Many people have problems with money.

Money is an energy flow. It is not an end result, but actually a means to an end.

It helps to bring about an end result. I can always tell someone who is going to have a money problem. They always set up a purpose like “to have a lot of money”. Anyone with a purpose like this will always fall on their head. Why? Because money is the means to an end. It is not the end result. The purpose should be to render a service and, as a result of rendering and concentrating on giving and maintaining a high level of service, money will flow and help you to maintain that service. This tells you then, that one should concentrate on giving the service, not on money. Put your attention on earning money (giving service), not on spending it. To the degree that you put your attention on spending it, you will spend it. To the degree that you put your attention on giving service, you will give service and earn money.

Control of money consists of controlling the flows of money, for money is a flow. It is not something you have, it is something you flow.

“”Standard of Living” can be defined as the relative quality of a person’s or group’s possessions, quarters, food, equipment, tools and  conditions of their area of work and existence. It is the state of the person’s living, including working, environment. Where its potential continuance exists, it is related to survival. It is a basic natural economic law that personal production of VFPs (valuable final products) and one’s standard of living are intimately related” HCO PL 28 Feb 1980 PRODUCTION AND ONE’S STANDARD OF LIVING

“The essence of getting money is making money in the first place. FP (financial planning) is the second step of what we do with the money we make. It will never solve neglecting to make it. You will always have trouble with money if you don’t make any.”  HCO PL 13 Feb 71 FINANCIAL PLANNING TIPS

I will do an article shortly on criminality — as none of the above excuses or condones the taking of money for no product or service, or the demanding of money for nothing.

There is nothing wrong with a person having and enjoying money.  It is not owed or obligated to anyone but the person that produced it. But that is another subject….

One thought on “Obtaining money

  1. Money is also commonly thought of as a medium of exchange. It could almost be viewed as a sort of general, multiple use particle. When not used, it is a store of value. When used, or flowed, then it is exchanged for something else.

    The mistake commonly made is what you point out, that some think of the common phrase “make money.” It is a common phrase, but it has its drawbacks. The U.S Mint “makes money,” all the rest of us exchange it. If one “makes product,” i.e. if one produces, then one can request or demand an exchange for that (those) products (services). I disagree with you a bit – the flow is product and service, and money is the exchange.

    Not being pecuniary about friendship and communication, but one has all manner of products available which are exchanged in similar kind with others, from greetings to friendships to twinning on courses, to co-audits. I conceptualize this as a very important component of a standard of living. It is not all material.

    I’m not trying to disagree or disrupt anything here. What you said and quoted has context in which it is probably the best way to put it for clarity and simplicity. I’m just trying to offer a broader context.

    Different friends have different approaches to life, and that in itself is a reason for maintaining a diversity in one’s activities and friends and acquaintances. It is also a reason for communicating. We have come to live in a culture where, to my observation, an awful lot of people spend an awful lot of time communicating about things which have little value beyond the next movie or gas station. Maybe few people value rarity in communication as much as they value rarity in gemstones.

    Money is agreed upon, so is most of what passes for communication and conversation. Some of the very best products of thought are by definition not agreed upon, and are treated, along with their producers, with unreasoned prejudice.

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