By Caspar

“Stops all occur because of failed purposes. Behind every stop there is a failed purpose.

“There is a law about this – all you have to do to restore life and action is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.

“That law (it comes out of O.T. VIII materials) is so powerful it could practically revive the dead,“ (HCO Policy Letter 14 January of 1969 – O.T. Orgs by L. Ron Hubbard).

The rekindling of failed purposes is very powerful technology.

If you regard any criticism, antagonism, failure to come into Scientology, or any other put-off’s, excuses, hostilities, etc., as a stop on a failed purpose, you will immediately see the use of handling failed purposes help people with Scientology, or to disseminate Scientology.

Ask the person, “What purpose have you had that you did not achieve?“ or a question phrased on Be-Do-Have, “What have you wanted to be that you have not yet been?“, “What have you wanted to do that you have not yet done?“. “What have you wanted to have that you have not yet gotten?“, or some such inquiry.

Bring to life by getting the person to look at the purpose and thus rekindle it.

It is very simple – just get some practice at doing it. You may find there are a number of failed purposes, so rekindle each one until you get very good indicators.

This has applicability to Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.

One thought on “Failed purpose

  1. This article is concisely written which captures the gist of the topic from Dianetics books. My question is whether one should just recall and go over one’s failed purposes to “re-kindle” or work with an auditor (another person) to resolve STOP issues.

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