Natalie C.

Over the Christmas break we had a number of friends and family here to visit, and unfortunately, despite the best of food and drink, there was a lurgy that struck down a number of us.

Thinking initially that it was food poisoning, there was much effort to figure out what we had eaten, in common. But nothing definitive was isolated.

We waded through a day of people running to the bathroom, to empty their unhappy bodies in more ways than one. And then, once we thought we were through it — the next wave hit. People who had missed out on the first batch, were struck down with the same.

Uh oh. Maybe it was not food poisoning.

Nope — as the third wave hit friends who had since moved on to other locations, we realized we had just contributed to the spreading of this gastro, across to neighboring states.

Oh dear. That was not the gift were wanting to share at Christmas.

This all got me to thinking however, about the subject of illness, and PTSness and my own history within the Church of Scientology. I had been led to believe that every time I was not feeling wonderful, physically, then something was wrong with me, and I am “PTS” or out-ethics.

Yes — I am a graduate of the PTS/SP Course, and I use and apply the materials every day in my life. I have done the full PTS Rundown, and I had huge wins spotting and handling suppression in my life (not through disconnection — but through application of the applicable references and handling the situation).

But I don’t feel wonderful, physically, all the time. And yes, I catch viruses — as do other people.

In this case, it was just a factor of the body being tired, and the basic stress of the Christmas season with a high volume of friends and family arriving.

This created a situation where the body was susceptible to an incoming infection, and though it hit hard, and I was a victim of it, as was everyone else, I am generally in good health, mentally and spiritually. I recovered quickly — and life goes on.

A great reference which I have applied for many years, is this one:

“Silly Optimist: A person who expects to feel well all the time while running a meat body.” LRH, HCOB 4 November 1980

Happy New Year everyone — and may the gastro not end up on your doorstep as well.

3 thoughts on “Silly optimist

  1. So funny you wrote this post as we both came down with something as well. I am also a PTS SP grad and have done PTS rundown and numerous handlings so as my wife and I were chatting we were trying to find the source of suppression in vain. I have had great wins and recoveries with the tech and so it was frustrating not finding the right item. Thanks for the reference.

  2. Lana great post. I too used to think in terms of PTS and out ethics when feeling badly. That reference is a nice reality check.

  3. Absolutely, bodies wear out and they die. They are good at stopping bullets and some bugs love them to death. I usually have a quick look around for any sort of ptsness/overts. when Im sick.The other thing I look for are counter postulates as in the SHSBC lecture The Briefing of Review Auditors 14 Oct 1965, spot the counter postulate in my universe, that works really well. But if I cant find any, stop the introversion, it just makes things worse. Medicate the body and let it go thru the cycle.
    . Works for me! Hope you are feeling better!

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