By Lana M.

Do you remember the first time you realized that the e-meter actually worked?

When I first got onto the Solo Course, I had been in Scientology for more than 10 years and had already received hundreds of hours of auditing. I knew auditing worked. I had certainty that the meter had the capacity to find out what was bugging me, or what was causing anguish or aberration — and in the hands of a trained auditor I was confident that the meter was an invaluable part of the equation of auditing.

Then I was sitting the the course room, with solo cans in hands, for the first time assessing a solo assessment list “What tree do you like best?”.

Something happened.

Something that was somehow unexpected.

On this long list of tree species, I was assessing down, down, down. And I was not getting any reads.

I went down the list, steadily, further and further.

No reads.

Then it happened. I hit the item — the tree I really do love — and the needle fell off the pin. Just disappeared. 

It fell, fell and fell — finally easing and flowing back and forth in a clear floating needle.

“My God!”, I thought. “This meter works on me!”

And somehow the whole Scientology game became more real and I realized that I can be a Solo auditor, I can do my OT levels, and it is not difficult. It is simply a matter of walking the path and doing the steps as required.

This all happened over 10 years ago now and my life has changed so dramatically through the Wall of Fire and onto NOTs — but I was reminded of my own realization just recently when a lovely man was here at my home.  He has been on his Solo course for some months, on the theory section prior to doing the Solo drills. We had a meter that we were testing, and I put a solo assessment in his hands and let him do the assessment for himself, for the first time.

He assessed down the list, item by item, and then the needle blew down and floated.

He looked up with a renewed sparkle in his eyes, and with a huge grin on his face, said “This meter works on me!!!!!!”

Yep — it sure does!

And oh boy are you in for some fun!

4 thoughts on “This meter works on me!

  1. I had some reality on it previously, but the first time the power of this wonderful tool really blew my mind was when I learned to do E-Meter Drill 25 (a dating drill). I discovered that I could actually find out what date a person was thinking about without their telling me the answer or even saying a word! Pure “magic”!

  2. Indeed, it just flat out works. Because it does, it is a great pity that the likes of Tony Ortega and many of his ‘sources’ who should know better, choose to discredit the E-meter. As asserted by LRH himself, it is nothing, does nothing, other than GUIDE a trained auditor, in searching for charged areas, or indicating M/W’s, O/W’s theta bops, ARCx’s FN’s and other needle phenomena of the mind/thetan. It is not “just a skin galvanometer,” as constantly ridiculed by it’s detractor’s.

    On the contrary, it is, according to the above posters’ observations, an indispensable tool, used for bringing valid relief and insight into the lives of any persons who are willing to undertake the expertly guided examination of whatever hidden influences effect them.

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