By Sue K

We run into all manner of people in life – of varying tone levels, and each with their own games, goals, problems and worries.

Do you know that one of the best things you can do for a person, is just be a terminal, and just let them communicate, and you communicate back?

It works with friends, with family, with work colleagues, and certainly with Scientologists.

We have been applying this principle here, in the local field. Many Scientologists, still under the radar, just need someone to talk to. They have been stifled in their communication for so long, they just want to talk, to itsa, to communicate. And if you simply let them talk, it is amazing the relief you can bring a person.

Simple – but so true. Be a terminal for someone and brighten their day.

“Communication is so thoroughly important today in Dianetics and Scientology, as it always has been on the whole track, that it could be said that if you would get a preclear into communication you would get him well. This factor is not new in psychotherapy, but concentration upon it is new, and interpretation of ability as communication is entirely new.

“If you were to be in thorough and complete communication with a car on a road, you would certainly have no difficulty driving that car. But if you were in only par-tial communication with the car and in no communication with the road, it is fairly certain that an accident would occur. Most accidents do occur when the driver is distracted by an argument he has had, or by an arrest, or by a cross alongside of the road that says where some motorists got killed, or by his own fears of accidents.

“When we say that somebody should be in present time we mean he should be in communication with his environment. We mean, further, that he should be in communication with his environment as it exists, not as it existed. And when we speak of prediction we mean that he should be in communication with his environment as it will exist, as well as it exists.

“If communication is so important, what is communication? It is best expressed as its formula, which has been isolated, and by use of which a great many interesting results can be brought about in ability changes.

“There are two kinds of communication, both depending upon the viewpoint assumed. There is outflowing communication and inflowing communication. A person who is talking to somebody else is communicating to that person (we trust), and the person being talked to is receiving communication from that person. Now, as the conversation changes, we find that the person who has been talked to is now doing the talking, and is talking to the first person, who is now receiving communication from him.

“A conversation is the process of alternating outflowing and inflowing communication, and right here exists the oddity which makes aberration and entrapment.

“There is a basic rule here: He who would outflow must inflow – he who would inflow must outflow. When we find this rule over-balanced in either direction we discover difficulty. A person who is only outflowing communication is actually not communicating at all in the fullest sense of the word, for in order to communicate entirely he would have to inflow as well as outflow. A person who is inflowing communication entirely is again out of order, for if he would inflow he must then outflow. Any and all objections anyone has to social and human relationships is to be found basically in this rule of communication, where it is disobeyed. Anyone who is talking, if he is not in a compulsive or obsessive state of beingness, is dismayed when he does not get answers. Similarly, anyone who is being talked to is dismayed when he is not given an opportunity to give his reply. “

LRH, Book Dianetics 55!

3 thoughts on “Be a terminal

  1. Communication is the first thing a being did. It’s study is fascinating, and even informal, loosely regulated discussion generates all sorts of ideas when one has another to talk and listen, but it does have to be two-way.

    Scientology has TRs, and those are tightly regulated communication for a formal session. LRH did not have time, simply did not have time, and Scientologists did not have the attention and ability to duplicate, for what might be called “social TRs”. In a session, you can control the comm – carefully, but you can control it. Outside session Is another story, and the art of conversation is lost on many people, I think.

    I met a woman once who was very social. She knew how to make any guest feel like a King or Queen. I could feel what she was doing, but how she did it was over my head – even after my many courses in Scn and a lot of auditing.

    Scientology is a very specialized field, but its principles can be expanded to other areas of life which are more generalized. That might generate a slightly better opinion of Scns in general – certainly something better than “Oh, all she says is ‘Thank you” and ‘OK’ – she listens well, but she’s really rather dull to be around, haha. Must be one of those Sciencolygysts.”

    It would be nice to discuss something like social applications of what we know of communication.

  2. The best book ever written on the subject of communication, and one of the greatest books ever written. Written in simple language, it’s a masterpiece. Highly recommended.

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