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By Lana Mitchell

“An arbitrary, by definition, is an interjected law or rule or decision which does not fit or is unnecessary.

“Such things can cause a government body to box about for years and eventually fail.”  LRH, HCOPL 20 Oct 1966, Amin Know How Series 1, EXECUTIVE AND GOVERNING BODY ERRORS AND ANSWERS

LRH’s Bridge is not complex or complicated. It is actually a very simple series of steps, which if followed, will increase a person’s abilities and assist him to shed those things that are holding him back in life, so that he can be at knowing cause.

There is an exact route – and the edges are held straight with ethics. The progress of people on that Bridge is determined by application of standard tech. And this means both sides of the Bridge – not just auditing, but also training as an auditor and auditing others.

Now one of the best ways to STOP the flow of people up The Bridge is to introduce arbitraries (new rules) that prevent or slow the flow. By implementing and enforcing arbitraries, barriers are created for people to a) receive auditing, b) get through training, c) audit others, and d) to disseminate.

As stated above, an arbitrary is an injected law or decision that is unnecessary or does not fit. And if you have a decision made that violates basic LRH policy or tech, which is implemented broadly as a new rule applying to everyone – you stop that flow.

Let’s look at some examples. Here are some that I have run into personally or arbitraries that I have learned of from the many people who have visited in the last several years:

–          Everyone is to study The Basics regardless of where they are on the Bridge, and it is to be done NOW – even if you have not done the Student Hat.

–          Everyone is to redo their Objectives and do a minimum of 200 hours – regardless of their case level or if they have achieved the EP of Objectives earlier on the Bridge.

–          Anyone who did not reach 5000mg of niacin on their Purification Rundown has to redo their Purification Rundown, regardless of how many times they have done it in the past, or what EPs they achieved on that rundown.

–          All trained and certified auditors had to retrain on everything when the Golden Age of Tech was released in 1995. Apparently they now need to retrain again on their levels, with the release of Golden Age of Tech 2. Even auditors that trained and interned under LRH himself.

–          I could not count how many OTs have come to me and given details of their Clear status being cancelled or called into question, and them having to get CCRDs to sort it out. One person had had 5 CCRDS, another had 7, another had 9. And then I met one recently stunned me and detailed how they had received 15 CCRDs. The BPC and upset connected with the invalidation of Clear is very real and is both out tech and arbitrary. It seems that the Clear status of every OT was questioned and had to be proven before they could continue on the OT levels. This is arbitrary and did nothing but stop people moving up The Bridge and add confusion and BPC.

–          The International Association of Scientologists is another arbitrary entered in the late 80s and now used as an ongoing income rule that is enforced with all parishioners if they wish to receive service, or move onto the OT levels.

There are many more.

How about RTC passes required on the PRO Metering Course?

How about 6 month checks on all people on SOLO NOTs?

How about the loss of the LRH Birthday Game — replaced by the Ideal Orgs program which forces local parishioners to mortgage their homes to pay for a newly renovated building, which is then owned by the C of S and which the org then has to pay rent on (while the parishioners can no longer afford to move up The Bridge)?

There are no LRH references on these – and they are arbitraries.

There is much relief to be had when you sit back and spot arbitraries, and then look up the actual LRH policy or tech on the subject. And if you cannot find a reference or have been told by the org, or at an International event that there is a reference (but it is not provided or shown) then do not accept the hidden data line.

Ask for the LRH reference in the published works of LRH.

Either the tech or policy is published and available — or it is a hidden data line and not to be followed:

“Some students have believed there was a “hidden data line” of tech in Scn, a line on which Scn tech was given out by me but not made known to students. This started me looking, for there is no such line. The whole of technology is released in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters and tapes I do and release. I don’t tell people anything in some private way, not even instructors. The apparency is somebody’s pretense to know from me more than is on the tapes and in books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody’s alter-is of materials. This looks like a “hidden data line.” It surely isn’t.” LRH HCO PL 16 April 1965

“If at any time a supervisor or other person in an org gives you interpretations of HCOBs, Policy Letters or tells you, “That’s old. Read it but disregard it” or gives you a chit for following HCOBs or tapes or alters tech on you or personally cancels HCOBs or Policy Letters without being able to show you an HCOB or Policy Letter that cancels it, YOU MUST REPORT THE MATTER COMPLETE WITH NAMES AND ANY WITNESSES ON DIRECT LINES TO THE INTERNATIONAL ETHICS OFFICER AT WORLD WIDE.

“The only ways you can fail to get results on a pc are:

“1. Not study your HCOBs and my books and tapes.

“2. Not apply what you studied.

“3. Follow “advice” contrary to what you find on HCOBs and Tapes.

“4. Fail to obtain the HCOBs, books and tapes needed.

“There is no hidden data line.

“All of Dianetics and Scientology works. Some of it works faster.

“The only real error auditors made over the years was to fail to stop a process the moment they saw a floating needle.

“Any supervisor or executive who interprets, alters or cancels tech is liable to the assignment of a Condition of Enemy. All the data is in HCOBs or Policy Letters or on tape.”  LRH, HCO PL 22 Nov 1967

The full body of tech was completed and available in LRH’s lifetime (ie. by 1986) with the exception of a few actions that were turned over to LRH Compilations to publish.

There is no other tech — no other policy.

There is much sanity to be gained, and mystery to be solved, by spotting arbitraries and hidden data lines — followed by then reading the actual LRH references on the subject.

Don’t you agree?

5 thoughts on “Arbitraries

  1. YES I agree, Ive been thinking it for a while. This from LRH was interesting :

    ““The only real error auditors made over the years was to fail to stop a process the moment they saw a floating needle.”

    This is something dm specializes in!

  2. The simple, bald, egregious fact is the David Miscavige, and others who seem to emulate him, is propounding a HIDDEN DATA LINE with all this “newly discovered” L. Ron Hubbard material. It’s a complete fabrication.

    In the GAT II release was such a line, the hidden LRH line that the Purif HCOBs, issued way the heck back when, authored and/or authorized by L. Ron Hubbard completely address the niacin dosage on the Purif and its relation to the End Phenomena of that action.

    HCOB 21 May 80, Purification Rundown Data states:
    Per the original research and all reported survey data, there are a number of people who have completed the rundown to full end phenomena on dosages under 5000 mg of niacin. Others have gone as high as that dosage before completing.

    “Apparently, in some areas there was, earlier on, some misinterpretation of the Purification Rundown HCOBs to the effect that one would be required to work up to a point where a 5000 mg niacin dosage produced no effect in order to achieve the EP-which is not the case. There is no statement in any HCOB to this effect.”

    Apparently DM has usurped HCOBs with hidden data lines of who knows what. Some side comment, some remark taken out of context some irrelevant observation of a specific case and voila, DM rewrites HCOBs.

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