By Jim Logan

In a lecture from 8 January 1957, AGREEMENTS AND POSTULATES OF THE EIGHT DYNAMICS, in the 16th ACC, L. Ron Hubbard describes the phenomenon of a person who had agreed and postulated the Dynamics, then arriving at a state where he’s in contest with one of them opposed to another.

He’s elected an opponent, and selected himself out of that particular Dynamic.  He’s also come to be in a Games Condition. (See The Fundamentals of Thought for a listing of the various Games Conditions.)

In a subsequent lecture from the same series, the 16th ACC, on 10 January 57, THE POSTULATE OF GAME, LRH comes back to the issue of electing oneself out of a Dynamic.

“The fellow electing himself out – person elects himself out of the human race – he elects himself out and he is elected out by various means and, after a while, why, he just goes down on the dynamics. Well now, in view of the fact that he is in agreement already that he is part of all these dynamics, then an election out of the dynamics brings about a circumstance whereby he is denying his own agreements. In other words, he is forced to violate his contracts.

“The contracts, you could say, are the eight Dynamics. “I will be faithful unto …” across the boards, you see? A thetan basically is an individual and then he makes these contracts across the boards. And one fine day, why, somebody elects him off of one of these things. Well, that’s a breach of contract, which means a denial of his own word. This is the decay of ethics. And in view of the fact that he’s agreed to be part of this big game all up and down the Dynamics, a denial of that agreement reacts seriously upon him.”

Next, from the Scientology axioms…



“Neither truth nor a lie is a motion or alteration of a particle from one position to another.

“A lie is a statement that a particle having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle, not having moved, did move.

“The basic lie is that a consideration which was made was not made or that it was different.


The Axioms are the postulates, the agreed upon postulates and considerations that go to make up the experience of life.  One has agreed to these things, and below awareness of that agreement, one is subject to these things.  That’s the way it is.

Denial of one’s agreements to the Dynamics, without actually AS-ISING that First Postulate,  but denying it, or declaring one is no longer a part of it, without at the same time taking full responsibility for it, well, one could unfortunately end up simply following along with other postulates, agreed upon, that they’ve made, which are the Axioms, of which 36 and 37 above are without doubt, a part.

Take a look about you, on the internet as one place, and confront those who seem to be embroiled in a fight with others.  Are they in denial of their OWN First Postulate to be those others?  Have they now elected themselves out of a Dynamic, in a Games Condition, in a postulate to have a game necessitating an opponent, and “no effect on self” say, and now are fighting their own prior postulates?

Can one deny oneself and their agreements and end up with anything other than a dwindling spiral, or a descendence as opposed to a transcendence when in fact that denial is nothing more nor less than a dramatization of Axioms 36 and 37, with the resultant problems – the force and counter-force – of a game?

Nah, there ain’t no way outta this thing in the absence of full responsibility for the original postulates, the Axioms, the Dynamics, and the agreements made, in the first place.

There is no freedom from your own decisions by denying them, by trying to deal with them with force, by not-ising your postulates of survival of a Dynamic as part of Eight Dynamics.

Lying isn’t truth.

The problems persist.

They are stuck in time.

Scientology runs out Scientology.

And Scientology is, in its basics, a description of the facts on how you got here to where you are and its existence and what you agreed to, and what you have denied that ended you up not knowing how the heck this all works and how you can get back to square zero to take it up again, or have some other universe, or nothing at all.

Like it says in that Sonny Boy Williamson tune , ain’t but one way out; the way is by the route of recognition of the exact truth of how you got to where you are,  and that’s the way.

Lying, denying, not-ising (attempting to handle by force an already alter-isedness) and not truly being aware of the Axioms, the postulates you made originally to have this whole thing going along, doesn’t fly.

Makes one kinda wonder who’s kidding whom in all this.

4 thoughts on “Aint but one way out

  1. Hey Jim,
    Ive recently been cogniting on how life is a game. One cog I had was that in confronting and handling certain barriers I was thinking of applying solutions that would have surfficed a couple of hundred years ago, but had no place in todays society. So on that 3rd dynamic problem I always became stumped. I was playing, or attempting to play the game out of pt. When I realised what I was doing, a solution presented itself. It was a hell of a win for me on the 3rd dynamic!! I got that from studying an ACC.
    LRH was a friggin genius, and I would thoroughly recommend that people coming out of the church continue up the Bridge because as you say Jim, its the only way to learn what life is about and thereby get above it, and play a game that you really want to play, whatever that may be.

  2. We did agree to the dynamics and those agreements were made a looong time ago. Ron identified and laid out OUR agreements-our creations and he taped the path to undo all the violations, not-ising and subsequent case built up from violating those agreements so that eventually we can create whatever new agreements we want. I call that real freedom.

  3. Jim, it’s a beautiful article! Lana, thanks for posting and keeping the blog rolling.
    Scientology makes the game of life possible and fun because it enables you to uncover one’s basic agreements. Observing the primary postulates makes it possible for us to become free of them. To choose in a new unit of time to still abide by them or modify those agreements. Thus we are no longer trapped by an unknown past but live in PT, as we care to create it.
    Very nice, thanks.

  4. Dani,
    Yep, that observation of the primary postulates, and the reality of one’s participation in all this, sure does free a being up. From there…well it’s just about anything we’d care to create.

    Dang, this is fun!

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