crystal ball

By Jim Logan

“Well, that is what is batty about it. It does not compute, does not equate and that the identification of A=A=A does not form any logical sequence along which a thetan can travel.”  LRH, SKULL GAZING, 9 November 1956.

A  Reactive Mind is an analogy L. Ron Hubbard used in the Original Thesis of Dianetics to describe the hidden source of human aberration (unwanted fears, upsets, repressions, obsessions and goofinesses of all types and categories).

By definition it is an unknown, and that’s why it’s a good idea to have an auditor and a preclear in session, since to the preclear the source of his aberration is unknown, and is hidden, else it wouldn’t have escaped his Analytical attention, and by that no longer be a hidden aberration.

The principle is almost too simple and so simple in fact, it has escaped notice: if you know what your aberration is, that isn’t what your aberration is.  Aberration is aberrated, that is, a “non-straight line” – from the Analytical mind (the being themselves as an awareness of awareness).

The relationship of auditor and person being audited is a group endeavor, to aid that person getting auditing to uncover things they don’t know.  It is the not-known that makes for departures from the ideal. If the person themselves knew all about what was ailing them, and especially as to its source, then it would by that knowing, cease to ail them.  It would “as-is”.

So, the adventure of the Bridge is one of discovery.  This includes the discovery that is involved in learning how life goes together, how it works and including how the hidden source of human aberration itself is uncovered, and no longer hidden and no longer aberrating.

I have found, and continue to find in training and auditing others and in my own training and auditing even now at the Solo NED for OTs Level, that those things that are unknown, that are things I didn’t suspect, that are not logically connected, that I am not aware of, those things are the ones that really do change the conditions once exposed and brought to the light of awareness.

7 thoughts on “Aberration is unknown

  1. This simplicity is the basis of our technology and its power is much maligned and understated by those who do not grasp it.

  2. Jim, is this a good duplication of what you wrote?

    In thought, an individual most often looks at “a problem” he has, and fixes on that as the thing to solve. This has its parallel in chiropractic: a guy complains of pain in his shoulder, the doc adjust his spine, the guy complains that it’s his shoulder, not his spine! Two days later he calls in to report the pain in his shoulder is gone.

    In auditing, one begins a series of processes designed, with knowledge, to cover the bases for that level, to cover a full range of possible parameters. Not just the “Well, it must be that I do not communicate well to others, so I must put my attention on that.” This guy may discover, in auditing, that he in fact communicates very well to others – it is simply that others do not communicate well to him. Problem solved.

    Auditing has methodology to cover things comprehensively, to steer the individual to look at all aspects and thereby arrive at his own realization. A guy comes in with a 2nd Dynamic problem. Well, run him on all Dynamics. In doing that, perhaps a lot of charge is blown on the 3rd Dynamic. He cognites on the 3D. The next day he complains about how you haven’t addressed his 2D, and eager to get into session, he tells the two babes with him to sit down and wait.

  3. One more thought. There is a definite gradient of processes, a definite gradient of aberration addressed in definite sequence which must be run step by step. This precise sequence was worked out over years of trial and error. It was unknown, until worked out.

    I’ve heard a lot of people talk as if they “know” that their solution is “the OT Levels” or “the Next OT Levels”, and they would like to get there fast, fast, fast! IF the individual has done a good job all along the gradient, then he is very probably ready to move on! But each step along the gradient must be run flat to get there.

  4. Thanks Jim, darn good write-up. And Nickname, thanks for adding the truth to this that you did. I have over the almost 44 years of auditing seen many who wanted to skip the steps. It is a gross error to allow them to do so. It is their choice (and they may shop around till they find someone who will let them), but it is then also the auditor and CS choice whether to work with them if they insist on this.
    If they insist or blow up on this, try to handle, but be prepared to let them go. They will usually then end up with someone who was legit dropped from the church or someone who “self-trained” from some stuff they found on the net or invented.
    In the end it is still choice.

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