Our blog is not splashy, nor is it trying to create controversy or debate.

The purpose is just to show LRH tech being applied in life – whether that is in the auditing room, course room, school, work, home or across the dynamics.

We don’t preach, and we are not trying to convert people. Instead we simply communicate about wins in applying LRH tech in life — as the truth is, it works when applied.

Since we started in June we have had over 25,000 visitors. We have 80 articles posted so far, and just over 500 comments.

Our records show visitors from 16 different countries, and these are, in order of volume: USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, England, Sweden, France, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Switzerland, Thailand, Norway, New Zealand, Hungary and United Arab Emirates.

Each week we have some 350 – 400 regulars, who tune in and read the articles (and when there are mentions of  Milestone Two on other blogs and networks, we get more visitors popping in to have a look at what we are up to).

Most of our regulars seem to be tuning in every 4 – 5 days. They generally  don’t comment, as the articles are simple and don’t invite such, but the message that we are receiving from emails, Facebook and also through the blog itself is that the blog is one of a kind, and very much enjoyed.

To support our non-English speaking community, we have recently set up a duplicate blog called Milestone Two EU (Europe) and we have our articles/stories being translated into German (initially) and soon in other languages as well. You can see that here (www.milestonetwoeu.wordpress.com). This is a new project, and if you want to assist in translations you are welcome to contact Andrea Albrecht at lady_viking@web.de.

Contribution of articles about applying LRH tech are always welcome and can be sent to lana@hushmail.com.

So thank you everyone – for being part of our community.

Stats talk. And we are happy with conversation.

5 thoughts on “Stats talk

    • Exactly the truth, Ingrid. And the best part, IMHO, is that “WE” don’t need approval from “popular” opinion leaders, to deliver that need!

      Natural, organic growth, with or without “surges” is based on simply fulfilling those enduring theta requirements: ARC & KRC! Here, we find these elements in abundance.

      ML, to all who support & make this possible, especially our very creative, resilient hostess. She not only “rocks”, but is to me, a towering rock of demonstrable strength, in every sense of the word!

      To Lana, here’s sincerely wishing you every success in your current and future ventures too.


  1. What’s needed is the restart offered here. A lot of extraneous stuff has been flying around for decades now, with all the distractions and undermining of Scientology. Knowledge and philosophy are the big game.

    The hierarchy of influence is philosophy and religion, the arts, and the sciences.

    Look at it: it isn’t only that more people have gone to war over religion than anything else, it is that every single society we have any record of has established some sort of “Answer” hinging on philosophy and religion. Religion is simply the packaging and marketing of philosophy for te majority of people who are either illiterate (historically true) or who do not have the time to read and digest philosophy, even though they should.

    Then you have the arts: more artwork has been created for religion that for any other purpose. The pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, the great cathedrals of Europe, the mosques of the Muslim world, the Italian Renaissance – it’s all about religion.

    Then you have the sciences: the engineers who balance the structures, the managers who structure commerce, the physicists who generate electric power, build airplanes; the biologists who advance medicine. Aristotle brought science to life from philosophy.

    Now in Scientology, we have the completed circle, the reflexivity of cause and effect upon life itself, the fusion of the intuitive with the science, and the freedom of the soul to create.

    And there are those who would wish to destroy it. Their only successes are in our distractions from what we are all about. That is philosophy, it is religion, it is art, it is science.

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