By Peter M.

I have been reading this blog for some time, and I want to take up a subject that has been heavily abused within the C of S. For years the Church of Scientology has taken select excerpts from LRH writings – such as HCOB Pain and Sex, and Flag Orders on out-2D – and has built up a heavy inhibition on the subject of sex.

Talk to any Scientologist, public or staff, and they will have personally experienced, or seen others, being hauled into the Ethics Officer for ’2D flowing’, or interrogated heavily about their past 2D history and activities. It is routine for people on their SOLO NOTs 6 month (sec) checks to be asked extensive questions about sexual perversions and sexual promiscuity. And the subject of masturbation has become the regular topic addressed in the Ethics Office, accompanied with lower conditions.

And I know for Sea Org members that engage in ‘heavy petting’ they end up off post, or sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF).  DM has reportedly banned marriage at the Int base in recent years. And of course they stopped SO members having children since the late 80’s by punishing anyone that gets pregnant, sending them to “small and failing” orgs (or forcing abortions).

The entire subject of sex has become, under current church management, as puritan and prudish as the 1800’s – with so much emphasis and significance placed on the subject. The subject of sex has been characterised as debased, perverted, low toned, out-ethics, and more.

Now, here is what is interesting. If you look up LRH’s definition for SEX in the Tech Dictionary there is no reference where he states it is a taboo subject, something to be prevented or stopped or curbed. He points out that society has a real button and problem with the subject – which I don’t challenge – but now it seems the C of S has as a similar, if not worse stigma on sex.

Considering we are live beings, using bodies to experience sensations and to play games – sex is just another sensation. Yes, it can be abused. Yes, it can become an activity that can restimulate.  And yes, it can be aberrative.  But it also has a high toned harmonic, detailed in Science of Survival:

“At the higher MEST point of the tone scale, 4.0. one finds monogamy, constancy, a high enjoyment level, and very moral reactions towards sex;  but one also finds the sexual urge acting to create more than children, and so comes about a sublimation of sex into creative thought.”

My point is that sex is a major fundamental of the second dynamic, which is only one up from the first dynamic.  To enjoy sex with another requires that you are comfortable with yourself, your body, and someone else’s. It requires in-ethics and a high tone to truly enjoy.

Constant inhibition of anything sexual in nature is not the way to lead to sublimation or creation on the second dynamic.  LRH specifically stated that the Church should not regulate or attempt to regulate the private lives of Scientologists, particularly on the subject of sex. Yet this policy is not only ignored, but violated daily.

I am not advocating that we now start promoting sex as the topic of the day – or that group orgies should be explored. I am simply stating that an area that is already charged up and has a lot of past track on it, is not solved by inhibition. It is solved by communication (including auditing) and education. It is not an overt to have sex.


“It has never been any part of my plans to regulate or attempt to regulate the private lives of individuals. Whenever this has occurred it has not resulted in any improved condition.

“All I have been interested in, so far as Scientology law was concerned, was in removing retarding elements or practices from the path of progress toward freedom.

“Man is aberrated. Otherwise we would not be here. He is hard to rescue as he has been carefully “trained” to do himself harm.

“I have no concern about the second dynamic activities of Scientologists save only where they bring suffering to others and so impede our forward progress.


“In their place, any husband, wife or individual whose processing or training has been impeded or interrupted beyond any reasonable doubt by second dynamic activities on the part of staff or associates or their husband or wife may have recourse to the CHAPLAIN’S COURT, Division 6, of any Scientology organization, and any case heard, if it be proven beyond reasonable doubt that, without provocation, a person’s training or processing has been impeded by the irregular second dynamic actions of the defendant, a fine of not less than œ1000 sterling or greater than œ5000 sterling shall be awarded the plaintiff and until paid, the defendant shall have no further training or processing.

“This policy is not retroactive (occurrences before this date may not be tried).

“No Ethics order shall be issued by reason of second dynamic activities. All Ethics orders now in force relating to the second dynamic are cancelled.

“No staff member may be punished, transferred or dismissed because of second dynamic activities.

“No student or preclear may be suspended or dismissed because of second dynamic activities.

“Nothing in this policy letter lays aside our actual knowledge of the consequences of second dynamic  overts against husbands and wives being processed or the degree to which training or processing can be impeded for someone because of another’s acts.

“We are also aware that those org staffs which are overactive on the second dynamic seldom prosper.

“We also retain any and all technology relating to the second dynamic. One of Man’s primary areas of aberration is the second dynamic. Processing, not discipline, is the only thing which eradicates aberration of such depth. “  LRH HCO PL 11 Aug 1967

21 thoughts on “Sex is not an overt

  1. “When you look at the Second Dynamic you are looking at the most cut communication lines you ever saw.”
    LRH, from the Second Dynamic lecture, 2Apr55

    The Second Dynamic book (Bridge Publications 1981), which is no longer available in the CoS, reveals Ron’s extraordinary compassion and love of people and especially of children. Of the many books on children written by others I’ve read none come close to the depth of wisdom and insight and cheering nature of the conclusions that LRH brings to the subject.

