kids chasing

By Natalie C.

I just have to tell you about this great assist I have been using recently.

I have young kids – and at the end of the day, rather than winding down, they seem to wind up. It can become a real battle to get them into the bed, and of course then they have trouble going to sleep, having wound themselves up so tightly.

This is a really simple assist that works wonders. I have been using it on my girls and not only do we get a good giggle out of it, but they actually go through it, settle down, and peacefully go to sleep (which is truly unbelievable, if you know my girls).

The assist comes from the Assist Pack, and is called “A child who is running around the room”. It comes from Lecture of 29 April 1959, Processing Children.

You use the assist on a child who insists on flying and running around the room, as an elementary process which triggers their game of running around the room.

The one command is “Run around the room”.  I have expanded this, at times, to “run around the house” which works really well too.

You just repeat the command, over and over. The kids come to cause over what they are doing, and then they settle down and brighten up. Works a real charm!

Give it a go next time you have kids driving you up the wall.

2 thoughts on “Run around the room

  1. Great example of the principle that if you get a person to do deliberately the very thing that they’ve been doing obsessively, they’ll soon bring that behaviour under their own control.

    And sounds like fun, too.

  2. And for us older more sedentary people running (or walking) around the block is just as necessary. I take a walk every day aside from working out, cause my work is so sedentary-I don’t have a job as a kid, which is to run around.

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