where a person is made to run around a tree or a pole, for hours and days and weeks.

This rundown is part of the Superpower rundowns and was delivered on the Int base to crew who were generally deemed to be trouble, a problem, or simply needing to be punished.  The track itself was gotten rid of, a number of years ago, after there were aerial photos published on the internet that became a public relations problem.

Many former Int base staff have done the rundown – and I am happy to say I did.  The only command to the process is simply “Run that body”. And you run around the object (for us it was a tree). Round and round and round and round you go.  As you run, you keep an attention unit on that centre pole. And you run. And run. And run. And run. (Oh, and did I mention run?).

Now what became more and more clear as I did the process over many weeks, is we are not “in” a body, nor part of one.  The body is not a vessel we occupy. We are both inside and outside of a body at the same time.

I found as I hung an anchor point on that tree and just kept running around and around, that there was energy generated. Sometimes so much I could hear an electric hum in the air.

I found I could swing off that pole, using the anchor point, and the body would just skip along, never stopping, and requiring absolutely no effort.

I kept on running that body, and running that body, and running that body – and pictures came in, and blew. Ridges exploded. Energy built up. It was sort of like a battery charger for a being – and the body was just used as a small part of the process. The real guts of the process was what was occurring between me, the being,  and that bloody tree.

That rundown changed my view on life, on the body and on myself.

And inertia of the MEST body is a thing of the past.

I just run that body.

I move that body.

I work the body.

I am not cruel to it – I don’t mistreat it, or punish it. But I make it work. I make it move.

There is clearly no question about who is boss – and whilst I do make sure that it gets food, water and sleep – I don’t pamper to it, I certainly don’t molly-coddle it – and most that have met me comment that it is strange but my body does not reflect the number of earth years it has been around. I am routinely mistaken to be young 30’s – when I am about to turn 46.

My message for today?

Move that body.

Don’t let inertia of the MEST body get to you.

Just move that body.

Get it up off the couch, get it doing things, working on things, building things, completing things. Make it move and make it work.

It puts things back in perspective.

“The auditor must know that the existence of a MEST body. Within the fields of the theta being is incidental and even unfortunate for processing, which in the absence of a body goes much faster.

“The theta being is both outside and inside the MEST body. It is not just inside. The only reason it is inside at all is that any field would penetrate the MEST body. The MEST body should not be thought of as a harbor or vessel for the theta being. A better example would be a sliver inserted unwantedly in the thumb, where the thumb would be the theta being, the MEST body the sliver. MEST bodies are good identification tags, they generate exciting emotions, they are fun to operate at times, but they are not end of existence.

“A theta being, with its alertness restored, is capable of remolding the human body within its field, taking off weight here, restoring it there, changing appearance and even height. The body can also be altered by auditing cells or the GE. All in all, bodies are very easy to handle where their condition is concerned. The question is, rather: Are they practical? The theta being can evidently manufacture bodies or a reasonable facsimile therefore which, while they do not labor, neither do they have to be fed.

“To a society quite mad on the subject of MEST bodies, very aberrated on the “care of the body” the foregoing may seem a trifle strange and one might think the writer had, to be short, slipped a cable or two in his wits. Indeed, it is very probable that critics mat say so, for their reality is entirely outraged by such sudden statements.” LRH, excerpt from Chapter Two, Cases: Targets of Address, History of Man.

8 thoughts on “Move that body

  1. A number of years ago I was in a small group doing an intro course in Belly Dancing. Don’t ask how that happened, but I was one of three guys in a Belly Dancing class with eight lovely women, and a knock-out instructress.

    Let me clarify immediately that Belly Dancing is, in a word, HARD for a guy. Notice please, how I capitalize “Belly Dancing.” This is out of respect. After only a few minutes, my muscles were beginning to ache. I wasn’t going to be seen quitting, especially not in front of a bunch of girls.

    This was an emergency. I had to do something. So I drifted back to a life I had not recalled in auditing. It was in the Middle East, a life I had not been consciously aware of this life until that moment. I had been a female Belly Dancer. “Aaaahh. Relief.” My movements coordinated, from my feet and toes to my knees and hips to my shoulders and arms and wrists and fingertips. It was effortless. I was dancing.

    The instructress had studied in the Middle East, She could have a PhD in Belly Dancing, and she was teaching, amazingly, the exact same steps preserved through the centuries to the present. I know that for a fact – I remembered the exact ones.

