By Alan

Here is a little gem – a wonderous little piece of tech that anyone, of any case level can apply.

Works wonders, and certainly one of my favorites.

Take Ten Minutes of Nothing. This technique means oh, so literally what it says. It isn’t  ten  minutes of “relaxation”  or “relief”  or “rest.”  It isn’t ten minutes of you, a body. It isn’t ten minutes of somatics. It means ten minutes of no body, no engrams, no walls, no MEST universe, no sound, no thought, really nothing. All one’s life he is trying to get, to work, to be, to perceive SOMETHING. Now for ten minutes let us have utterly NOTHING. The gettingness of something makes a one-way flow. Also the dwindling spiral. Also, the one thing the analytical mind cannot be, it thinks, yet all it is is nothing, is in MEST terms: nothing. Mind you, fear of NOTHING is enough to make one’s stomach curl for nothing is death itself. This is unlimited in running time. It always improves a case in the long run if  not instantly, as it often does. The preclear discovers sooner or later he CAN be nothing, that he doesn’t have to strive to be. What a relief! Lao-tse was so right about striving.

“The MEST universe itself is mainly nothing even in the science of physics. In sound, concentrate on the silences between the beats, not the beats, for instance.

“You can use NOTHING in matched terminal brackets, you can have Nothing of particular somethings such as dead kinfolk. But the basic technique and the one used here is simply “Ten Minutes of Nothing.” LRH PAB 7, 1953, ca. mid-August

3 thoughts on “10 minutes of nothing

  1. One of my favorite processes. I have done this occasionally for years. It is wonderful! Anyone can do it. Free auditing! It is part of the Six Steps to Better Beingness.
    As you mentioned, it is in PAB 7 (which is in the Tech Vols.)

    Thanks for posting this for the world to see!

  2. Thank you for this. For over 40 years I have , when needed, had PCs and Pre-OTs who were into figure-[figure and think-think do this. Works wonders. Heck I even use it myself…and I have had few thoughts in my head for the last 43 years (thinkingness is way below Knowingness!). Keep on doing what you are doing right!

    Frank Davis
    Midwest Tech Center

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