By Natalie C.

Kids and sugar go together.

A trip to the local store will always be matched with a chorus of “Mom – can I have an icecream”, or “Mom – can I have candy?”

Your survival as a parent seems to be forever linked to the word “No!”, and your kids really do put you through the mill on the subject. They are tireless in their demands, and without even really intending to, your shopping cart tends to end up with sugared breakfast cereals, soft drinks, icecream, and all manner of other sugared items. The result is a household that revolves around sugar – and of course, an increasing waistline.

Based on doctor’s orders, I recently cut down on personal sugar intake. I did not think I consumed much anyway, but I would knock it back to zero, as apparently sugar does not help the immune system.

Well that was an interesting week! Headaches, irritability, cravings – I had no idea how much my body had been hooked on s-u-g-a-r. After 7 days, it finally subsided, and I was able to adjust my diet and not be battling the desire for chocolate biscuits late at night, or the 3pm sugared snack.

Truly a learning experience, and my adjusted diet (balanced diet without the added sugar) had my body feeling on top of the world. And I have lost weight.

Just thought I would share that. LRH covers it in the HCOB 2 August 1973 PEP, but I had never really given it the time of day before.

“I’ve been doing some research lately. That’s mostly what I have been doing.  And while this is not the main line of research I thought I might mention it in passing.

“Something like four centuries ago man’s diet began to undergo  a radical change. What he ate before that was European, Asian. Whole-grain barley, various proteins, various wheats and other foods were not necessarily abundant but they made up a radically different diet than modern man consumes.

“With the discovery of the New World, for the first time there was an abundance of SUGAR. Up until then sugar came from a few scarce plants and beehives and was far too expensive for any broad general consumption. But the wealth of the West Indies was not really gold. It was the product of the sugar cane: BROWN AND WHITE SUGAR.

“Also the Americas gave the world many new plants such as maize (the African’s “mealy meal”), the potato and other carbohydrates and today a startlingly large amount of the European and African diet consists of plants first found in America.

“Almost all these foods are mainly carbohydrate, which is to say, low on protein.

“Thus man’s diet changed. And the changes were in the direction of abundant sugar and carbohydrate and away from a high-protein diet.

“And with this change, it could be said, there went man’s pep.

“Sugar is a deceptive thing. It appears to give one energy. But it does so by bypassing the body’s production of its own sugar. Alcohol is also deceptive. It apparently bypasses the ability to make sugar and the result of eating it which is why it messes up the liver. In other words sugar in abundance bypassed the basic energy producing mechanisms of the body.

“Straight sugar makes the stomach and digestive processes alkaline. This is the opposite to acid. Food needs acid to digest. Therefore, as just one part of all this scene, when one doesn’t eat protein and digest his food he winds up in a state of malnutrition-a general breakdown of body functions due to lack of adequate nourishment.

“Sugar, that is supposed “to produce energy” does so only at the expense of physical health for sugar does not build up a body, it only burns it up.

“The result of a heavy intake of sugar and carbohydrates is to feel tired all the time-no  pep. A diet of candy bars and cokes may appear to put energy there but eventually no body is left to burn it!

“Well, today they start little babies out on sugar and carbohydrate as an “all right diet.” No protein. The result is these fat babies you see ballooning in their perambulators. They are starting life with two-and-a-half strikes on them. The rest of the third strike is added by cokes and candy bars. And there goes the old ballgame. You get a civilization that is tired, no endurance.

“The degeneration can be reversed if one knocks off the cokes and candy bars and sugar in the coffee and tea and begins to concentrate on an intake of a good percentage of protein. After a few weeks or months, one starts to feel peppy. The old body has begun to build itself back.

“If one is going to run a car, he has to feed it the right fuel and oil. If one is going to run a body it has to be fed the right food and that has to include protein.

“We have seen aboard a lot of diet fads. That’s what they were. “Eat liquefied carrots and you will fly.” “Chomp only vitamin X and you will soar.” Well, bad diets like that give dieting a bad name like  “crazy.” We’ve had food cranks around who only ate hazelnuts or Chinese herbs.

“Well, that’s a different subject entirely than what I’m talking about. I think those diets shouldn’t even be wished off on the birds.

