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** Note: This article was published earlier this year on another blog and is republished here as it is particularly pertinent after the release of Golden Age of Tech 2.

By John Aaron Williams

Ron always seemed to lay out in Policy how the org was to attain the purpose for Scientology in a pretty straightforward manner. So, I am regularly amazed at how far off these basic instructions the C of S can go. The Ideal Orgs program is a good example of this: the continual events, regging public into debt, etc…

Somehow these things bring about a “Clearing of the Planet”? Definitely not!

Miscavige has ushered in a new age of the idea of “using policy to stop”. He listens to a tape (A Talk on Basic Qual) and decides that when Ron was explaining how to fix failed auditors that it meant that he should apply it to all students and auditors. That is “using policy to stop”. He takes a policy meant for one thing and applies it to something else it is not intended for. This is the definition of using policy to stop.

This has also been done with LRH ED 102 Int, IDEAL ORGS. It is used to justify the way he is building HIS Class V Org. However Ron laid out how to build an Org and it is quite the opposite.

What we need to know is “What are the steps to build a big booming Org?”, “How should it operate”? or “What is the ideal scene that Ron envisioned”?

Luckily he left all of that in policy. We don’t have to depend on DM to enlighten us as to what Ron really meant. We can read it for ourselves and bring this scene about. So here we adventure into the untapped resources of the OEC Volumes to see how Ron wanted the orgs to operate.

Then as you see how Ron actually wanted the Org’s to run and compare it to the existing scene you will see how off policy it really is.

We will start with a policy called PRICING MEETINGS FINAL POLICY, HCOPL 3 Dec 1963


“It will now be seen that an organization potentially will make a larger staff unit from training than processing due to the lesser number of technical staff members required.

“This is purposely designed.  A boom depends on training, not processing.

“The high auditing fee is maintained to deter pcs while shunting them into the Academy.  A high processing fee in the HGC then permits higher training fees and keeps the org solvent.

“When our Academies did less business and orgs concentrated on HGCs, gross income declined.”

In reading the above we can see at once that the org was not meant to be a big HGC, but this is what they are in present time. The orgs were meant to train auditors and co-auditors.

So you might ask, “What about the people who just want to be pc’s and go clear and OT”?

Don’t worry, Ron even answered that in the same policy letter.


“Now what about the pcs who want to be pcs?

“Don’t be hoggish.  Let the field auditor live.

“Pcs who are only pcs can be salvaged too.  But, being pcs they don’t write in when they read a book.

“So send people who haven’t corresponded as name lists to field auditors who are franchise holders.

“Field auditors make people trainable, people come in for courses eventually.  Field auditors get fat.  Everybody happy.”

From this you can see that a person who wants to be a pc has not been “salvaged” in Ron’s eyes. The people who can be trained and wish to be are the salvaged ones. They are cause over their cases.

The whole idea of this policy is to create what Ron calls The Boom. He is laying out how the church and field operate together to expand Scientology and why. The first step is to sell books. The advertizing to sell books is where you spend your money. He lays this out in the section called The Boom:


“The whole forward thrust of the boom depends upon:

“1. Getting books to orgs.

“2. Heavily, even extravagantly, advertising books and filling the orders.

“3. Running an excellent Academy.

“Getting books to orgs depends on me, on Saint Hill and upon orgs making sure they’re ordered and paid for.  If we take care to do just those things we’ll see (1) above hugely successful.

“Advertising books depends on intelligent adherence to the price-membership scheme, the Registrar pushing the advantage of membership with every breath.  The Assn/Org Sec and HCO Sec are in the best position to see this doesn’t choke off – hence their bonuses.  It will cost them money personally not to plaster the place with book ads and drive memberships home.  They are given no bonus on a net.  Only a gross.  They get paid a bonus from the book account based on volume not its profit.  The Department Heads and Staff get their bonus indirectly by an org driving in a heavy volume through ads and books and the alertness of the Org/Assn Sec and the HCO Sec. Continental also has a vested interest in books flowing and is paid for it.  Thus this point is cared for.”

This is why the Dianetics adds of the 80’s were so important to Ron. This advertisement created a huge reach for Dianetics and Scientology. That the man responsible for those ads and that boom is Declared is an out-point the size of Texas. That is not the act of an SP. The SP is the one who cut the funding and destroyed the machine that created that boom as Ron stated.

So now we know that the way to drive people in is to advertise books. Not some other wacky campaign about the good feeling you get from Scientology. JUST BOOKS!

The next step in The Boom was to train these people who came in off these books.

But why? Why would you wish to train and not audit?  And yes! Ron had an answer:

“As for the Academy, it may not at first be visible why this has a dissemination value about 150 times that of an HGC.  The following are long established data:

“(a) Students disseminate.  Pcs don’t.

“(b) High income in orgs has always occurred when the Academy was good.  And when the Academy really did its job the income was continued.  HGCs can receive a good income from the public, bad or good, but the flow of income suddenly shuts off when processing has been poor for six months.  There is a 6 months lag and then a depression caused by a poor HGC.  The lag is about one week on a sour Academy.  I never have fathomed how the public finds out so fast about a bad Academy beyond knowing students disseminate and pcs don’t.