    The book is chock-full of practical remedies, assists, processes and assorted aids which can be used to understand and help this dynamic. Well worth hunting down.

    The practices of the CoS since the 80’s are so complex as to be unfathomable; go for simplicity, I recommend it.

  2. Ya, I agree. The anti-masturbation mission into PAC was one of the stupidest things I ever seen. You can tell from the tone of that mission that the architect of it (DM) had little compassion for people. ‘

    ML Tom

    • The anti-masturbation mission??!!! PLEASE give us details about this one. That sounds hilarious, at least in hindsight!
      It could be a take-off on Mission Impossible. Maybe we could get Tom Cruise to play the lead. 🙂

      • Okay, circa 2006 Miscaviage sent an RTC mission to PAC base to stop masturbation. I’m not kidding. Teenaged boys as well as young men who were all single were asked if they masturbated. If they said yes, they were sent to ethics to get handled and told to not masturbate because it is not good to do that. So. That is the simplicity of that mission. This can only be the creation of the mind of David Miscaviage. I am pretty sure that after the mission left the kids went back at it, only now it is a withhold and after a bit they routed out of the Sea Org. But this just shows you how stupid Miscaviage is: He doesn’t apply the tech (LRH doesn’t mention masturbation is bad anywhere) and just applies his own sense of what he thinks if good or bad. So in the middle of one of his scotch-induced dreams he comes up with kids in PAC jerking and he comes up with another one of his Walter Mitty “milestone”, epic handlings that “save the day again”. Imagin: Stats crashing everywhere and he comes up with this beaut. Wrong target anyone?

        • I want to write a screenplay based on this silliness! 🙂

          One scene after another keeps coming to mind:
          …A scene where the cult leader “cognites” that the problem with low stats is that the staff has been “jerking off”……
          …Another where the MAAs are asking the interviewees questions and their responses…..
          …Another where there is a line of 300 people waiting to see the MAA the day after they have been ordered to turn themselves in if they “ever do it again”.
          …Still another where, as a result of frustration from the reports of continuing non-compliance, the “cult leader” goes to a Los Angeles Angel’s game to de-stress. In the middle of the ballgame, someone his a home run, the fountains in the outfield erupt in all their orgasmic glory, he has a psychotic break and is carried away in a straightjacket.
          ….and of course there would be lots of gratuitous violence where the little cult leader assaults, fires, re-hires, banishes, and generally abuses his staff, and casually violates the tenets of the faith.
          This is a “Monty Python” comedy waiting to be written.
          The title “Mission Improbable” is already taken.
          How about “The Life of David”? 🙂

  3. While we were still ‘in’ my wife was the target of a campaign of false reports by her former employer, a prominent Scn whose company was licensed by Applied Scholastics. After several years my wife finally got to see most of the dozens of hidden false reports at the core of this campaign. Among them was a TTSB report about ‘out-2D’ activity, the only evidence being that we were now MARRIED — the assumption being that marriage is necessarily preceded by out-2D. HTMTSU (hard to make this stuff up)!

  4. Although I don’t have a copy handy, I think that this is a verbatim quote from “The Way to Happiness”:
    “Sex, there is nothing wrong with it as long as it is followed by faithfulness and decency.”
    (and TWTH was written after the bulletin “Pain and Sex”, I believe)

  5. Solo NOTs is a great way to give incredible perspective on a very charged subject-it just isn’t that charged for me like it used to be and the fact that a thetan association is the best way to have a 2D makes perfect sense.

    • Ingrid,
      I agree, along with pain, sex is a charged subject. Both have been used to interiorize beings. On the other hand, they are after all nothing more than sensations, something to experience, “havingness” and the reward for living – you FEEL something.

      Entire practices have arisen in history to try and gain a level of cause over these sensations. Asceticism and abstention or self-mortification to be able to endure pain, are two such practices extant today in various guises.

      With Scientology one has a shot at regaining the ability to create or un-create, by one’s own abilities, either one, or any of the myriad and infinite variations of motion of particles across a distance, given and received in the game of communication.

    • “a thetan association is the best way to have a 2D makes perfect sense”

      In my opinion you just describe the essence of what a 2D really is.

  6. I do think that by PR reasons more than tech reasons, scientology does not adresses sex. It it not that is unable to handle sex, it is that it does not adresses it and ignores it completely.

    The only way to ever have sex in scientology is to have an already existing sexual relationship or sexual partner when you enter scientology.

    All handlings in scientology are directed to ALREADY EXISTING relationships. There is no inkling to how to start one.

