By Caspar

Admiration: noun 1. A feeling of wonder, pleasure and approval. 2. The act of regarding with delight (something fine or beautiful). (The World Book Dictionary)

If you ever find yourself locked in a fixed, unchangeable condition, try admiring it.

You may find it difficult to begin with, but that is why it is fixed and persistent – you have not been able to admire it. Admire the person you dis­like or hate. Your life will change.

Try this out in life. You will also find many applications for this in disseminating Scientology. Start admiring people and things about you. Startingly simple — but your life will change.

„ …and admiration is so strong its absence alone permits persistence.“ (Scientology 0-8, from Factor 14 by L. Ron Hubbard).

2 thoughts on “Admire life

  1. This one, and spotting those things, people, situations and so on that I’m averse to, that I resist even if only the tiniest bit, are routine bits of real power that I can use. With a tolerance of an area letting it be whatever it is, and then a li’l bit o’ admiration, it gets hard to hold onto stuff.

    Simple, real truths, put there in the first place by us, and the keys to unraveling whatever a thetan gets himself into 🙂

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