necessity level


In the Sea Org and on staff one learns quickly about necessity level.

There are a number of policies regarding it, and it is a tech that works wonderfully. The essence of that tech is that if you are having trouble handling something, or dealing with something, then get two of them, and work to handle both. Instantly the original problem is gone and you can handle what was earlier so difficult. You made a new (larger) thing to handle, and the original problem vanishes.

Flag Order “TOUGHNESS” details this, and there are many green on white policies which discuss it as well. I don’t have access to the Flag Order at this time, but I have included several HCOPL quotes below.

Though it seems counter-intuitive, it works like a charm, and it is applicable on any dynamic you wish to apply it on. Having trouble with anything? Double the problem or increase the problem, and by necessity level, the challenge makes you reach to expand and accomplish what was earlier seemingly too hard to handle.

At work, at school, with family, with friends – you can use this basic tech to be able to constantly build your own competence, ability, strengths and capacity in life.

Now to clarify – a challenging environment is different from a dangerous environment.

The basic tech and policy on creating a challenging environment does not justify creating an environment for Sea Org members, staff members and public where you are ordered to do things under duress, threat or suppression.

It does not justify making staff stay up for days on end with no sleep, subsisting on Vitamin B injections and protein drinks.

It does not justify forcing anyone to do things that are wrong, off-policy, out-tech or just plain goofy, with the threat that if you do not then you are hauled into Ethics, put under justice, punished with post removal or not permitted to access OT levels.

Forcing people to do things, in a dangerous environment, is NOT application of necessity level.  It is not the same thing. May seem kind of obvious — but I feel it should be clearly differentiated.

Forcing people to do things in a dangerous environment creates PTSness, problems, accidents and mistakes.

Application of necessity level creates competence, increased abilities, confidence and pride.

“Another operating principle of Scientology Zero is that the individual’s health level, sanity level, activity level and ambition level are monitored by his concept of the dangerousness of the environment. He’s actually not operating to the challenge of the environment; he is withdrawing from the threat of the environment. LRH, Volunteer Minister’s Handbook

“Above case gain is COMPETENCE. If you want to see a nine-foot tall OT, look at one who is also competent! And knows it. Like our Qual auditors. They create new people!

“After case gain comes progressing improvement by new competence attained.” LRH  HCO PL 4 January 1971 COMPETENCE (OEC Vol 0).

“If we ourselves get rid of the idea we are just drifting along with the tide and begin to demand and deliver high level performance on every post, we can get there while there’s still a planet left.

“We must raise our sights as to what we expect from ourselves and each other.

“Only then can be arrest and then reverse the decline.

“For this reason I am following a policy of demanding high competence on post and a total intolerance of slackness.

“We must be and can be a very sharp, smart organization. I am doing all I can to make it so. Help me out.” LRH 24 October 1971 PERFORMANCE (OEC Vol 0).

2 thoughts on “Necessity level

  1. Very valid and valuable tech, if you ask me.

    Let’s though, just for argument’s sake, crank up the situation one faces, to one of real, imminent, life threatening danger.

    For example,- wartime – in hand to hand combat with the enemy, or being set upon by a deadly gang, or suddenly encountering a lethal animal, or being swept overboard, in a raging sea, etc, etc.

    Guess what? The same tech still applies! … One still has to crank up one’s necessity level! One is dictated to by the urge to SURVIVE.

    In these cases, assuming one does not have the option to FLEE,
    One then has to stand one’s ground and be prepared to FIGHT!

    It all comes down to the willingness to confront. That is, just BE there “with” the threat! It IS doable! Indeed facing real danger on a regular basis leads to the development of actual courage.

    The braveness shown by the resolve of someone preparing themselves to fight a deadly illness, a waif of a mother lashing out and gouging at the eyes of an assailant, while trying to protect her young child, these are all remarkable instances of courage, which demonstrate just how tough, really, is the human spirit.

    The development of the self self defense industry, has arisen directly, from the recognition that most people do not intrinsically possess natural courage. The dictum of LRH’s “gradient scale” is applicable here, to enable one to gain courage, in order to face danger head on. In this case, very definitely, there is “tech” involved in one’s defense!

    Think about it… as LRH asked… “As a THETAN, what can’t you confront? .. Why?”

    ……Which leads us back to necessity level, hey?


    FLAG ORDER 2802 9 April 1971

    SO member Hat


    (Note: the text of this FO was written originally as an article for UP magazine [Issue 3], an early Advanced Org mag, in 1968. It is reissued now as a Flag Order as “toughness” is a distinctive SO attribute.)

    Toughness is high on scale.

    At upper levels in Scientology we find ourselves unable to handle one area and so instead of doing natural thing and reducing the area we are trying to handle, we just double the size of the area. That’s the way theta works.

    How many times in your life have you decided: “Well let’s see, I couldn’t handle so and so. I guess I’d better handle just a little bit less.” And then the first thing you knew you couldn’t even handle that.

    What if you have said: “All right. Now let’s see. I don’t seem to be able to do this. Well, where’s two of them?”

    I recommend it to you very thoroughly. You can’t handle something, you say. Find a couple of tougher ones.

    The point is that you go in reverse. You’ve decided already long time since it was rough handling a mest body. A pre-OT who’s fairly convinced that it’s tough, gets kind of anxious about handling his body. He knows he can do only one thing at once. He knows this. He knows it completely.

    Let him go down the street and work two bodies at once.

    “Oh no,” you could say, “no, this isn’t the right road out. This couldn’t be. That’s just more quantity. That’s . . .”

    I’m afraid that this /is/ the road out.

    The job gets tougher as you move up the line to higher levels. Fortunately I’ve designed it so that each new level is attainable for most.

    The thing to do is to keep moving over the Bridge, keep working on the next level, and soon you’ll be on the other side.

    I’ll see you then.


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