By Suzanne

This morning I was stretching my legs and walking up a long hill on my way up to the local gym — and shuffling down the pavement towards me was a man of about 5 foot 5, who was clearly disabled in some capacity.

He was simply dressed, with black jeans and a dark jacket. He was having difficulty doing the zipper up on his jacket and was fumbling around with it, somewhat distressed that it was giving him so much trouble.

He was muttering along to himself and adjusting one of those red and white Santa hats, which was sitting firmly on his head. When he noticed me approaching, he looked at me with some anticipation.

As we got closer to each other, he called ahead with a string of words that made no sense — pointing to his hat.

Clearly proud of what he was wearing, he was trying to communicate, but the words just did not come out as he wanted. I could read his concern about not being understood — and not wanting to be threatening in any way.

I grinned at him and said “Ho Ho Ho!”. He stopped in his tracks and said “Huh?”

“Ho Ho Ho!” I repeated — pointing to his hat.

A huge grin spread over his face and he laughed! “Ho Ho Ho!” he exclaimed — and walked off excitedly, repeating to himself “Ho Ho Ho” the whole way down the hill. Even as I got to the top of the hill and the outside of my gym I could see him now at the base of the hill, still holding onto his hat and animatedly talking to himself about our encounter.

There is nothing quite as simple as duplication of a reality. This brief meeting made me smile and think of the simplicity of communication and how the ARC triangle is such an incredible tool.

“Most people are unaware of how much man really does make his own world. It is surprising how much reality is dependent on an agreement between individuals that an object or an idea exists.”  LRH Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 8

2 thoughts on “Santa Claus

  1. It’s a really deep subject. Looking into another’s reality is an art form with many rewards. Looking into the truth as another. Most people aren’t as interested in an analysis of their situation as they are in an indication that someone has understood them. It gives the feeling that one is like another, that one is understandable.

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