By Lana M.

Most people who have been in Scientology for any length of time have been audited by a real auditor. That is, someone with a huge amount of ARC. Someone that listens. Someone that wants to hear what you have to say – and actually understands. Someone who does not care what bombs are going off, what problems exist, or how long the session goes for, they just want to help sort a situation out to a  true floating needle.

My favourite auditor, without question, was Margie Estermann (now the Snr C/S of ASHOD as far as I know). Back in the early 90’s she was an FPRD auditor, and my sessions with her were the highlight of my day.

Margie is a lady of short stature, big bosom, twinkling eyes, and a massive smile.

I could not count how many sessions we had where the two of us were hysterically laughing at something that came up. We enjoyed learning about past life adventures, and we would dig in to find an evil purpose underlying a long string of overts. Auditing with her was just great fun, and for me, full of gain. Massive shifts in my own reality and new understandings achieved, as well as abilities gained.

I consider her a true friend, and her strong comm line got me through thick and thin (I was the CO CMO PAC at the time). I have not seen her or spoken to her now in over 15 years – but my ARC is still out the top for this wonderful being.

Now Margie is not superhuman or one of a kind. She simply uses and applies the discipline of an auditor. She has natural TRs, she has high ARC, and she uses the two way communication formula to actually do something for someone. These are auditor basics that are detailed in Basic Auditing Series 2R HCOB 23 May 71R, THE TWO PARTS OF AUDITING.

There are many “Margie”s in the Scientology world – and every successful auditor has the same qualities.

It has become very real to me that these basic qualities and skills, as an auditor, really are the crux of whether there are auditing results or not. It is not about Patter Drills, it is not about “What do you do?” drills, nor about Read Simulator drills.  You do not learn to audit by confronting a bulletin on a wall, or by doing endless video’s to get a TRs pass.

Auditing is about communication.

Auditing is about being in front of another person, with your TRs in, and establishing a communication line.

With that communication line then established, you can do something for that person.

Even if you flub a command, or stumble on the buttons, a smooth communication line and high ARC FAR out shines sessions that are rote, robotic and out-of-comm.

It all comes down to the natural TRs and ARC of the auditor.

My hat is off to the Margie Estermans of the world.  Here is to making more Margie’s!

“If your communication line is very good and very smooth, and if your auditing discipline is perfect so you don’t upset this communication line, and if you just made a foray of no more importance than saying something like, “What are you doing that’s sensible and why is it sensible?” and kept your communication line up all the while and kept your affinity up with the pc all the while-did it with perfect discipline-you  would see more aberration fall to pieces  per square inch than you ever thought could exist.

“Now, that’s what I mean when I say do something for the pc.

“You must audit well, get perfect discipline and get your communication cycle in. Don’t ARC break the pc; let your cycles of action complete.

“All of that is simply an entrance. You see, the discipline of Scientology makes it possible to do this. And one of the reasons why other fields of the mind never got anyplace and could never get near anybody was because they couldn’t communicate to anybody.

“So that discipline is important.

“That is the ladder that goes up to the door. And if you can’t get to the door, you can’t do anything. “

LRH, Basic Auditing Series 2R, HCOB 23 May 1971R THE TWO PARTS OF AUDITING

7 thoughts on “A real auditor

  1. Another priceless chunk of sanity-making advice straight from the Ol’ man. It’s never other than simple, straight forward do’s & don’ts
    that anyone with their ‘light switch’ turned on, — can duplicate, understand and apply to another—with spectacular results!

  2. From SOS “The auditor should be warned not to employ any authoritarian methods in processing. We in Dianetics are only interested in raising people on the tone scale.”
    One of the big wins from one of my PCs recently is she didn’t know she could have fun in session. She had been audited in the Co$ before.

  3. The best “auditing” I ever had wasn’t even auditing. It was those D of P interviews they started doing after Dianetic Clear was “discovered” in the late 70s. They did them before the DCSI and CCRD were created, to discern if people were or weren’t Clear. Mine were conducted by our C/S, Dan McMurrough. He had the best TRs I’ve ever run into, before or since. It was like “coming home” just to sit in the chair in front of him. Hats off to anyone who can do this routinely. Auditors truly deserve every word of praise LRH ever expressed about them.

    Also, anyone ever noticed that a truly practiced auditor, simply by being in a space, can raise the tone level and the amount of theta in that space?

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