recipe to be poor

By Bernie Wimbush

An area of life that holds a great deal of interest is money. It is obvious why.

Heck, if you have no money, then you don’t eat, you don’t have a roof over your head, and life gets real hard.

And if you have lots of money, then you can live well.

I have met a lot of people who have the goal to be rich.

But if you think about it, in order to have the goal to be rich, and make a game out of it, you would need to take on the role of being poor.

That is the wrong game.

A good friend of mine gave me this example. Money is the scoreboard that tells you how well you are playing the commercial game. Like in cricket, if you watch the scoreboard when you are batting, you will miss the ball and get out. You must treat every ball as an opportunity and do something intelligent with it.

The scoreboard will reflect how well you are doing that.

The generation of money is simply the exchange of goods or services. It is not the product itself. It is simply a reflection of the exchange.

Sometimes money looks very difficult and complex, but that can be because we have charge on the subject or don’t know the “how to” when it comes to exchanging goods or services.

I think of auditing as a boost to the person’s ability to play the games they want to play. With auditing, you can get the charge off the subject of money, and you will find that flows of money increase.

But whatever you do, don’t set yourself up with a goal to be rich.

It is just a recipe to be poor.

“If in wanting to know all about money we discover that there isn’t very much to learn about it except money is money, then what is regulating the economy of any given country or person or president or businessman? Is it money? No, it isn’t. It’s produce. Ability to produce and existing production. That is all that can stabilize any economy, and that is dependent on manpower and natural resources. You must have men who are willing to work, and natural resources to be worked. If you don’t, you’d better invent something to produce that doesn’t need them.

“We are, dealing with something real. Something that has solidity. We’re dealing with mass. We’re dealing with a commodity, whether it is a pair of stockings or the paste-board boxes in which to put them. It is a produced item, and the production must be wanted and consumable. A little clock by the way is consumable if it’s sitting on the shelf. It’s used. It’s usable. Why is it sitting on the shelf? Not because it’s merely pretty. It’s just because somebody wanted it. Desire for produce, then, creates the interchange. The produce itself establishes the possibility of an economy. The desire for it brings the economy into existence.” LRH  Money and Economics

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