By W.R

I came into Scientology with a purpose to help.

A purpose to assist others.

A purpose to make the world a better place.

Maybe that is kinda esoteric or theetie-wheetie to some, but for me it is a core reason why I got involved in Scientology.

I saw that auditing worked – on myself and on others. I saw that when people were trained on basic technology, they were able to help themselves and others do better in life. And I saw that when people with the same drive, passion and purpose got together – great things could be accomplished. And it was really good fun.

All of that faded in the last 10 – 15 years, to a grey, overcast world.  The world of Scientology – the church events, the new buildings, the constant fundraising. It stopped being all about helping others, and became a different game. A game of control, of money and pressure. A game that I did not sign up for, or want to be part of.

I feel – no matter where you are at present (inside the church, in good standing, sitting on the fence, departed from the church, or excommunicated/declared) there is still a basic purpose in each of us.

And when you spot that purpose, and rekindle it, the earlier failed efforts and the stops all disappear. And the sun comes out again.

Things can go wrong – and have gone wrong – but the basic purpose is still there, alive, within you.

For me, I have started to use my Scientology training to audit others. To help. And my god, it is wonderful. I wish I had done this years ago, as it has given me a whole new perspective on things.

A close friend of mine has focused on his basic purpose – to design and build beautiful spaces – and with other distractions off the lines, he is flourishing and prospering in ways never imagined.

It all goes back to basic purpose.

What’s yours?

“An individual, species, organism, organization, to succeed, survive and expand in influence must have a formulated BASIC PURPOSE.

“To keep beings from growing, the reactive bank is almost entirely made up of false and booby-trapped purposes. Thus we can see that, but its having been impeded so thoroughly in past ages, the idea of having a personal or organizational or group basic purpose is an extremely valuable one.

“Without one expressed or unexpressed, a being or an organization or group without one doesn’t grow but shrinks and becomes weak – in this universe nothing can remain long in an unchanging state. “

 LRH  HCOP PL 13 March 1965 The Structure of Organization, What is Policy?

2 thoughts on “Basic purpose

  1. Sanity! PROPERLY practiced, as per the original philosophy, and technology, all aligns with your (& our) basic purpose — to help!
    Oh, the irony of the ending to the old Bugs Bunny cartoons! Remember the ending?….. “That’s all, folks!” …..(Yep that’s all!)
    Just too, too simple, for some to grasp —–.”help.”

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