“All I’m talking about is eating your chow instead of living off candy bars, cokes and milk and sugared coffee. By eating your hamburger and vegetables and leaving alone the candy bars and cokes, you will begin to build up a head of steam. It takes far longer for actual food to build up into energy than it does sugar.

“Most of the bodies around got started off on a sugar-carbohydrate baby formula and got to believing that if  something tasted sweet it was good. Well, cocaine probably tastes great too, but it won’t build up a body and the pep it imparts is very false indeed as it does so by ripping the body apart.

“Man’s diet changed over the last four centuries. And he’s now got a lot of welfare and sick populations. And he sure pushes the stuff which got him into that condition- sugar and carbohydrates.

“America got even for being discovered and raped. She gave the world hordes of new carbohydrates and principally she gave the world abundant raw sugar. An interesting revenge”.

8 thoughts on “Sugar baby!

  1. Hi Lana,

    Our kids never eat sugar cereals and only drink soda on special occasions – like at a party. They both love vegetables, meats, cheeses and some good quality, whole grain carbs (and some occasional junk food!) and are both super healthy.

    The funny thing is, they never badger us for that junk food or sugary food. We’re probably the bad influence on them!

    Maybe it’s because Karry gave them frozen vegetables to teethe on when they were babies…

    • You have more will power then I, Scott. My kids certainly do enjoy sugar — and I do too. I try to keep it at a minimum, but it always feels like a losing battle. I think I need to take a few lessons from Natalie, you and Karry 🙂

  2. Hi also to you too,Scott,
    Yes indeed, Karry was also ‘right on the money’, since you reap the rewards with the kids food habits today! That’s great trend setting!

    Simple question for us to answer…. How can any ‘foodstuff’ (sugar) that rots one’s teeth, possibly be ‘good for you’

    Not surprisingly, the answer depends on who ‘you’ are.

    If for example, you were a a dentist, ice cream, or confectionery manufacturer, then ‘sugar’ would certainly be ‘good for you’, in terms of your profits!

    Indeed, sugar and it’s myriad of questionable substitutes, is/are a huge industry and job providing substance, to which we have become so accustomed, that we can hardly imagine life without it.

    My lifelong passion, in the physique training industry, as a professional, has exposed me to all the marketing of what has now become an ‘explosion’ of food supplements and all the hype that surrounds an otherwise healthy lifestyle activity/profession, broadly

    At the heart of the above ‘explosion,’ is of course the development of lucrative breakthroughs in scientific formulations, which allow the average person, with very little effort, but some necessary discipline, to radically change their appearance in no time at all.

    The key for me, at the core of the problem (sugar) is the need to educate people into healthier food choices.

    Like Karry, just KNOWING what is actually good for you/your body,
    is a wise place to start.

    Oh, and just an aside, here. Chocolate (my one real addiction) is actually a complete food! It has some 60 odd nutrients, which DO sustain the body. The sugar spike/drop of blood sugar levels, caused by an overcompensation of the body’s insulin response, is more than compensated for by the amount of caffeine naturally occurring in the cacao bean, without which ‘chocolate’ wouldn’t be chocolate!

    We just need to remember to brush the ‘sugar’ off our teeth asap after eating the gorgeous stuff, to keep the dental visits down to a minimum!

    Thanks Natalie, Lana, and all who contribute such fine articles to this shining beacon of blog sanity!—- Milestone Two!

  3. I have recently cut out all sugar from my diet. It is amazing what actually contains sugar. I have had to inspect the ingredients of many of the choice foods i enjoyed. Since cutting down on sugar I find I DO have more energy and HAVE lost weight. The craving is slowly going although I do sometimes have an (almost) irresitible urge to have something sweet. I miss cookies though and still looking for some that contain no sugar. I have found chocolate that has no sugar in it so that is good.

  4. Well, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving here on Monday so I’m going to supper and having homemade pumpkin pie, and if I’m lucky, there will be some deeeeeelicous Quebec Maple Syrup to pour on top, and have dripping over the edge and soaking into the pastry…

    And tomorrow, a new resolution to not eat as much Thanksgiving Dinner next year 🙂

  5. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing as regards sugar, but fruit is certainly a lot more nutritious than straight sugar. If you simply *must* have something sweet, try fruit. Something to consider.

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