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Have you ever noticed that there are certain areas of life that you are interested – and others that you are not?

For me, I have always had an interest in cars. Types, models, engines, prices, you name it. I like cars. And I know, from many a conversation at the local watering hole (pub) that many others have a similar interest.

Another interest is stereos and speakers. Sound, resonance, echo, are all very interesting to me. I love experimenting with sound reproduction – and with different speaker types.

And of course then there is bicycle riding. This has been a passion for many years, and is a high interest item.

But it is intriguing that there are some areas that I am simply not interested, and have no desire to get interested in them. One of them (a point of conflict with my parents, who were farmers) has been growing plants and crops.

Just not interested.

But for my folks, this was a key point of interest (as obviously this is an income source for them).

And for my wife, a point of frustration, as my desire to even cut the lawn is zilch. There aint no vegetable gardens at my place, and the gardens, admittedly, show my lack of interest. Sorry – just not interested.

So this got me to thinking – why is it that I have areas that I am so interested in, and others that I have absolutely none? And is that good or bad? And should I work to change that at all?

And then I found this LRH datum:

“Interest is the consideration above the mechanical action of control. Controlling is starting, changing, stopping. Deepening of interest is manifested by a passage from watching to participating” (LRH, Creation of Human Ability R2-39)

OMG! Then I spotted that each of the areas I have NO interest, I have NO control.

They are areas of “no” responsibility – and of course “no” knowledge. So there is “no” participation by me.

The penny dropped.

I can be interested in any subject or object or activity to the degree that I build my own KRC, and get my hands dirty and actually participate in that subject or object or activity.

In the same chapter, LRH says:

“The spheres of interest are the eight dynamics. A series of concentric spheres (each one larger than the last) with the First Dynamic at center and the Eighth Dynamic at the extreme of any universe gives a spatial picture of interest. When a retreat or inversion occurs, the Eighth (the extreme outside sphere) becomes the inverted First Dynamic, the Seventh becomes the inverted Second, the Sixth the inverted Third, the Fifth the inverted Fourth, the Fourth the inverted Fifth, the Third the inverted Sixth, the Second the inverted Seventh, the First the inverted Eighth. Then they progress in interest and Alter-isness, outward again. The inverted Eighth becomes the reinverted First, the inverted Seventh becomes the reinverted Second and so forth.

“Each inversion is occasioned by a falling back of interest while yet retaining contact with the area from which one fell back. “

Wow! OK – now I am looking and spotting areas in my life that I have  no interest, and looking for what I don’t understand or know about them. And doing something about it.

Maybe even creating a vegetable garden…


One thought on “Making interest

  1. I like the article. I found that one actually develop an interest in almost anything. (You’re really going to do a vegetable garden?)

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