Hey if you like the Milestone Two blog articles, and want to assist, you can.

Take a link of an article that you enjoy and share it around — on Facebook, on another website, in commentary on another blog, or in emails to friends.

If you have a website or blog with recommended links or sites, please add Milestone Two’s blog to the list.

There is, unfortunately, quite some politics in the field. To be blunt, there are also people who just don’t want to see others winning with standard Scientology, and work covertly or overtly to get people out of Scientology permanently.

We have been well aware of a campaign to smear the name of Milestone Two and those that are part of it, since we started. But our view is that we are just going to continue putting a stable datum and a steady platform there for people who ARE Scientologists, and DO want to have the wins and gains from standard tech.

Nothing can shake our resolve on this.

So…. if you wish to support or help, simply mention the Milestone Two blog in commentary, in posts, or where ever you can. This lets others find us.

And so the network grows.

9 thoughts on “Help us

  1. Yes, a good idea Lana. I personally find the most attractive thing about a blog, to be it’s degree of ‘insightful’ light-hearted, TWO-way comm. If the replies are few or non-existent, I believe it’s partly because of the absence of that genuine “connectedness”, or affinity, between the participants, that takes it’s toll on growth. In a nutshell, ARC of high or low value, according to it’s level on the tone scale, is either a real FIRECRACKER, or just a damp squibb!

    Marketing can be a real challenge, for sure! I believe though, that in today’s highly competitive climate, one can only make inroads into “market-share” with a stand out ‘hook’ that attracts! (and keeps!)
    Passion & Excitement, are two elements, that pull the people, if handled and used with great flair. One only has to look at the latest, ‘mega hit’ music videos, to see this principle at work.

    Working Hard & Smart, don’t necessarily crack it any more. One now needs to bring in THAT — “X”- Factor too!

    ML, Calvin.

    • Hi Calvin,
      I don’t agree with you on this one. Milestone Two does not need an “X factor”. It just needs to keep on putting standard tech there, and getting it applied.
      There are many blogs, websites and forums that live on Scientology controversy, gossip and hearsay. They get most of their readers, because there is mystery, intrigue and all manner of twisted facts. These sites are interesting to many, and that lies to a degree in the fact that there is a certain tone level, or harmonic, that is being communicated.

      Does Milestone Two want to create the same? No.

      Do we want to post articles of intrigue, controversy and rumor? No.

      Is Milestone Two working to create a games condition with others who criticize Scientology, or the Founder? No.

      In a recent survey we did of MS2 readers if became clear that all are Scientologists, who want to go up The Bridge (whether they are accomplishing that or not), and more than 50% are under the radar.

      We have made it clear from the onset that we are Scientologists who are all about Ron’s brand. If people want to hear lies about the Founder, or natter about other Scientologists or staff — then this is not the place to frequent.

      If they do want to hear about standard delivery in the field, the training of auditors, the unsnarling of out-tech, and the resolution and debunking of technical and administrative arbitraries, then yes, Milestone Two can provide information.

      An article about using touch assists to assist new born babies is never going to get vast commentary — because generally a couple of people will make a comment and others reading will agree and just leave it at that. As has been pointed out to me many times — communication above 2.0 is theta — and that will attract people of the same tone levels or harmonics. And these people will not want to get into a huge debate or back and forth about the articles written. They are simply wanting to read them.

      I don’t judge the success of MS2 by comment numbers. I judge it by the number of people who are now back on The Bridge, auditing and training — people who are applying tech in their every day lives — people who are FNing and winning with Scientology.

      And we are getting that in spades. That is happening here in Australia, in LA, in Arizona, in Georgia, in Canada and in Israel.

      Merry Christmas Calvin! You are at the top of our list for comments and since we launched you have been nothing but supportive and helpful!

      Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend.

      And that goes for your large family over there in South Africa, too!

      • Thanks Lana. I’m now clear on your stance. Not sure though, that you totally got mine? To clarify, to talk up “enthuisiasm” or excitement, (that ‘X’-factor,) need not necessarily be gossip or entheta. I do believe though, that ‘marketing,’ of one’s product, or services, is truly dependent on flair, as much as the ‘X’ of originality
        ( the launch & growth of LRH’s philosophy, being prime example!).
        Further, without an attention getting ‘hook’, growth stagnates.

        As I said in the beginning, though, the high affinity, arrived at through plentiful TWO-way comm, acknowledgements, and open friendliness, works wonders, in building that base. Compare the sterile, cold, empty, Idle Morgues, with your local Flea Market, on the week end. The one contains a high degree of open, friendly, non – prescriptive communication, and the other? Zilch! just sayin’.

        Back to PT, and time to load up on that Christmas cheer ho-ho!
        Wishing you and the entire family and friends, a wonderful, time of just relaxing and celebration, of that message of giving!

        Happy Christmas,to all blogsters, may you splurge on happiness!

        ML, Calvin.

  2. I certainly promote this blog and I need to add it as a link. Out here we are inundated with entheta about Scientology.and of course this blog would be attacked as it is very theta.
    Most want the Theta.we just need to get a little more active about it

    • Thanks Ingrid ! You are unquestionably a person who is ever active! Keep on doing your great auditing over there in LA. Auditors like you keep the Bridge open and standard tech being applied.

      Love ya — and Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey Lana,
    Just a reminder because I know you know this, and I thought I’d say it here on your blog as well so others can see there is a growing movement of cooperation and collaboration in the “field” and all is not discord, but you are more than welcome to post any articles you wish to at http://www.scientolipedia.org. You can link to your blog naturally and that should increase your traffic and exposure.

    I’ve been a great advocate for cross-linking and for us all to “get with it” as far as promoting the positive aspects of the subject of Scientology and to connect up with these powerful Internet tools we have at our fingertips.

    I know that shunning is alive and well in the (out) Scientology field but like you say, carrying on and doing what you know is right will win in the end.
    I’m proving it and so are you.

    Merry Christmas and all the Best,


    P.S. nudge on getting a twitter feed too. The Twitterverse needs more theta. I’m @ScnPedia so when you “follow” I’ll add you to the feed on my home page. ❤

  4. This is the most theta blog I’ve read, by far and without exception (my own blog included). You want to give your friends a “pick-me-up”? This is the place to get it.

    Lana, I’m glad you realize that number of comments is not a valid measure of the value of this blog.

    I’ve provided a link to this blog in the list of blogs on my blog site.

    • Hi Scatjappers,
      Thanks for your views on the blog. We work to keep it above 2.0, and sometimes when the topic is a touchy one, I end up editing my own articles over and over to get my personal human emotion and reaction out of them.
      The articles seem to best communicate when they are real, and have some practical application, and are showing a basic truth (not PR or something else).
      Thanks for your ongoing support.

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