    If your ruin is to be shy or having problems with girls, scientology does not have one single piece of advice or process to help you. Basically you have to shut up about it and try to handle it in your own. If you try to handle that situation with scientology, you are very much fucked up.

    One time my auditor in a social situation with other scientologists asked me (we are freezoners) if I was going to look for a scientologist girl….I said the first thing that came to my mind..

    NO WAY! I am not crazy! I will never consider a scientologist girl as sexual parter! I want a christian and I want her to be catholic!

    It was a very spontaneous non planed answer, and he was as surprised as me (I was in OT-7 and was doing the Assessment by Dynamics Rundown at the time) So he asked me ; Why?

    I said, because I want to have sex, and scientologist women dont like sex.

    He told me ; You must be talking about your ow experience…

    I said, I am talking about my own experience, I stand for it.

    I want a woman that enjoy sex, and enjoy fucking b its own sake, and that will love me and my children more than anything else in the world, and scientologist women dont do that.

    I want to be the most important man in her life, not Ron, and I want my children be the most importat thing in her life, not scientology.

    So scientologist women are ruled out.

    It was a very startling statement that was very unplaned, but I said what was in my heart.

    I believe that to this day.

    It is sad that it is that way, but it is the way it is.

    I think that scientologist women do very bad lovers. They can not enjoy sex freely.

    I think that scientologist women do very bad wives. They put Ron before their husbands.

    I think scientologist women do vey bad mothers. Too many have shown to be willing to kill their own cildren if somebody in a position of autority in the church of scientology orders them to do so.

    It would be better it the same way that scientology states clearly that it does not encompass the eigth dynamic, it also would clearly stated that it does not adress, handle, or encompass sex and sexual relationships.

    At least people then should know that they should look for answers about sex in other disciplines or practices.

    • Victor,

      It saddens me that your experience with Scientology women has been this way and that you have this view.

      Let’s be clear. I am a woman. I am a Scientologist. But I live my own life — not a life where I only follow the dictates of the Church.
      I left the Sea Org as they refused to let me see my mother, who I had not seen in 5 years and who had traveled across the world to visit me.

      I agree that there is an environment created within the C of S world where having a carefree and enjoyable sex life with your man is a difficult one. Anything that is not standard missionary-style “lights out” bedroom sex is considered somehow wrong or out-ethics or aberrated. Heck, if it came up that you had a spontaneous sexual activity in a public space, in a car, or god forbid enjoyed oral sex — then you are going to be programmed for FPRD on the second dynamic. ??? And if you are trying to move up the Bridge and regularly on auditing lines (or on staff and regularly on the meter for interviews) it all becomes a push/pull that is not an enjoyable creative area that it should be.

      I have two children (4 and 7) that I adore more than anything — and they are more than precious to me. All my decisions are influenced by doing the best for them that I can. My work, my schedule, my day to day activities are all worked out based on what is in the best interests for my children.

      I have a strong relationship with a caring and loving Canadian, and he is the most important man in my life — not Ron. But in saying that, both of us follow the tenets and basic philosophy of Scientology daily, and we do not find it to be a contradiction or a conflict. In fact, we enjoy learning and applying the tech to improve our lives, loves and games (and that includes sex).

      I think you are pointing out accurate observations about the restrictions and suppression on the 2nd dynamic within the C of S – but the conclusions that you draw from these are not correct. Yes, there are outpoints galore — but what you are observing is so far from the ideal scene and not in any way reflected in LRH’s philosophy or technology. It is yet another example of group bank, running out of control. And the way to solve that is to spot and deal with the arbitraries and out-tech — not dump all Scientology women into a generality.


  7. A good answer Lana.
    I noticed the 2D attitude changes in the church..and then in staff and public as they devolved from my entering in 1969 till I walked away in 1986 2 weeks after LRH officially passed away.
    It was like a daytime soap opera (I have not seen a lot of these and my wife and I have not had TV for most of our life).
    On staff at Toronto in 1970 and early 1971 many staff, and at least some public had 2D Rundowns to handle any self perceived overts in this area and Postulates and considerations with a lot of 2 Way
    Comm Processes on items, etc. It made for a happier staff and public. Rosie our Senior CS was a very wise and sane lady!!!
    Since then I have programmed a number of people when needed and wanted for this. They were more able to enjoy life…not suppress it.
    Frank Davis
    Midwest Tech Center

  8. Ron wrote “Mission Earth”, It is a huge, hysterically funny book (10 Books, to be more accurate.) I’ve meet few scientologists who’ve ever read it. There is a ton of sex in it. I wouldn’t call it x-rated but almost (he keeps the language clean, but it you know what he’s taking about). I recommend it (about 5 bucks for each kindle book on Amazon).


    • Ashaman – you got it! Superb series – all 10 volumes. I could not put them down once I started — and spent weeks just enjoying then cover to cover. Highly recommended.

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