group morale

By W.R

Working in small business, or in the corporate world, or in the public service, you have to work with others in a team.

Any work on the 3rd dynamic – even in a sports team – is influenced by the team you are working in. And the morale of that team will make your work enjoyable, or not.

I have recently been doing some government work and observed the low morale of some departments, where staff feel they are on a treadmill of do-less or do-little, and where nothing is ever really achieved but red tape and constant politics.

A recent not-for-profit organization I did some consultancy work with were in unexpressed resentment, considering they could never do anything to change the circumstances of their industry. Keeping board members was a struggle, and membership was dwindling.

Comparing that with businesses and groups I have worked with that DO have high morale is really interesting. The common factors for such groups are that they a) create products they are proud of and b) they work together to achieve agreed upon goals for their group.

Creating high morale is as easy as a) making sure a group has agreed upon objectives or goals and b) making sure they have the management tools or basics to be able to actually make progress towards these objectives and goals.

Immediately the morale soars, and there is group cohesion.

Pretty powerful tool – but extremely simple to apply.

 “Morale is not made of comfort and sloth. It is made of common purpose and obstacles overcome by the group.

“When the Admin Scale and these elements are not held together by similar aims, then morale has to be held up artificially.

“The most ghastly morale I have ever seen was amongst “the idle rich.”

“And the highest morale I’ve ever seen was amongst a furiously dedicated, common-purposed group working under fantastic stresses with very little against almost hopeless odds.

“I used to observe that morale in a combat unit would never materialize before they had been through hell together.

“All drama aside, morale is made up of high purpose and mutual confidence. This comes from the Admin Scale items and these elements of organization being well aligned, one with the next, and honest sane endeavour to achieve a final goal for all.”

LRH HCO PL 14 December 1970 Group Sanity

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