“(c) The only thing which ever gets us into public trouble is an HGC.  If we had no HGCs we would almost never have a ripple of discontent from the powers that be.

“Why? Because an HGC brings us the failed cases of the AMA-BMA psychoquacks.  Thus we gather the lunatic fringe around orgs. One can never really discover the bad cases until they’re processed and then it’s too late. The characteristic of a lunatic is one-way-help-inflow. They don’t want to help anyone. They only want to be helped. The moment you insist they help others they either (a) vanish or (b) do so and get well fast.  The dear laughable old buffoons, the psychiatrists, shut the door on their own boom with insisting on “12 years of training (in meat carving) to make a psychiatrist”. They made patients into patients forever and “trained” their students forever. We were well on the way to doing that in April this year when I took the helm again.

“You must let people help or you condemn them utterly.”

Now I am sure you have all heard that Scientology is here to make the “able more able.”  Ron knew that the able people would train and Co-audit – that those same able people would audit more people and disseminate Scientology through word and action to everyone they could.

PC’s are effect. Auditor’s are at cause. Training put’s one at cause. This is why case level depends on both sides of the Bridge – not just processing.

So Scientology Organizations are supposed to be training auditors as the first order of business. That is their job. But what do Class V org’s and Flag promote.  AUDITING! This was not Ron’s message or intent!

But PC’s can be controlled and fooled and scared. An auditor who is trained and experienced cannot be fooled so easily. So we have the current scene of public being led like cattle to the IAS and Ideal Org slaughter. Tell a trained and experienced auditor what DM said and he may smile and nod but he doesn’t care. He knows Source, and he knows what works.

So these trained and experienced auditors go out and handle pc’s who become somewhat cause and want to train. Training put’s them even more at cause and they disseminate. This is The Boom.

Remember Ron expected the auditing courses to last about a month each level. The trainee would learn the material, get experience auditing, attest and move on to the next level.

“(d) The original plan, 1950, was to train people on short courses, let them go out and get some experience and then let them come back and be trained.  By 1959 only I was doing this, with ACCs.  We had too few courses.

“We now have a remedy for this with lots of 1 month courses and examination after experience.”

So you can see where the Basics and Golden Age of Tech caused a problem.

There is nothing wrong with and auditor really knowing his business and being a well drilled technician on tech delivery but he must be able to move through the training quickly, or you kill his drive.  A student is effect in the courseroom.  When he is auditing he is cause.  If the runway is to long you blunt his initiative and refuse his assistance.

So the quick course well taught is the answer.

To all the organizations Ron said that the stress was always on training.  And to get people who wanted auditing to co-auditing.  Even to cap the number of hours a pc could buy at the org to get him training.

“Stress must be on Get Trained!  That’s the pat answer to any questions about the cost of auditing or how to get audited.

“HGC auditors and Ds of P, bless them, have alone held high auditing standards all these years.  That was why they were there.

“But wouldn’t it be nicer to have those staff auditors running the org’s co-audits and classes?

“Training groups in far places?  Handling the Correspondence Courses?

“We’ll still have HGCs.  But we must not count on them for income for more than another two years.  (The time it will take to get really rolling on the boom.)

“Instead, enroll pcs in the Academy whenever possible by:

“1. Sell them auditing and also an HAS Course (“It will make you progress so much faster, Mr. Jones – -“).  Short of that, sell the auditing and also a basic book and demand the pc do a chapter each evening during his intensive.

“2. Put a ceiling (stated to the pc) on how much auditing you sell them before they take an HAS and insist on an HAS before you exceed that limit of number of weeks set, even when you accept them back in the HGC afterwards.

“3. Use the HGC to feed the Academy and not the Academy to feed the HGC.

“4. Count on Academy income only.

“5. Use the HGC to square up field ARC Breaks to promote.  To set an example.  To pick up dropped balls.  Not to make income.

“6. Sell Training hard.”

So now you can see that what we have in Scientology Orgs as public today are pc’s. It shows in how they are controlled. How they do not confront the present environment they are in and allow some other source besides Ron to tell them about Scientology.

Now everything you have seen here is from ONE policy letter. ONE!

The truth is that policy is your friend. That is where Ron answered these Third Dynamic problems. This problem of what is wrong with the current scene is answered in this one HCO PL.  Even if the Church of Scientology has ignored the HCOPL it doesn’t mean we have to.

We can all stand and be counted. You can get trained even if you only re-read Dianetics and grab your neighbor or somebody at work and start auditing them on Book One.

Run Self-Analysis on them or Handbook for Preclears! You can care for your fellow man and show your cause and your love. This is our time of greatness. Let’s not waste it.  Let’s play the game Ron wanted us to play.

I look forward to hearing the wins of those of you who attain cause and the pc’s you assist.

Don’t forget to give them a book and put them at cause as well.

3 thoughts on “What should orgs be doing?

  1. This is so inspiring all round! Purity of purpose comes through by John. That also happens to translate to his full duplication AND understanding. This is how it’s done, when you “get the message!”

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