By Milestone Two

We recently had an Open House in Australia, spanning over 3 days. Though it is Spring here, we had a cold snap — so the wood fire was on, and food and wine was aplenty.

Our purpose was simply to give people an opportunity to talk, to be heard, to ask questions, to make new friends, to get moving (or debugged) on the Bridge, and to get any other type of help needed.

Some people had traveled more than 1200 km to be here — and in addition to many familiar faces and friends, we also had new acquaintances who came alone, or with friends who been here before.  With a broad mix of people (some at the lower end of the Bridge and relatively new to Scientology, and some at SOLO NOTs case level and around for decades), it was fascinating to see the ARC people had for each other — and the animated discussions that took place.

Our network ‘down under’ is now more than 50 people strong and just continues to grow by the day. At the same time the Milestone Two membership and blog followers continues to grow, in Australia, the US, Canada, Europe and more.

So thank you all for your support — and we plan to continue on and provide assistance for anyone who needs it.

We will publish details on our next events shortly. They are planned for early in the New Year.

3 thoughts on “Succour

  1. Nice reminder, Lana! And yep, see what happens when the ‘big boot’ gets taken off peoples’ necks? Oh boy, do they let rip with line charging enthusiasm?

    Oh, and by the way,in case you aren’t already aware, you guys (all) are cordially invited to drop in anytime to the NEW South African blog: scnafrica Scientologists getting back in comm.

    A whole lot of s–t has hit the fan here, recently, and led to a mass walk-out of 30 and declarations upon 18 of the most successful scns, who collectively had unwittingly donated a fortune to Miscavige’s concealed Ponzi operation. The chickens (realizations)
    have at long last come home to roost! …’bout time too!

    The blog has taken off with a bang! … so please drop by soon.

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