By Tom M.

I have two students doing TRs and Objectives, having completed their Purification Rundown.  Because of schedules, Linda or I end up doing OT TR-0 and TR-0 with one of the students frequently and that has meant wins for all of us. TR-0 is the greatest of all training regimens developed anywhere, ever!

I imagine that LRH developed this drill because he watched Dianetic auditors fidgeting and rolling around in their auditing chairs and distracting the pc from looking at and getting through incidents.

So he decided enough was enough and developed TR-0 to train the auditor.

It is a laugh when you think about how this drill came about.  But when you really think of it and the problem that it was designed to solve you say “Dang, that was brilliant of LRH to just solve it by developing a drill to just sit there, be comfortable and confront the pc”.

It was just the start for this brilliant drill.

What I know for a fact is that LRH didn’t know how much case gain a lot of people were having from doing this drill. Apparently sitting there, confronting and doing nothing else but being there caused the thetan to push the bank away and enabled the thetan to gain more and more strength to command the bank.

After all the thetan was sitting there day after day chasing away bank that would keep him from being there.  If he was doing something else the Supervisor would flunk him and tell him to be there and confront.  So after a while he was telling the bank what to do.  And per 8-8008 this was exactly the aim of Dianetic and Scientology auditing.

In the footnote for Chapter 1 of 8-8008 LRH says “But two other methods are available for reducing this command value. The first of these lies in the removal of the analytical mind from the proximity of the reactive mind and the increase then, of the potential of the analytical mind, until it can command and handle any reactive mind with ease. The second is simply the rehabilitation of the analytical mind by permitting it to use its creative ability in the construction of a universe of its own. It was found that there was no purpose in reducing incidents out of the reactive mind beyond the point where the analytical mind could step apart from the reactive mind and then command it.”   

Anyone who has done hard TRs can command his case with ease. That’s simply it. Then he can do and does do anything because when he sets out to solve a problem or do something and case comes in, he just confronts and the case goes away.

Oh, this is so beautiful.

And so it was, during the 1970s there were a lot of public who sat down to do the TRs course and had that very thing occur. These beings had gigantic “Major Stable Wins” that lasted more than 40 years! Whenever I find one of these thetans I find that they did the Communications Course in the 70’s and did 2-hour confront to a Major Stable Win.

They could confront a freight train coming down the track at them so to speak.

LRH said that “The world begins with TR-0” and one other datum that came out of this was, “That which one cannot confront, one should confront.” I used the datums and after a while I found I was confronting things I never dreamed of confronting. It was amazing.

The boom of the 70’s was built on the Communications Course of the late sixties and early seventies. LRH was told that the course had a low resign percentage (34% I believe) and therefore cancelled this as a route into Scientology.  But no one mentioned that the 34 percent successes were HUGE successes and one should find out how to deliver this course with a lower blow rate.  But whoever told LRH this course sucked was in fact an SP, because it was booming Scientology.  It made super-humans in just a few weeks. These were people whose banks were pushed back and strong thetans who had a high level of confront. That SP knew what he was doing when he told LRH this course was bad.

Get your students to learn how to confront.

One of my students was having a horrible time at life. He was raw meat public and came in really screwed up. After thirty or so hours of confront he finally laughed his ass off. He was line charging and then grief charging alternately.  He said, “God — it’s good to laugh!”

So get more people onto TR’s. Their lives will change a lot in a short period of time.  And afterwards, as another added benefit, they will be a lot easier to audit. After all, they can now confront.

The world begins with TR-0.

God-dammed right!

7 thoughts on “Just be there, comfortably

  1. Right on, Tom. I know that the TR’s that I did on the first course I did in Scn (Div 6 Comm Course – not even Hard TR’s) provided some of the biggest and most stable wins I have had in Scientology.

  2. I hadn’t thought about it that much, but I did get a major stable change from TRs. It applies to everything. When everyone is running in circles on fire I’m grabbing the fire extinguisher. Or something like that.

  3. It’s so true to me that the world really does “begin with TR 0”.
    I think of this drill as the essence of and a culminating refinement of various meditation techniques of earlier practices.
    Ron really got it exactly right when he stated in TRs Remodernized that the purpose of the drill is to “BE there comfortably” (the capitalized “BE”is his emphasis).
    This is a very spiritual activity which addresses and instructs a thetan (spiritual being).

    Interestingly, the drills in the current Success Through Communication Course issued in the ’90s under DMs instruction say that the purpose of “TR0-A” is to “sit there, quietly”….. Obviously, this drill addresses bodies rather than spiritual beings.
    I have no evidence that Ron ever even saw this drill much less issued it.

    Fortunately, the world really DOES begin with TR0! 🙂

    And I agree with Ingrid – that baby picture is AMAZING!

  4. The comm course I did in 1980 was 0-4 pretty hard. It made a Scientologist out of me right there. I joined staff at the end of the course. The ability to confront and the ability to study are two of the most valuable tools I’ve gained.

  5. Love this! After a few decades “out here”, I see clearly the world’s troubles are due to not having and thereupon not applying this to life.

  6. TRs are great.
    As a matter of fact, the first TRS then known as dummy auditing drills, were tried out in December 1956, at London Org. I was on the first course, as well as Ron’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard. There were about six others including a friend of Mary Sue’s, Peggy Conway (a South African). We understood that the instructor (the word supervisor had not been introduced then), Rosina Mann, conferred with Ron about it every night.
    They were called “dummy auditing drills” and went from one to 5. Dummy auditing drill five was actually dummy auditing where the earlier factors were combined and was later dropped. TR zero (confronting) was introduced later and therefore you have the numbering of zero.
    Communication TR’s, lightly and well supervised, are one of the real treasures of Scientology.

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