5 myths

By Mark Shreffler

I’ve been forty years disseminating to new people through seminars and workshops and as a public registrar for the San Francisco Mission from its days as a field group servicing chiropractors.

There is nothing quite as joyful, for me, as introducing new people to our subject. That first moment when their eyes roll in their heads with cognition is pure theta, and I’ve seen it many thousands of times.

In 1985 I read THE PERFECT DISSEMINATION PROGRAM in Vol 6 of the OEC. I’ll never forget that day. I was at my desk with some time before my next interview in Glendale, knee-deep in dentists and in the midst of the boom of the Sterling/San Fran Mission game. It was an incredible time, and our expansion was the story of the day. The great missions that had come before had all been shut down at the same time we were just getting started, so we stood alone on an otherwise barren landscape at the front end of the church.

So there I was amidst this activity reading what LRH had to say about “the perfect public for Scientology.” I remember how astonished I was that no one had ever chosen this public as a target for dissemination.

My schedule was pretty set and we were very focused on what we were doing. It wasn’t until 1992, after I had begun my freelance career as a disseminator, that I set out to do something about this public.

At that time there was a man named David Bloomberg who ran Author Services. He asked me to write a popular book to extend our reach in the public arena. Naturally, I chose this public as my target audience and wrote the book. It was based on the content of a series of sales seminars I had delivered to dentists and chiropractors to handle their buttons on the subject of selling.

I presented a draft of the book to Bloomberg and he was very happy with it. He asked, “Why hasn’t this been published already?”

I told him that it had not yet received “Issue Authority” through WISE, and he said, “That’s not a problem. Just send it over there and get the stamp and we’ll have it out next week!”

I prepared a CSW for WISE that was pretty short and sweet as the book had already gone through Qual at ASI, which group was senior over these lines. The Qual Sec ASI signed off on the CSW and I was sure that was the end of any administrative hoops. I sent the book with the CSW to WISE, anticipating a fast turnaround.

The book was twelve years on these “I/A” lines. After each submission it would come back with still another correction that needed to be made. Comma, paragraphing and other such things were the concerns expressed.

During this period I was touring the planet delivering events to the sales industry and discovering over and over again LRH’s prophetic words about this public: they truly were the perfect public. Everything Ron commented about in that policy was spot on.

I finally gave up on the IA project, as it was clear that WISE was not going to allow the book. I was quite discouraged because I knew this book would dramatically extend our reach, and at the same time help a lot of people. Who could have any objection to that?

Fast forward, after I disengaged from the corporate church I pulled this book out again and refurbished it with material I had used in the seminars I’d conducted over these years. These were the “boiled down” pearls of tech that invariably produced gain for attendees, and which finally formed the backbone of my deliveries to this public.

I have just published this book on Amazon under my nom de plume Mark Lindsey. It’s called 5 Myths That Are Ruining Your Sales.

I wrote it so it could be read quickly and easily, and fulfill its purpose, which is to restore the Spirit of Play in relationships.

I’d be thrilled to hear any wins that you have using this book to extend your reach to this incredible public.

Read the policy. Get the book. Deliver seminars using it’s content, and may you prosper like never before in 2014.

Merry Christmas!



PS Here is the link of the book from Amazon.com:, and here is the option to download the Kindle App for Android:

5 thoughts on “Extend your reach

  1. Shreff,
    Thank you so much for making your wisdom and years of experience available to all.
    I’ve attended many of Shreff’s seminars, delivered in Israel years ago. We hosted Shreff at Dror Center for a “Leadership Seminar” on Dec 31, 2000 to Jan 1, 2001. That seminar was an eye-opener and a joy.
    Shreff was the first to congratulate Tami and myself when we were declared and expelled 18 months ago. Shreff soon followed suit and left the Church himself, speaking up about the abuses and insanity of DM’s regime.
    Shreff remains loyal to Ron’s Tech and has always demonstrated his willingness to help.
    I urge all to read his book. Yours, Dani

  2. Shreff, super to see the culmination of so many years of service in the ‘div six” trenches, has yielded this gem! Sincere thanks! Be assured I will be getting my copy, and make thorough use of it, too!

    Calvin, from Durban, S.Africa.

  3. Hi Richard,
    Apparently some countries were not included in the Amazon distribution. I’ll handle this. In the meantime,if you have this issue where you are drop a line to marklindseymyths@gmail.com and we’ll sort it out. Thanks for your interest, and all the best for the coming year! Love, Mark

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