    Not more than five seconds of dancing and this very sharp and very accomplished young instructress yells out: “YOU’VE DONE THIS BEFORE!!”

    Next. Tai Chi. It’s cool stuff, and I got into the energy flows the motions harmonize with, and I got into past life martial arts studies, the forty-five degree angle of the steps, the flows, the energies … I was having a good time with this, getting all the movements fluid and coordinated again … I had done Shaolin, not Tai Chi, but I could see and feel how they related. I was being good, peaceful, content, minding my own business … then the instructress, a very attractive and impressive 4′ 9″ lady whom I would NEVER want to anger, pointed and shouted, “LOOK!! SAM IS REALLY FOCUSING!!”

    It’s the problem with being OT – you just can’t do a darn thing.

  2. Interesting article, and with the correct focus too! As a person who hails from a physically competitive background, understanding and working with the physical body became an all consuming activity for me personally. Progressing from gymnastics, trampoline, athletics, motorcycle racing, and then on to weight training, bodybuilding and powerlifting, gave enormous personal satisfaction, and led to my eventual career as a gym owner, personal trainer & sports coach.

    The “return flow” is the ultimate progression, if one is to see others have the same or similar gains, in physical prowess and confidence in dealing with challenges on a physical level.

    Now aged 66, the disciplines and practice of a healthy lifestyle have paid off and I am still flat out in a physically demanding, but different (home improvements) career today. Also still intensely involved with the Gym Industry ( trophy manufacturing in my “spare time” .)

    Here is an ode that I wrote and put on a plaque for my gym clients way back in the mid 1980’s. (Bear in mind that there were few Scientologists among them!)

    ” This is your body. You picked it up a while ago. If you pamper, abuse, or neglect it, it will soften, weaken and let you down generally!

    ” Instead, work it hard! ( use up it’s energy stores ) Feed it good, solid nutrition, and a balanced array of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and drink lots of pure (filtered) water.

    ” Then see and feel the difference! Remember, when you LOOK good – you FEEL good!

    Calvin B. Duffield.
    Overport Health Studios January 1986.

  3. Lana,
    I know an SO member who was on a pilot she called the “Running Rundown” which she really liked and which involved running around a track (in a different location).
    Do you know if this was the same thing or maybe a spin-off? Having once been a cross country runner myself, her description intrigued me, but the rundown was never released to my knowledge.

    • Espiritu — thanks for your question. It is also known as the Running Program, and that is probably what she was referring to. It has been done in a few different locations at various times, to my knowledge — so there is a very high possibility that is what she did.
      The rundown is about to be released in the new Super Power Rundowns (I presume), but no idea how much it is going to cost and few people would want to do it on Corp Scn lines, my guess.
      I suspect it would be quite easy to do it outside of the Church. We could round up a C/S who knows the Rundown, and there would have to be pole and a quiet location where the process could be done. And someone would have to be there locally, to administer and oversee it.
      I too am a former cross country runner — and that was just another reason why I loved the program 🙂

  4. Great article as always Lana! You write very interesting articels. Very inspiring – thanks!

    Now, I´m totally in alignment of what you state here. The part of where you put your attention, your focus is essential. I have the same wins through Zhineng qi.gong. Zhineng qi-gong master Pang Ming grounded a hospital in China, makeing people healthy with just healing. They have incovered very basic and simple data about healing all can apply.

    They have focus exercise where you focus on energy to the point where you see it and feel it. Its awesome- and you learn to use it in different but simple ways. He also simply explains that “where you put your focus, energy will flow” This article reminds me of that.

    Again thanks!
    Love M

    • Hi M,
      Wow — that sounds fascinating! I will look him up and check it out.
      Yes, the whole concept of theta energy and intention is a fascinating one. Our whole world is made up of it and our day to day lives are impacted by it.

  5. Thanks for the information. At the time I heard about the pilot it was being done at the Los Angeles City College track oval.
    Do you recall what an average total “running time” (pun intended) for the process was and how many hours per day?
    Delivery outside the COS sounds interesting.
    I also liked your HOM references. They are some of my favorites.

  6. Someone just sent me this wonderful reference:
    “The basic confusion of any preclear, then, is to move or not to move.
    Shakespeare has said “to be or not to be” is the question. When it comes to getting a preclear upscale, the question is “to move or not to move.” PAB 46 18 Feb 1955 Straightwire

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